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9 Dec 2003
~My artwork~

here's my site with most of my artwork(I have to do more..been lazy.*L*)
Please share your views and opinions I would like to hear them, maybe even if you want something drawn I can do that as well, or maybe some ideas and all so please share.🙂
OoOOo you draw good... better than me... :'( just when i was having confidence in myself again... LOL j/k but still you draw better than me kekek, really good job on Shinobuuuuuuuuu! do me a favor, and draw Hyuga, Hinata from Naruto, she's my fav char besides Kakashi-sensei :)
i'd show you my drawings of sakura from cardcaptor sakura, and Asuka from NGE... their okay...I suppose... kekeke
LOL if i ever get it scanned, you'll see a bit of oil on it, from some pizza that i ate in the hotel when we were in Las Vegas, yeah me and my cousin were bored, we watched uhh dumb and dumberer while eating some good pizza :) then i drew sakura lol, but some oil spilt from when my cousin picked up another slice from the smalllllll table i was drawing on... >.<
yeah, what do anime artist use to color up their animations? or is it computer colored? I heard its marker but i could be wrong :)
Mmmmm.. not bad, not bad, but you have room to improve. Please don't take this the wrong way. I don't want to insult ya or muffin.

(by the way, can anyone tell me how to do those cool little blob things that kind of look like something from dragon half).
But I'm a manga anime artist too, and my friends say I'm pretty good at drawing a set of characters for his anime series he has written

(again, I apologise for my spelling; I'm dyslexic ok) ...wait, I probably spelt that wrong too.. ..nuts...
I belive they us inks and such, maybe also computer programs, but i'm not to sure..^^;;;
🙂 Thank you 🙂
The site took awhile to do.
You're pretty good! I really like your drawing of Asuka and the first one of the Samurai. I draw as well! And i'd really like to exchange pictures sometime ^.^ I love seeing other people's artwork. I'm not very good yet...Maybe I should put up a link to mine sometime o_O
do it do it, and i'm not sure if i'm Ecchi enough but, i think you drew Asuka, well enough so that i could see a part from her breast ROFL -.- but none the less really good drawings, and i still mad at you for being better, RAWR!
Very cute AnimeLuver!
I have a gallery on www.elfwood.com if anyone wants to look.
You gotta' search for "Killian Laws" If you wanna' find me though.
I'm to lazy to put up a link..maybe i'll go track the url down sometime...
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