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Favorite Anime Theme Songs!

-Cobra space adventure opening (yes, I am old :rolleyes: )
-Lupin III theme (funky version)
-CowBoy Bebop opening, the musicbox intro is just killing me.
-Samourai Shamploo got some serious tunes too. (Aruarian dance among others)
-Hellsing opening
-GTO opening (1st version) feels like a desperate/sad tune to me, I like it.
-Tonari no Totoro (?) opening is really cheerful ! Main theme is pure joy (but using Joe Hisaishi is like cheating, he is so damn good)
.. and so many more that i have unfortunatly forgotten ..
Kino no Tabi ending (The Beautiful World) is probably my favourite. Now i wish someone starts "Favourite anime character songs!" thread.
Papermoon by TommyHeavly6 (Soul Eater OP2)
Oath:Sign by Lisa (Fate/Zero)
and Cowboy Bebop soundtrack :Tank! (Ok 3..2..1..Let's Jam)
For me it has to be Itowokashi - Kanadeai OP 4 from Twin Star Exorcists. This song really helped me through though times.
I also like:
1. Ling Tosite Sigure - Unravel (TOKYO GHOUL)
2. Tanizawa Tomofumi - Sawakaze (KIMI NI TODOKE)
3. Eir Aoi - Innocence (SAO)
4. CHiCO with Honeyworks - Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru (AO HARU RIDE)
5. Sonar Pocket - One Sided Love (NIJIRO DAYS OP 2)
6. L'arc en Ciel - Driver's High (GTO OP 1)
If someone has a live or acoustic version of the Itowokashi - Kanadeai OP 4 from Twin Star Exorcists can you please send it to me? i've been trying to find one but i couldn't find. arigatouu so muuch in advance!!
These songs I list here can make you cry, I warning.
- Hotaru – Fujita Maiko
- Kimi dattara – Happy birthday
- Sayonara no natsu – Miho Kuroda
I really like the opening theme song of Kyoukai no Kanata -> … also like Tokyo Ghoul's Unravel >.> /oshiete yo intensifies/
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