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Do you prefer anime dubbed or subbed?

Do you prefer watching anime subbed or dubbed ?

  • Original Japanese version, with subtitles as an ocasional help as I mostly understand Japanese

    Votes: 84 20.1%
  • Original Japanese version with subtitles (I mostly can't understand Japanese)

    Votes: 296 71.0%
  • Dubbed

    Votes: 20 4.8%
  • No preference

    Votes: 17 4.1%

  • Total voters
I enjoy subbed because you get the real anime.
For example, I watched Inuyasha dubbed up until episode 146. Then I decided to watch the subbed version and their voices were so different. It gave me a new look at Inuyasha (no joke) .
So I now only watch anime's as subbed for the "real deal" anime.

If you understood any of that thank you :p
Yeah I prefer subbed.
But when I first started watching anime about 6/7 years ago I watched Azumanga Diaoh subbed. And later on when I watched it with subtitles it didn't feel like the same characters as much. Mainly Yukari, I think the tone in her (English) voice is what makes half of the things she does funny. If I just watched it with subtitles I would have missed out on that part, because I didn't (probably still dom't) really know how to understand Japanese vocal expression.
But in time I had gotten strict about only watching subbed only (although I wouldn't protest too much if I had to). I stopped watching anime/reading manga ages ago. I now read Western comics. But because I've taken up Japanese I watch some anime every now and then too see if I recognize anything that's I've learnt.
But yeah, I think this thread should be called, Who here DOES prefer dubbed.
Dubbed is so dirty!

And I like to try to understand it without subs first, but then give up cuz the story gets too interesting and then rely on the subs haha
I care more about watching the show and enjoying the plot or the art rather than thinking I'm awesome for watching it in the original language and having to read text to understand anything. I always thought Ryuzaki in Death Note had a good dubb.
every now and then I catch a pun or a badly translated sentence from the Japanese I'm overhearing while reading subs though,
that turns me off of dubs more than anything
I HATE it when they DUB, it just sounds so terribly wrong.
Or when they make mistakes in the subs(well, fan-subs are usually the best anyway).
I lean more towards watching subs of animes over dubs.

Most animes have pretty bad voice acting in my opinion but there are some really good gems around like Bleach (while long the voice acting wasnt as bad as naruto), Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, even eva had really good voice acting. My all time favorites are Ranma 1/2 and even currently Durarara!!
Definitely subbed because I preferred the original voices and it's more natural. Furthermore, I can learn the way they used the language tone. So desu ne!
When it come to anime, I prefer dubbed. For some reason, I find it hard to get into a subtitled anime, The voices just seem off to me.

Now as for live action, I prefer the original language. Every live action dub I heard is horrible. I don't know how they get anime right but live action wrong.
I prefer subbed, it's good for people studying Nihongo because you get the English subtitles and the Japanese pronounciation from the natives, all brilliantly wrapped in a good action series. At least that's how it's working out for me, plus, it's like English and Spanish in one to me. :)
Subbed is better, subs can be wrong too, but bigger chance to find a bad translation then with english dub, since with english dub you can't hear the original.
Though I normally go the way of subs, if the English dub is really good (there ARE a few out there >_>) then I'll watch those.

Ultimatley, most of the anime I watch these days is subbed, and I enjoy it. It is the best if you want to get in tune with the original perception of the character, from the people who actually made the anime.

That being said, dubbs aren't too bad, except for some.

The reality is there are so many horrible dubs out there.
Example: Osaka from Azumanga Daioh English. She has a texan accent, because the character is supposed to speak a different Japanese dialect. I hate strong america accents, and I can't stand listening to Ya'll on any TV show of anime.

But, I am a strong believer in giving dubbs a chance. Code Geass and Death Note have great dubs, and I enjoy both the Japanese and English versions.
I think I'm best to say "No Preference" simply because I enjoy seeing what the differences are in what the characters say. Same goes for whether or not it's western version or a Japanese version.

It can be quite fascinating! :)
I definitely prefer subbed for dubbed. The voice actors are usually in the animes I watch really talented, and I don't wanna miss that out! I think it sounds a bit weird with English voices. I don't know why I really dislike the dubbing, it just feels like they have less emotion when they voice act.
I just watched Negima: Spring & Summer Specials in the English dub and it has re-enforced the reasons why I watch the original Japanese language with subs... it was just completely without quality!
I like it subbed. One reason is that I like to hear the real, natural voices of the characters (no offense but dubbed voices suck!). Another reason is that, as already pointed out by a commenter here, I can learn Japanese and learn how and in what manner Japanese people converse with one another.
i like the subbed...because the dubbed one will just take away the originality of the anime...which is very important...
and i dont think the dubbed even has a chance against subbed... the dubbed version seems kinda dull ...
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