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Who is the Hottest Anime Female Character in What Show?

RDFH said:
I must admit the stoned face of hers...
Its the funniest expresion...O_O

I agree, but she's probably the LEAST attractive character on the show...except maybe Kimura. 😊
RDFH said:
I must admit the stoned face of hers...
Its the funniest expresion...O_O

I'll second that! Osaka was a one woman sitcom all by her lonesome! She was a hoot and a half!

The real name of Osaka is "KASUGA AYUMU"
It is a transfer student from Osaka
In fact, she is from Wakayama:D

WARNING!!! Track dirt on the floor of Suguru's house after Mahoro finished waxing it and she'll pop a cap in your ***!!
Anime characters are borderline loli so i feel no attraction.

I did have a crush on Misato from evangelion back in my teens though, as short lived as it was.
I like Teletha Testerossa from the Full Metal Panic series and Yuko Katori from Whistle!
Hey, Hiroyuki! While we're on the subject of baseball, how about the fireballing Ryo Hayakawa from Princess Nine, one of the best sports anime series ever!

I like(d)...GAH! I forgot her name! Arg... Well, it's Sailor Jupiter from...well...you can guess.
for me it is Faye from Cowboy bebop, now that is sexiness at it's best! for really good girls I like Rei from Evangelion, she is so cute with blue hair and dang I'd do her... lol but seriously she is favorite female anime character she is not an average anime loudmouth like Asuka oy...

others:Chii from chobits, Sakura from Naruto, Nancy from Read or Die, Mimi from Digimon, May from Pokemon, and Megumi from Rurouni Kenshin... yeah that's all I think...
Faye Valentine

And Deunan from Appleseed, and one of the reasons is because she got a gun :p
Hello to all anime and manga fans! :) I accidently stumbled across this topic. I did not know this forum before and I registered only so that I can post my reply. :) So, I like girls with guns I especially dig chiks with swords, but I think I really prefer more feminine girls. So it was really a though decision, but my number one is none other then: Eri Sawachika from "School Rumble" (one of my favourites). BTW the show is superb, it has great hummuor and the plot is flexible with a lot twists and turns. 👍 But Eri-chan is my fave, because she has it all and if I could have a girl like her in the real world I would be the happiest person alive:
1.Mega beautifull and cute with a perfect body structure 😊
2.Even if she is a blond she is not dull at all, she is actually quite cunning 👍
3.She is supposed to be a spoiled, but on the contrary her character is rather tame, except of course in some moments when she loses her temper but don't we all do that sometimes 😊
4.She is hard-working a good friend, trustworthy, faithful, loyal, devoted.
5.Last and LEAST!!! she is quite wealthy, which is not always a good thing.
Unfortunately she is too good to be true ... :(
Here are some pictures: I want to apologize, but I couldn't make the pictures small 😌 , so I want to ask the moderators or administrators not to ban me I did not do it on purpouse I am just a fan 👍 I want to ask them if it is possible to fix the pictures, if not write me a personal message and I will make them just urls. From tomorow for a couple of days I will not have internet, but as soon as I have I will si this topic and if someone has managed to fix the pictures I would be really pleased! :) 👍 Thank you in advance! :)
#1: Meiru, from Rockman.EXE

#2: Naru, from Love hina

#3: Winry, from Hagane no Renkinjutsushi(Fullmetal Alchemist)

#4: Haruka, from pokemon

#5: Kasumi, from Pokemon
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My favorite females anime characters are:

Temari, Tsunade, Hinata(Naruto)


Lucy/Nyu, Nana(Elfen Lied)

Ayame, Rouge(Powerstone)

Rico Robin aka Miss All Sunday(One Piece)

Ivy, Setsuka(Soul Calibur 3)


Lina Inverse(Slayers)
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