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Favorite Anime Theme Songs!


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28 Dec 2003
As much as the show itself, the theme song to an anime series can help to really hook a viewer. Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order (hopefully, I've got the titles right):

1) "Revolution": Revolutionary Girl Utena, a song as stylish as the series itself
2) "What's Up Guys?": Sorcerer Hunters, a knock-down, drag-out rocker!
3) "Ai (Chuuseishin)": Excel Saga, a fave just for the goofiness alone
4) "Sakura Saku": Love Hina, another delightfully goofy favorite
5) "For My Loved One": Fushigi Yugi, a song that hooked me like the series had

Well, there's my faves! How about listing yours! Should be fun! :)
I like most anime theme songs, they tend to grow on me if I listen to them too much XD
Ride on Shooting star: FLCL (whoops its a closing theme XD)
Catch you catch me: Card Captor Sakura
dan dan kokoro hikareteku: DragonBall GT

And what about those closing songs? They kick some *** too
drivers high - 1st gto opening theme -larc en ceil
duvet - serial experiments lain - boa
Last Kiss by Bonnie Pink from Gantz
Home Sweet Home by Yuki from Naruto Movie
Hemisphere by Maaya Sakamoto from Rahxephon
Be Your Girl by Chieko Kawabe from Elfen Lied
Lilium by Kayo Konishi and Yukio Kondo from Elfen Lied (Can't find a full version of it..><)
The closing theme of .hack//sign is called yashii yoake (which means gentle dawn I think)
I like Change The World from Inu Yasha, Super Drive from Gravitation, New World from .Hack Legend of the Twighlight..I'll think of some more...
A couple more:

"Moonlight Dentetsu": Sailor Moon
"Coppelia's Casket": Noir, this song has a jazzy kinda feel to it
It's tough to mention all the anime themes I like, or really pick a favorite... there are so many good ones of many different styles, so it's hard to lock in on just one. Many already mentioned here are among my favorite songs...

I figure I'll chime in with the anime theme song which actually made me start looking for Japanese pop/rock music outside the world of anime theme songs:

L'arc~en~ciel - "Blurry Eyes" (OP from DNA^2 TV/OVA)

I liked that song so much I ended up purchasing a random L'arc~en~ciel CD to hear some of their other music, which led to purchasing other J-artists based on other anime themes, then based on the music charts in Japan and from other info I could find... and now, many years later, my CD collection is MUCH larger and my bank account is MUCH smaller...


"Blurry Eyes" is definitely a defining song in my life...
I like a couple, some in Rourouni Kenshin, heart of sword, stray in wolf's rain, the GTO opening song, and presently I like shooting star from Onegai Teacher.
1.-super shooter /rip slyme gantz opening
2.-rewrite /asian kung fu generation full metal alchemist opening
3.-haruka kanata/asian kung fu generation
4.-inner light / shocking lemon hajime no ippo opening
5.-last dinosaur/the pillows flcl soundtrack
6.-dogfight/move initial-d opening
Oh yeah i forgot to mention jupiter jazz(part 2) in cowboy bebop and Julia's theme. I just luv these ones, although they are like just themes for some episodes.
My all time favorite anime song isn't a japanese song. It would be the theme song for "Lain." After that I like the themes for Excel Saga (opening and closing are awesome and hilarious) and the themes for Witch Hunter Robin.
sakura saku - love hina
ride on shooting star - flcl
theme from lain
theme from ghost in the shell (not really like it, but i more think it's kewl... not a stereotypical song for intro)

Setsunakutemo窶ヲZutto: Fushigi Yuugi (of course, it's Tasuki's image song)
Donna TAITORU mo Boku ha Irani: Bakuretsu Hunters
Simple and Clean: Kingdom Hearts (yeah I know it窶冱 a video game, but heck I just love it)
Reckless Fire: s.CRY.ed
Ippatsu Yarou!: Kenshin
More Than Words : Slayers
1a) Real Folk Blues - Cowboy Bebop
1b) Ready Steady Go - Fullmetal Alchemist
2) Ride On Shooting Star - Fooly Cooly (FLCL)
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