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Name the best Anime you have seen!


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15 Mar 2002
Which is your favorite Anime movie or series? Post it here!

The best movie I've seen is probably "Ghost in the Shell". While the story is nothing out of the ordinary, the whole atmosphere of this movie gave me the chills. The beautiful scenes combined with the sometimes moody, sometimes bombastic music have truly moved me.

Oh, and if you're a fan of the movie "The Matrix" and you haven't seen "Ghost in the Shell" yet, then you're in for a surprise. You'll never look at "The Matrix" in the same way again after seeing this.

I totally agree with you there... Ghost In The Shell is also my favourite. It's short, it's incredibly sweet for the gadget lovin' fan like me. The atmosphere is amazingly haunting in some scenes, especially those scenes where the Kusanagi is either alone or with someone, but remain silent. This anime moved me the most, and is followed shortly after by Metropolis. Metropolis is similar to GITS in some ways, but differ in the style of anime (more cartoony). Have you seen Metropolis? Simply amazing animation in that movie!

I really liked Ninja Scroll and Blood too. Am yet to see Perfect Blue. That's the next one on the list!
I have to admit that my knowledge about Japanese animation is limited. However, I liked "Records of Lodoss War" (hope I'm quoting it correctly) and in particular "Neon Evangelion". A bit violent though for my innocent taste.

The best movie I've seen (as recommended by my wife) was "Grave of the Fireflies" ('Hotaru no Haka') by Isao Takahata. Very, very touching...

Amazon's Editorial Review:

Isao Takahata's powerful antiwar film has been praised by critics wherever it has been screened around the world. When their mother is killed in the firebombing of Tokyo near the end of World War II, teenage Seita and his little sister Setsuko are left on their own: their father is away, serving in the Imperial Navy. The two children initially stay with an aunt, but she has little affection for them and resents the time and money they require. The two children set up housekeeping in a cave by a stream, but their meager resources are quickly exhausted, and Seita is reduced to stealing to feed his sister. Despite his efforts, she succumbs to malnutrition. Seita painfully makes his way back to the devastated city where he quietly dies in a crowded railway station.

The strength of the film lies in Takahata's evenhanded portrayal of the characters. A sympathetic doctor, the greedy aunt, the disinterested cousins all know there is little they can do for Seita and Setsuko. Their resources, like their country's, are already overtaxed: anything they spare endangers their own survival. As in the Barefoot Gen films, no mention is made of Japan's role in the war as an aggressor; but the depiction of the needless suffering endured by its victims transcends national and ideological boundaries. --Charles Solomon
Am yet to see Perfect Blue. That's the next one on the list!

Perfect Blue is pretty good. It's probably not what you expect, but it's a very surprising movie.

I haven't seen Metropolis yet. You made me curious.

Metropolis is great in my eyes because I loved the old Fritz Lang version, which was pioneering for its time. The blend of CGI and anime in the remake is pretty nice to look at. Even the characters in the story notice it!

Although GITS is probably one of my faves, I really love the old Japanese anime as well. The kind with the distinctive illustrations that are more reminiscent of the old Japanese paintings rather than the modern Bubblegum style illustrations
:( unfortanatly(spelling?) I really haven't seen many, anime movies, but of what I have seen, I love them all:clap:

sorry, no fav.s:) 👍

hmmm nobody mentioned Akira.

oh boy, I've seen the "ghost in the shell" video jacket literally 100+ times and never bothered to rent it .... I'm putting it on my list :D
I was very prejudiced when i watched Akira for the first time because everyone said it was such a good movie. Because of that, it didn't live up to my expectations.

I just got Crying Freeman this week... 😄
Anyone seen it?

Crying Freeman is a pretty decent story.

If you're into the X rating and assasination thing you might wanna try to get Rapeman (sorry ladies) -- the name is HORRIBLE but the story isn't anywhere nearly as violent or non-moral compared to Crying Freeman.
Tezuka Ossamu's "Ribbon no Kishi" is my favorite in the classicals. In the last years, the best is Miyazaki Hayao's "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi", I think.:D
Anybody seen "Noir"?? This one is pretty good. I also like "The Hakkenden". Besides that all of the classics like Akira, Ninja Scroll or Ghost in the Shell. What about "Rurouni Kenshin"? I like it as well.
Well, I haven't seen that many animes, but my favourite till now is
Rurouni Kenshin😄
Rurouni Kenshin: The Motion Picture and the two OVAs.
I also like Ninja Scroll....I've seen this anime 12 times and counting!!!:p
Oh, and is Akira THAT good? :confused:
Anyways, I LOVE ANIME! Lol:clap:
I think i've seen Ninja Scroll 30 times. But Akira comes close. Although i recommend the Akira-Manga. It's far better than the Anime i think.

I'll weigh in on this subject, though I have to divide my favorites into categories:

TV SERIES --- Cowboy Bebop
As much as I loved Kenshin when I saw it, this series was the tightest and most engaging show I've ever seen... with top-notch voice acting and twisted plotline, as well as a phenomenal soundtrack from Yoko Kanno. Truly amazing...

OVA SERIES --- Video Girl Ai 😄 Koko wa Greenwood
I've gone back and forth between these two six-parters so many times that I had to list them both. Video Girl Ai was my first love, and if it weren't for this anime (and the original manga) I probably wouldn't have been as "into" things as I am now. My first Japanese music CD was the VGAi Soundtrack. However, Greenwood came up fast... the first four episodes are four of the funniest stories I've ever seen, and the last two parts change pace into a beautiful love story. I love 'em both!

MOVIE --- Whisper of the Heart
Truthfully, I really enjoy the Studio Ghibli films in general... each one is a real achievement, but I just have a special place in my heart for "Mimi o subaesa..." I might have given the lean to "Grave of the Fireflies", but that's a movie I could only watch once, as it was VERY emotionally draining! It is a must-see at least once, though...

It is very hard to pick favorites, though... there hasn't been much in the way of anime that has disappointed me.

Just my two cents, for what it's worth... :p
Whoa!! I've just seen Metropolis. Absolutely stunning!
It was a bit incoherent to me at first, but that was because i was distracted by the awesome CG-graphics and didn't pay enough attention to the subs.

In the end everything (literally) fell into place, with Ray Charles' "I can't stop loving you" being the perfect musical accompaniment to the scene. Very memorable!

Go see it if you get the chance!
hmm well i saw Akira once or twice but it was a long time ago. i haven't seen too many movies either but i have to say i like Bubblegum Crisis 2040 😌 but i cant wait to see others ^_^
宮崎 駿 , 風の谷のナウシカ
Miyazaka Hayao, kaze no tani no nauscica

Miyazaka Hayao's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Oooh, yes Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. An EXCELLENT movie. I own a Studio Ghibli boxset (they're widley and cheaply available on Ebay) with all of the Studio Ghibli greats. This may change after seeing Spirited Away, but as of now, my favorite Ghibli movie is Laputa: Castle in the Sky. It is an excellent movie with non stop action and a facsinating subject. If you haven't seen it go out and get it today! Disney was going to release it in America, but because of the title (Laputa is the equivilant of "the wh*re in Spanish) they have put it on hold.
Very true, they were thinking of changing the name to Raputa because of the pronounciation of the R and L in Japanese, but they would have to edit some scenes where the word Laputa appears in the movie. That wouldn't be that hard at all, but I haven't heard anything new.
Off Topic: There's also a Japanese rockband called Laputa. I wonder if they know what it means...

On Topic: Disney sucks and they should keep their hands off animテゥ.
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