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Who is your favorite anime/manga character and why?

I would have to say my favorite anime or manga character would have to be Kuran Kaname from the anime Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight Guilty and the ongoing manga.
The reason why he is my favourite character is although he may be sly and cunning, he truly cares about Yuki Cross, the love of his life and is willing to do anything and everything to protect her to the best of his limits.He truly would be a great man if he was real.
I couldn't say! I love so many of them... But, if I had to, this would be a list of sorts:

1) (Naruto) Naruto/Sasuke/Kakashi/Gaara/Minato/Itachi/Pakkun
2) (Final Fantasy) Cloud/Zidane/Bartz/Squall/Firion/Cecil
3) (Bleach) Ichigo/Uryu/Orihime/Tatsuki
4) (Death Note) Raito/L
5) (Akira) Kaneda/Tetsuo/Kai/Yamagata

I can't choose 😊
I have many kinds of anime/manga characters that I like so I'll divide them.
Funny - Inuyasha, Koga,
Hot - Sebastian and Ciel (Kuroshitsuji). Zero, Shiki, and Aidou (Vampire Knight) - Kaname creeps me out because he's a bit like Edward Cullen who I don't like. Sasuke (Naruto). Otoya (Bloody Monday). Kudo Shinichi, Kaitou Kid, Heiji Hattori (Detective Conan)
Cute - Miharu (Nabari No Ou), Fujino Tomoya (Junk! Boys >.> it's yaoi).
The list goes on to infinity XD
I have quite a few

1.) Bleach - Yoruichi , Byakuya , Rukia , Hitsugaya & Rangiku
2.) Naruto - Itachi , Tsunade , Mei & Sakura
3.)Ergo Proxy - Re-l , Pino and Swan
4.) Rurouni Kenshin - Misao , Kenshin & Saitou
5.) Vampire Knight - Kaname & Shizuka
the obvious one...Doraemon...and the white female cat...Mii-chan ?

i like cats, and raccoons, and robots.
Ohh i have A LOT!!! of favourite characters..
Many depending on how they're drew or how their personalities are..
like OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB they are funny.. and pretty hot :p not to mention..the main character has a really nice personality. Real comedy that anime :p

My favourite characters:

1) (Naruto) Naruto/Kakashi/Sai
2) (Bleach) Uryu/Orihime/Rangiku
3) (One Piece) Luffy/Sanji/Chopper
I have many characters like

Takishima from special a class.

Tskimori ken from la corda doro

from salm dank I geuss his name is rakawa

all of them are calm.
my favorite?

my number one is Roronoa Zoro for One Piece
he's my no. 1 because he said: "All I have left is my destiny! My name may be infamous...... but it's gonna shake the world!!!"

my number 2 is also from One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy
"I've set myself to become the King of the Pirates... and if I die trying... then at least I tried!"
Kenshin Himura - Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X

Itachi Uchiha, Sai, Kakashi Hatake - Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

Kenpachi Zaraki, Yachiru Kusajishi - Bleach

L - Death Note
vampire knight - kaname/shiki
bleach - hitsugaya :p / ukitake/ orihime @__@
cowboy bebop - vicious
rurouni kenshin|samurai x - kenshin
and lots more DX
but i do agree with you about the kaname thing
As you can see from my avatar, I would have to say Kenshin. His is a story of redemption. Someone can be a murderer, living a life of destruction, and turn their life around for the good. Gotta love it.
monkey d luffy (one piece)!! he's so adorable!! loyal to his comrades, *****, greedy, but he's never give up on what he had in mind,,that's cool!!
eguchi tappei (miiko) <3<3 can't say another word, except.. lovely!!!
I guess.... my favorite anime/ manga character would be Rukia Kuchiki.... She is pretty awesome... and dude she's not like other girls that whine and she in a way is a girly tomboy... dont you think so?
AWESOME QUESTION. It's Gotta Be Rock Lee.

I'm a Naruto fan...almost to a fault. I think the characters have really great back stories, and I love watching every week (except for the filler episodes). My favorite anime character has to be Rock Lee. In the Naruto series, he's a minor character (in Naruto Shippuden...too minor if you ask me), but he's all heart. He's doesn't have the powers that some of the other ninjas in his village have but he became a great ninja through dedication and hard work. His nickname is actually the "Genius of Hard Work."
I like Rock Lee because his story teaches a lesson: if you want something bad enough, and you're REALLY willing to devote yourself to it...you can be great.
Ummm, maybe that's a bit too much information for this particular post...Oh God! I think I'm turning into an Otaku...
Does anyone else have any Naruto favorites?
Spike from Cowboy Bebop.

I love his personality, cool, composed, passionate, distanced, good man. Oh and he fights awesomely!
hmmm Vash from Trigun... he is just so awesome. not only is he good looking (fangirl) but he also has just been through some of the worst cr** out... and he is always lonely and in pain but he's always smiling and trying to make the world a better place. hes really lovely ^^
Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat. she's just so... innocent and merry ^^ shes like the person you think you want to play tricks on but shes so gullible you just cant because she honestly truly believes you XD
Well,my favorite anime character is sora kasugano from yosuganosora,why:
i don't know = = is it becasue she is moe? i really don't know = =
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