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Who is the Hottest Anime Female Character in What Show?

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Has to be either Sakaki or Yomi from Azumanga Daioh
Sorry about the lack of links or even just images but I don't have enough post's to post links from third party sites :p
mine favorittes are:

Bleach: Momo Hinamori, Nanao Ise, Orihime Inoue, Rangiku Matsumoto and Tatsuki Arisawa

Dragonball: Android 18, Chichi, Bulma and Launch

Naruto: Sakura Haruna, Ino Yamanaka, Hinata Hyuuga, Temari, Kurenai Yuuhi and Gaara's Mother

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Rei Ayanami

One Piece: Nami and Nico Robin

Rurouni Kenshin: Kaoru Kamiya and Megumi

Samurai Deeper Kyo: Yuya Shiina

Yu Yu Hakusho: Keiko Yukimura, Botan, Koto and Yukina
Here's a list for you.

Naruto: Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuga, Tsunade, Kurenai Yuhi
Zatch Bell!: Megumi Oumi, Koko (Zofis' partner), Sherrry Belmont, Li-en (Wonrei's partner)
Bleach: Orihime Inoue, Chizuru Honsho
Ghost In The Shell: Mokoto Kusangi, The alternate form of Kusanagi in the episode with the online chat about the Laughing Man.
Pokemon: May, Flannery
Digimon: Mimi, Rika, Zoe, Ranamon
Yu-gi-oh!: Tea' Gardner (Anzu Mazaki), Serenity Wheeler (Shizuka Kawai), Mai Valentine (Mai Kujaku), Mana/Dark Magician Girl
Fullmetal Alchemist: Winry, Sheska
Inuyasha: Sango, Ayame, Yura of the Demon Hair
S-cry-ed: Scheris Adjani
Sailor Moon: Ami Mizuno, Michiru Kaioh
Nice picks Absolute Zero...
Here are mine...
Naruto: Hinata, Ino, Kurenai, Temari
Inuyasha: Sango is pretty hott... then there is Ayame... I kinda like her...
Pokémon: Phoebe, Flannery, Roxanne, The Eevee Sisters, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, May, Misty, and Sumomo & Shirona (from the new generation that is comming out in Japan)
Yu Yu Hakusho: Keiko, Botan, and Yukina
Fullmetal Alchemist: Rose, Winry, Hawkeye
Yu-gi-oh!: Tea' Gardner
Sailor Moon: Lita, Mina, Amy, Rei, Michelle, Hotaru
DBZ: Android 18, Bulma (in the beginning of the Anime)
Love Hina: Naru Narusegawa, Shinobu Maehara, Motoko Aoyama , Mutsumi Otohime, Kaolla Su, Mitsune Konno, Sara McDougal, Kanako Urashima
Coyboy Bebop: Faye Valentine, Julia
Samurai Champloo: Fuu
Rurouni Kenshin: Kaoru, Megumi
Ghost In The Shell: Motoko Kusanagi (Major), Section 9 All-Purpose Female Androids, Prime Minister Yoko Kayabuki
Bleach: Orihime Inoue
At the moment... that is all I can think of...
Favorite three:
I'd say Motoko Kunsanagi "Major" from Ghost in the Shell
Nana Osaki, the awesome punk singer, from the manga/anime NANA
Faye Valentine...shrew...from Cowboy Bebop

I’m sure there are many more female anime characters that would fall under the heading of hot, but these women that I’ve mentioned look sexy and have a determined "I don't need a guy" attitude. I heart the feminist.
hmmm .... Ms. Faye Valentine

from cowboy bebop
...she's so cool =0
The girls of Evangelion are pretty popular both with the Japanese crowd and Non-Japanese crowd. There are so many products out on the market currently with Evangelion anime on it. Check this blog under ANIME GOODS for a cool Zippo lighter with the girls from Evangelion (happinessisjapan)
Either Sakura from Naruto, Rukia from Bleach, Triela from Gunslinger Girl or Seras Victoria from Hellsing.

Tough choice! :p
I've gotten into Anime recently.
My current anime infatutation:

Fuu from Samurai Champloo

Of course, shes a cartoon so the physical thing isn't so much it. Obviously she'd be cute if she was real, but I think more it was the innocent, sincere and yet strong character she was made out to be in the series that does it for me. She'd be fun to hang out with if she was a real person, so, she gets my vote.


come on guys look at her you have to agree Aya Natsume has got to be the hotest:D


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hmm theres a lot @__@
Bleach: Orihime
Samurai Champloo: Fuu
Rosario Vampire:Moka, Mizore, Kurumu
Tenchi: Sakuya
KoF: Mai
Kiminitodoke: Sawako
Ghost in the Shell: Motoko
Inuyasha: Kagome

can't think of anything else DX
When I was younger I always looked up to Miss Faye Valentine ^_^ I've always wanted to look like her lol
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