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Who is your favorite anime/manga character and why?

My favorite anime characters are
Hellsing Ultimate: The Major-I love his unshakable Conviction and even fail or death will not stop him.
Alucard-I love the fact that he uses his Madness to his Ultimate Advantage
Sailor Moon Crystal: Black Lady-Is another character that uses her madness to her Advantage.
Sailor Saturn: I love her personality and no non-sense actions.
Deathnote: L Lawliet-I love how he can see right through people and even if there is a low percentage change about anything he will test it. Also, I love how he looks and thinks outside the box.
Onisama-E-Rei Asaka ("Hana no Saint-Juste") I love Rei because her obsession is so poetic and she will risk all to obtain that ideal obsession.
Kaoru Orihara ("Kaoru-no-kimi")-I love her spirit to live and keep moving forward even in the face of seeing how other don't appreciate that lives. She has astonishing inner strength.
My favorite manga characters:
Skip Beat: Kyoko Mogami-I love how sweet she can be and I adore when she need to take action against that she does not hesitate to put a person in there place! :x3:😁
Ren Tsuruga-I love how kind he can be to Kyoko and his psycho nature! :x3:
Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers): Tsukushi Makino-I love her personality and that she will stand up for herself and go against the norms even if that means she has to fight the world.
Rose of Versailles-Lady Oscar is just awesome! I love her bravery and the spirit to go against the norms and speak her mind. The manga showed this WAY better than the anime.
Swan by Kyoko Ariyoshi, I have to put the creators name because this manga's title is so similar to some other manga out there. So, I want you to know this wonderful lady's work!
Masumi Hijiri -
is my favorite character because she keeps trying no matter how hard life is for her. Also, I love how relatable she is especially when she is up against so many hardships.

I have many more I really like but I had to make it not to long. 😁
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I saw many Japanese manga and anime and I like Higanjima is the best.. It is horror and very shocking manga .Writing about vampires and humans battle. The story is very long but don't get tired of it. Why don't you try it. Author is Kouji Matsumoto.
I love Onizuka (GTO), Kenshin (rurouni kenshin), & Shinichi Kudo (detective conan).;)
'cause they're cool character, but some time they can be a really funny character (Onizuka & Kenshin).:D
About Onizuka... I really hope my lectures like him. So... it won't be that bored in the class.:p 👏

Kenshin! I so love him. Watched his movies too.
mine would be Yuuri from Girls Last Tour. she brings understanding to chito's knowing and the anime itself is harrowing yet simultaneously comforting. like acceptance of death. the art is fantastic and the audio is lovely. 11/10 go and watch it


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