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Why Final Fantasy Sucks.

The english IS annoying, but the japanese voices are cool. The english voicing is just stupid, and the voice actors aren't even good.. They're only good for a laugh! :LOL:
Depends on the voice actors too. If you ever dis David Hayter, you will die a slow painful death. :box:

I'm not gonna dis David Hayter.. He's cool. I was talking more about.. ahem, YUNA's english voice character... man, she sucked. But I DON'T care cause Yuna's kawaii and Rikku too!! (Is obsessed with FFX)
isayhello said:
I'm not gonna dis David Hayter.. He's cool. I was talking more about.. ahem, YUNA's english voice character... man, she sucked. But I DON'T care cause Yuna's kawaii and Rikku too!! (Is obsessed with FFX)

That's good.👍 David Hayter is one of the very few voice actors that a really respect in the VA industry. Simply put, the man IS Solid Snake. David Hayter, Steve Blum (David Lucis), Hiliary Haag, Greg Aries, and only a few other choice English voice actors are the only ones that I like. Other than that, bring on the Japanese VAs!:) BTW, I hated the English voice work on FFX too.:)

Vaccum enable Final Fantasy games.

Personally, I'm not really into R.P.G., I just prefer to play games that I like. So... I don't think that I will like games that some people refer to as R.P.G..

Though technically, since many if not most games kinda enable you to role playing into someone or something, they too can be consider as R.P.G..

Gran Turismo or Need for Speed in a kind of way is an R.P.G. too.

What ever.

From what I experienced from the average typical Japanese console R.P.G. is this, it's kind a cross between a manga, an animation, one of those choose your own adventure book, many other things, and of course, a game. In other words, the game is a bonus. And even if there's a game, it's more in the style of an adventure game (story oriented) than an R.P.G. (battle stats and all that).

It would be interesting if a game is played out like an animated T.V. series, even with an opening animation and ending animation (around one and half minutes of animation) in the style of an animated T.V. series, with the animations and maybe also the songs changes as you progress in the game, just like an animated T.V. series when its story progress or at least when the T.V. series gets older.

Of course, if you want to delve into online R.P.G. especially Massive Multiplayers Online Role Playing Game, then I suggest moving to South Korea.

Well... Back to Final Fantasy.

I don't know.

Some says that everything post Final Fantasy VII are lousy.

Others says everything post Final Fantasy VI are lousy.

Though I would say that Final Fantasy VII kinda benefit for it being a slim version of Final Fantasy VI, only what happen if you made a slim version of Final Fantasy VI for the Sony PlayStation. Content is enough to be fulfiling, simple and slim enough to play without too much content, and eye candy enough to watch. Basically, this is where past, present, and future of the Final Fantasy line cross path, Final Fantasy 101? Though there's a small Final Fantasy VI demo for the S.G.I. platform, if there's a Nintendo 64's Final Fantasy VI, it probably will look like that.

Anyway. Back to lousy.

Some others say everything post Final Fantasy III are lousy.

Hmmm... I think that I see the trend here would be, faster hardware, lousier games? What happen if a Final Fantasy game is developed for the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-1? That is considered the birthplace of the first video game ("SpaceWar").

Final Fantasy X is in an odd spot, is the first main Final Fantasy game to feature a 'talky' feature, nice enough if you got the the right voice acting. Unfortunately, Japanese game and animation conversion dub aren't known for finding the right voice for their North American version, nor sounding quite pleasant. I mean that people are already complaining on how some things that don't translate quite well, now they are using voices? Maybe they should have just use voice actings for battle scenes only?

Final Fantasy XI is an oddball, personally they should have called Final Fantasy Online or something like that. I don't know why they decided to use the next number sequence instead of the word "Online". Considering that previous Final Fantasy games aren't online networkable, I think that Final Fantasy XI deserve a class of its own.

Anyway. I think that each game and each things do offer something different that some people like.

But all I can say is that, Final Fantasy VII is the BEST and the WORST Final Fantasy game I ever played in recent history, due the part that, Final Fantasy VII is the only Final Fantasy game I ever played so far I remember.

