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Do you prefer anime dubbed or subbed?

Do you prefer watching anime subbed or dubbed ?

  • Original Japanese version, with subtitles as an ocasional help as I mostly understand Japanese

    Votes: 84 20.1%
  • Original Japanese version with subtitles (I mostly can't understand Japanese)

    Votes: 296 71.0%
  • Dubbed

    Votes: 20 4.8%
  • No preference

    Votes: 17 4.1%

  • Total voters


6 Oct 2004
Subbed Or Dubbed?

That's right, the biggest question in the anime scene: Do you prefer your anime subbed or dubbed?

I don't mind either one. If it's the first time I've seen something, I prefer to watch it dubbed, since I suck at multi-tasking and I'm gonna miss something cool by reading. If circumstances don't allow, however, that's fine.

It's anime! I enjoy it any way I can get it.
Definately subbed, or raw, but we'll not get into that. Dubbed means I don't learn any Japanese, and the amount of shows that have been killed by dubbers is insane. So I stick to the originals.
Depends on the Anime. An anime like Cowboy Bebop for example is a really well dubbed anime and I prefer the dubbed version over the subbed simply because I don't like having to read what I'm watching.. Heh. But then there are some that are terribly dubbed, so I prefer subs sometimes. Then again I don't really watch anime anymore.. Heh.
subbed and dubbed are both good...but sometimes when I'm watching subbed I keep thinking I'm gonna miss something or if they switch it too fast I have to go back and watch it again...and also sometimes the dubbed versions don't always say the same things said originally...but dubbed is good to cuz I can pay more attention to what's going on ^^
DragonChan said:
Dubbed means I don't learn any Japanese, and the amount of shows that have been killed by dubbers is insane. So I stick to the originals.
King of Tokyo said:
But then there are some that are terribly dubbed, so I prefer subs sometimes.

You both make good points. I hate when the dubbing sucks. And learning a bit of japanese is fun, but I often find it hard to put what the characters are saying to the english subtitles. Not to mention that there's not too many times in your life you'll need to say "Let's go, Sailor Scouts!" in japanese...or something to that effect. ^.^"

I still enjoy dub and sub equally.
Subtitle's are the only way to go IMO. Some things you just can't translate well from Japanese to Enlish. The emotion and impact just isn't there.
Jungle Boy said:
Subtitle's are the only way to go IMO. Some things you just can't translate well from Japanese to Enlish. The emotion and impact just isn't there.
Exactly! And a lot of the jokes and humor is changed or even lost when it's dubbed.
I am totally purist. Things (not just Anime, but also movies, games, etc) in their original way are much better!
I avoid dubbing but when there is no option I opt for watching it, although with some resistence, feeling really unpleasant like it’s a fake.
But in case of Anime, apart from the ideal original audio, it’s also good to watch subbed because of Japanese that is a language that I like so much!
YES!!! I prefer the subbed version over the dubbed vesrsion
Especily when it comes to live action
If you anyone of you seen a movie dubbed in hmong, you'd
WANT to hurl (im not hating on the hmong, i am homng, just personal experince)
Live action is one exception where I definitely prefer subtitles. The only thing I can think of when I'm watching a dubbed japanese movie is "Godzilla". Can't stand it.
I like dubbed when it窶冱 extremely good or when the anime is really fast paced. Has anyone seen Kodomo no Omocha? If you tried to keep up with Sana and the way she talks and her dynamics you窶决e head would spin right off. I窶冦 so serious, the girl is either on speed or no doze or crack or pixie stix窶ヲI can never tell. But when she goes on her words don窶冲 catch up with her actions on time. I often miss it when she窶冱 talking I don窶冲 even get to read the subtitles窶ヲI sit there and look at the screen quite taken aback lol. In a case like that I prefer dubbed窶ヲbut then again I don窶冲 think they窶冤l ever find an English VA with enough breath to talk that fast, I got the jist of what was going on anyway.

In an anime like Fushigi Yuugi where there窶冱 not nearly as much energy being bounced around subbed is good, I can keep up with it. I窶冦 not saying that its a dull anime that has no action窶ヲthat窶冱 absurd, FY is great, it窶冱 just at a different pace than KnO and I perfer it with subtitles. And then there is anime they shouldn窶冲 have dubbed, like Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura窶ヲbut then again I thought the dubbed version of Gokudo no Manyuki was better than the subbed窶ヲit really depends when you try a little of both.

I agree with live action subbed, absolutely, when the words aren't catching up to their lips or the other way around...you know somethings wrong.
I think the subbed version of CCS is awesome..I took the time to watch the entire series that way...I never got to finish watching FY, but it was really awesome I watched it dubbed...^^
I prefer everything in the original language, anime, movies, music etc. The only good dubbed anime I have come across was Rurouni Kenshin, and when I compared the dubbed and subbed, the dubbed had change a lot of the lines etc ; that's not cool at all. SO subbed, hands down.
subbed definitely!

example: the Inuyasha dubbed version changed everything about how the characters really were in the anime, they did't have the right tone that suited the characters
Subbed or Raw. I usually watch Raw anime, subtitles usually get in the way and the translations aren't always correct.
I avoid dubbed as much as possible. For me it takes more effort to understand english voice than english text (English is not my native tongue)
Also, subbed anime helps me to learn japanese. No, not exactly learn, but to develop an "ear" for japanese language.
I will personally hunt down and kill each and everyone of those who prefer dubbed. :D
Nah, just kidding (WHAT!? Call Ripey's! ^_^), but seriously, dubbs suck, they don't have fitting voices, they don't speak japanese, they lack feeling and worst of all... they translate names, for example, in the english dub of "Inuyasha - Affections touching across time" the cat-demons name isn't Kiara, it's Kilala (like all r in japanese are l when you speak them in western dialect... we do have an r you know).

Bottomline: Subtitles = good, Dubbs = horrible.
Hum...the main problem is that most of the time the characters are created to fit the japanese seiyuu, thus when some dubbers from other countries try to dub the animes it's usually screwed...it's just the same with american movies...
Japanese seiyuus are incredibly skilled to pass a feeling contrary to all the american/french dubbers I've heard so far...
I've watched an ep of love hina dubbed in french and I wanted to kill the dubbers...
I also remember when I was in hong kong, I watched Armageddon and the chinese dubber for bruce W. had a quite soft voice making him sound girlish...
Subbed the first time, but it's good to watch it dubbed afterwards once you know what the dialouge should be--it's hard to take in all the detail when you're keeping one eye on the subtitles...
I prefer Subbed anime, It's way cooler to listen the original japanese voices, and not the horrible dubbed ones :p, also it's great to listen some japanese, and you can somehow "learn" a bit and/or test your japanese :D.
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