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Favorite Anime Theme Songs!

My fave is The World by Nightmare (Death Note). I've love the band for ages so was very happy when this song was used. :)
I also like Heartbreaking Romance from Hatenkou Yuugi.
I've always like this 3 songs but there are plenty more that I enjoyed listening to....
1) Totoro - Tonari_no_Totoro
2) Totoro - Sanpo
3) Howl's Moving Castle - Ending the promise of the world merry go round of life
I'm gonna say Evangelion's theme is pretty hot. This may make me a bit of a nerd, but I kind of feel like dancing when I hear it (HEY! like you've never danced to anime music, lol). The other is Samurai Champloo, the hip-hop/rap theme opening was pretty cool. Whoever said Cowboy Beebop...I can see how you would say that, too.
I love a lot of anime theme songs, but I will give you my top five in no particuar order.

  1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Connect by ClairS. I loved this mainly because it was so sad, but also the animations with it are deciving to the anime.
  2. Angel Beats - My Soul Your Beats - Lia. I loved this opening because the music was just so simple and pure.
  3. Hell Girl - Sakasama no Chou - SNoW. I LOVED this opening theme, and it was the first Japanese song I ever leant to sing and understand. It related to my life alot, and what I was thinking at the time. The lyrics aren't meant to be sad, but they are also haunting in their own way.
  4. Lucky Star - Mokette no Sailor Fuku - This song is just so random and had a dance routine opening. How could you not love it?
  5. Kaichou wa Maid Sama - My Secret. This opening is just so sweet, mainly because it is from one of my favorite animes. I don't have that much to say about it, but I love it.
I like many songs from anime. There are several songs...
1. Lilium (Elfen Lied)
2. Salve maria (Soul Eater)
3. Glitter (Fairy Tail)
4. Naniro Namida (Beelzebub)
5. Place To Try (Naruto)
The opening to inuyasha the final act is awesome. I like the heavy metal adaptations of the studio ghibli songs. They're great
I love Megumi Hayashibara's singing infinity from Lost Universe as well as SUCCESSFUL MISSION and I'LL BE THERE , from Saber Marionette J (I'm old fashioned).
So far it's would have to be Naruto's opening "Diver" by Nico Touches the wall...The whole soundtrack is amazing though ^^
My favourite theme song is Tsunaida te ni kiss wo by Sanae Kobayashi from D.Gray-man anime. It has got a wonderful lyrics and an atmospheric melody. It's a masterpiece for me:

Nana Kitade created the great theme songs too, for example ending from Fullmetal Alchemist (Kesenai Tsumi) and ending from D.Gray-man (Antoinette Blue).

I appreciate also:
- Elm, Blue from Cowboy Bebop
- Nothing can be explained, Rain from Bleach
- Michiyuki, Tsuki no Curse, Ordinary Days and Tragedies ~Seimei~ from Loveless
- Rose, A little pain from Nana
- Youen naru, Kakusei from Nurarihyon no Mago
So many of them! I don't know how to rank them. Here are the top ones I have in mind:
-Just Communication (Two-Mix, MS Gundam Wing)
-Arashi no Naka de Kagayaite (Chihiro Yonekura, MS Gundam: The 08th MS Team)
-Change the World (V6, Inuyasha)
-Precious Memories (Minami Kuribayashi, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien)
-Vestige (T.M. Revolution, MS Gundam SEED Destiny - Final Plus episode)
-Lion (May'n, Macross Frontier)
-Level 5 Judgelight (fripside, A Certain Scientific Railgun)
Many ! .. the ones I can remember for now, and that I really really love >w< are,, Long Kiss Goodbye (Naruto Shippuden), Once Piece's 2nd op, Blue Bird ( Naruto Shippuden ), and many more .. ^-^
Though Bleach kind of sck already nowadays (my own opinion, sorry bleach fans); I can never deny the fact that it introduces me to my very favorite Japanese artist (Miwa). So I'll never forget 'Change', one of bleach theme songs. (forgot what season) 😌
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