I don't play Final Fantasy VIII, since it don't interest me due to the style of the character design, if it's just the gameplay scenes, it's okay, but it's the F.M.V. that bugged me. This pretty much leave Advent Children also undesireable to me since it shares more similiar character design to Final Fantasy VIII rather Final Fantasy VII. And I pretty much don't pay attention of the video game industry after Final Fantasy VIII, which would explain me not knowing that Final Fantasy IX ever existed until I saw Final Fantasy X. Final Fantasy IX seems to be pretty nice though, and also Final Fantasy X is much better looking than Final Fantasy VIII (somehow Tidus seems to be better visually presented than Squall).

Will there be a Final Fantasy XIII?

Well... Unless Square-Enix think that 13 is a lucky number, they probably will prefer to do Final Fantasy VII: (insert subtitle here).

If they wise, they should discard the whole Advent Children storyline and instead done a fresh start with the epilogue of Final Fantasy VII. That they can have BOTH a SEQUEL and a totally NEW game and story.

I still wonder on why they didn't choose Final Fantasy VIII instead for Advent Children, why make Cloud looks Squall-ish when you instead can just use Squall. The proper character for the proper role. Cloud the geek boy, Squall the bad boy.

Then again, I don't understand either on why they use Sakamoto Maaya as the voice for Aerith in Kingdom Hearts. Why choose a voice actress that is much better suited for let say, Tifa or Lucrecia or Shera (or maybe even Tina or Celes or Rosa), why not just use either one of these character instead? Then again, Kingdom Aerith probably acted different than Final Fantasy VII's Aerith. Like one person said, in Kingdom Hearts, Donald Duck probably took his medication (since he isn't as ill tempered as usual), then Aerith in Kingdom Hearts probably is already medicated, rehabilitated, and finished her therapy.

And yes, I do also think that Mandy Moore is much better for the role Tifa or Lucrecia or Shera (or maybe even Tina or Celes or Rosa). Heck, when I first saw and hear Mandy sang, I immediately think that she would fit quite nicely voicing for Tifa, and they cast her as Aerith? Then again, this is Kingdom Hearts, not Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII's Aerith is fast talking and have a hard time stop talking (Cloud have a hard time of trying to talk when she is talking), vibrant and active (not necessary athletic, tomboy-ish maybe), capable of girlish voice (somewhere between pre-teen and teen), and so on.

Maybe Mitsuishi Kotono (Usagi in Sailor Moon, Misato in Evangelion, Asuka in Cyber Formula, and so on) might be suitable, though it's just one of the many candidates.

As for the North American candidate. No, haven't got the slightest idea, maybe it would be much better if they just pick a junior high school girl or even an elementary school girl for it.

That's the problem with the conversion to the North American version, the voice selection might change.

Though this problem would pretty much explained on why the North American version of Final Fantasy X sound the way it is.

Though that still wouldn't explained on how Final Fantasy VII got choosen as the base for Advent Children and how Sakamoto Maaya voiced for Aerith in Kingdom Hearts.

As for game developers and publishers selling games.

I think that it's more into the term of propaganda rather than profit, much like the movie industry. As matter in fact, the whole entertainment sectors seems to be isn't aiming at profit at all. A large amount of money spent for the unknown, that doesn't make any business sense at all.

Though this would explain on why recent games (and also recent movies) have different content than older ones. And on why ancient video games (a.k.a. "SpaceWar", one of the first video games) have almost no content at all (it was made and distributed by a bunch of computer geeks who had too much time on the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-1).

Speaking of R.P.G., have anyone here plays the recent incarnation of SEGA's Shinning R.P.G. series?

Shining Tears seems to be made for fans that are into video games, manga, and animated stuff.

It's obvious with its hand drawn animated characters, the style of the character design, super deformed gameplay characters, a lot of animated scenes, and also with Hayashibara Megumi (famous for voicing many animated characters, like Blossom in the Japanese version of the Power Puff Girls) voicing for Blanc Neige ("white snow" in French) and Hoshino Souichiro (recently famous for his role as Kira Yamato in Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED and currently voicing for chaos in Xenosaga) voicing for Xion.

