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Who is your favorite anime/manga character and why?


21 Apr 2003
My favorite so far has to be Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. He is just the epitome of cool for me. 👍

I also have a thing for Ekicihi Onizuka from GTO. Bad and cool all at once. Gotta love that! ;)
I love Onizuka (GTO), Kenshin (rurouni kenshin), & Shinichi Kudo (detective conan).;)
'cause they're cool character, but some time they can be a really funny character (Onizuka & Kenshin).:D
About Onizuka... I really hope my lectures like him. So... it won't be that bored in the class.:p 👏
Originally posted by Ancella
I love Onizuka (GTO), Kenshin (rurouni kenshin), & Shinichi Kudo (detective conan).;)
'cause they're cool character, but some time they can be a really funny character (Onizuka & Kenshin).:D
About Onizuka... I really hope my lectures like him. So... it won't be that bored in the class.:p 👏

Your lectures like him? Your the teacher or the student? If your the student, you may get beaten!
I have one lecture who love to read comics and watch anime. Crazy?? yes.. that's the first think I could think about him :p
He's a great lecture, so.. I hope all my lectures looks like him, but I do hope looks like Onizuka:p
Bah... Its gotta be Saitoh Hajime, I love how he is partly a real historical figure, and how plain cold he can be. all he has is a twisted sense of Justice, and has a wicked wicked fighting style (even though it aint real.)
I love Onizuka! ;) :does a little dance:

Also, I would have to say Inu-Yasha (oohhh.. and Sessho-maru 😍) I like Miaka from Fushigi Yugi ^_^ and Amiboshi and Suboshi are awesome.. and adorable. I like Chii from Chobits (who couldn't love her? She's so cute!)... that's all I can think of right now.
My favorite amine character is not new at all.
maybe most of them don't know about it.
It's called "ユニコ" in Japanese. "Unico" in English.
awesome!! He is very cute and has a pure heart!!

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My Favorite Characters

My favorite male character from an anime is Vegeta from Dragonballz because of his arrogance and his evil ways, before bulma came into the picture. See what women do to you.

And i like all those hot anime chicks too.
Inuyasha and his "mild" behavior.

Serena and Minako (Sailor Moon and Sailor-V) - they're the perfect description of an anti-hero(ine).:D

AstroBoy used to be my favorite when I was a child.
For male characters, Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star and Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop as they both acquire that reckless outlaw-like attitude and both have good taste in women.

For female characters, Artena from NOIR in sort of a twisted way and Koyomi from Azumanga Daioh.
My favorite is Kenshin. He is tough and has a human side as well. I love the duality of his character, at one moment he is jokin and laughin, the next he is beating the s**t outta someone. He has a kind side yet at a slpit second he turns wild.
Well ... I'll leave out the guys on this one because there are too many ... XD

But my favorite is Makino Tsukushii ~ ! She doesn't take s--t from BOYS and she's strong at heart! You don't mind that many strong female characters ( in that sense ) in anime/manga's ~

mine is Touya from ayashi no ceres & Yuki from fruits basket


-they are so mysterious
-look so intense/mysterious
-are caring
-cant show emotions well

I have lots of favorites, but these are the characters I can think of right now:
Ranma, Usagi Tsukino, Setsuna Meiou, Spike Spiegel , Faye Valentine, Kenshin, Sakura Kinomoto, Kurama, Hiei, Inu Yasha, and Kikyou. ;)
I have lots of fav. *guy* characters cuz most of them are so cute! -^^-Here's a small list:

Kamui (from X)
George & Arashi (from Paradise kiss)
Crim (from .hack//SIGN)

Ok... I can't remember anyone else at the moment! >_<
But, out of all of them Ranma is #1!!! 😍 He's mine! (If anyone wants to know.) Kenshin is #2 cuz he's so kawaii too!

My fav. girl list is:

Akane (from Ranma) Yes! She IS Ranma's true girl! (Have you seen my avatar?)
Subaru (from .hack//SIGN) She's really cool!
Kira (from Mars) She kinda reminds me of myself.
Miwako (from Paradise Kiss) She's so funny.

And I can't think of anyone else right now! :eek:
You guys are really too commercial...

Female leads
Gally from GUNNM (now, THERE'S a woman who can kick ***)
Chihiro from Sen to chihio no kamikakushi because she's such a cluts
Miyaka in Fushigi Yuugi because she's such a dweeb, but makes such a great comic relief...

Male leads
Harlock. You have to admire the man's calm under any kind of pressure. And the way he wields that gun of his...
Godai in Maison Ikkoku. Even though I did not especially enjoy the series, you have to admire the man for his sheer persistance...
Char in the Gundam world. Now there's a guy who can kick *** proper.
I like Yubaba from Sen to chihiro no kamikakushi. She's one freaky lady...
I also like Kensuke from Evangelion. He's such a geek, just like me.
My favourite manga character is Kaze from Final Fantasy Unlimited and Vash from Trigun. They are so cool!!! Love and Peace!
My favourite is Kaze from Final Fantasy Unlimited and Vash from Trigun because Kaze is such a mystery + he cute, and Vash, well, he's so funny and rather cute!
My Fav is HIKO SEIJURO!!!! Why:
-he's Cold
-he's cool
-he's really powerful
-he has a cool haircut
(-and he wears the ultimate white coat)
-and he likes drinking (non/-alkoholik like me.. hehe)
Kaze from FFU is cool as well !!!! and Kamui - because of his cool yellow eyes and his superhuman powers.... and Ryu from StreetFighter!!
==> HadoooooooKen!
WEll I''ve said this before and I'll say this again, my fave is Saitoh Hajime, from Rurouni Kenshin (my avatar is of him). He still stands as one of the only real people that has been represented in anime.That and the fact he baddd azz, can beat Kenshin, but deep down inside is working for good.

My female choice is completely off in another tangent... Kazuko Mizuho from Onegai! sensei. Maybe its the quirky sense of frailty she and the way she could fall in love with a geeky character that reeled me in. ( and the drool factor.) Im waiting for Onegai twins to come out.
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