The whole storyline seems to be a ballad sang by a wandering ballad singer (he's in the logo of Shining Tears).

There's no way of getting killed in the game, you just fail the mission and return back to the tarven.

The two rings affect the Light and Dark of Shion, he weared an unremoveable ring, while his partner wear the other ring.

When Xion is partnered with a good girl (or boy), he turns into a bad boy. While if Xion is partnered with a bad girl (or boy), he turns into a good boy.

And of course, there are multiple endings since that there are multiple choices of partners, that will depend on how you treat your partners.

Though if I was Xion, I would want to get ALL of the four girls (Elwing, Ryuna, Blanc, and Mao)! Why not? WordsWorth allowed an ending for all of the girls in one scene, though it's more of a dramatic scene than a romantic scene. I wonder if Shining Tears allowed this kind of ending.

Shining Force Neo seems to be a recent incarnation of the Shining Force game.

The characters are animated in traditionally hand drawn fashion in many of the animated scenes, though some scenes feature the characters as 3D models, and of course the gameplay is in 3D and used 3D models.

Judging on the storyline and character design, I think that they're aftering the mid teens market.

Anyway. If I want something in an R.P.G., it probably will have the followings:

- Customizeable character battle statistic.

Any person, can do anything, provide you have the materials and do the training.

There. The lead character can use a staff, magic, a katana blade, and so on. While the sidekick can use a big sword or what ever. Anything the player told them to do. Cloud Strife can use a Gunblade, Squall Leonhart can use the Buster Sword, what ever.

The only difference the characters made would be only storyline wise. Not to mention that it will be quite handy if the storyline demand a character to be temporary or permanent out of the story.

It would also be interesting that each time a new character is introduced, new type of weapons and fighting skills are added according to the abilities and skills of the character.

I think that Final Fantasy V once try something like this with its job system? And Final Fantasy Tactics also do the same?

- Customizeable character's appearance.

It would be interesting if the appearances changes, Ragnarok Online was interesting in that you can do many interesting things with the characters, but in the same time, can still kept the look and the style of the characters intact.

But then again, if the appearances are allowed to look so different, it might end up looking like the Sims.

And there are reasons on why animated characters usually wear a single type of cloth or shown with a limited type of clothings.

One is limited resources (though Mokona of Clamp sure designs a lot of clothes for Sakura's battle outfits in "Card Captor Sakura"), the other is that the cloth is often reflect the person's identity, personality, and story. Watch out for The Pink Menace!

Of course, nothing is as hilarious or maybe weird as dressing a young man as a young woman.

- No cash! No turning the characters into a warehouse to store lots of items! No crazy experience points and level building!

If I was told to search for the mystical legendary weapon and armor in a quest, fine.

If I was told to gather a certain amount of cash to get a better weapon and armor, think again.

If I got a weapon and armor that developed along with the character, fine, I would only need to concentrate on the characters then. Why not just use living things as weapons and armors, it would be much easier that way, similiar to Final Fantasy VIII's Guardian system and maybe also Final Fantasy VI's magic system?

You learn to use the resources that are available, not to amount the resources into an unmanageable amount. Unless of course, it's a tactical strategy war game, then you would want all the resources you can get.

- A diary! A Captain's log! A personal organizer! What ever!

So you know on what has just happened and what will happen next.

That way you know what to do next and what not to do next.

This should solve the whole linear and non-linear things.

Besides, many animated T.V. series usually do recap on last week's episode, either by showing part of the previous episode or narrating what happened in the previous episodes.

Heck, I don't mind if there's a P.D.A. that said "Kill a dragon at friday, rest at saturday, save a village at sunday, go to the moon at monday...."

- A under 30 seconds battle, and preferably a 5 minutes maximum.

There's a reason on why commercials are usually 30 seconds or less, and there's a reason on why a presentation usually only last around 5 minutes or less.
him...:: ignores above poster because i don't like his tone :: anyway about david hayter, he is solid snake, i think the japanese voice doesnt suit the american face...but its my opinion.....viva la hy-ter!
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