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Kingdom Hearts and Final Mix

Ahh... Kingdom Hearts. Numero uno on my favorite game series list.

Sorry, Rockman-kun. You'll have to settle for second.

I'm surprised that I don't see a "OMG!!!!111 A Kingdom Hearts III trailer at the end of Kingdom Hearts II!!! Who thinks [insert incredibly impossible and stupid situation here] will happen?!?!?!?!?!?1/1/1/1/1/1/1/?!?!?!?"
Kingdom Hearts II storyline wise was great, however...to me, the gameplay was alittle bit too newbie friendly. I was hoping for it to be alittle bit more challenging, however it was too easy to learn, pick up and eat everyone alive in it. The Parry to me was a sweet and sour taste, it was great that with this new parry it allowed Sora to not always take free damage, however with the parry now in KH2, it has made fighting enemies and especially bosses in particular, far easier, for example the Sephiroth match.

You can parry many of his attacks which to me, completely takes away from him being a challenge. I've been able to defeat Sephiroth by getting hit only once, and I felt that was great, until I heard that there was this japanese player who could defeat Sephiroth w/out getting hit even once...and another person who could defeat Sephiroth blindfolded, yes, you heard me right, blindfolded, how? By listening to Sephiroth, he'll usually scream or say something before he does an attack, plus with the parry, it makes it possible, such is the power of the parry system in KH2.

Also the idea of the whole "Triangle" thing to do those special looking attacks imo made it okay, but in a sense fairly boring as well. Also, it just boggles me when I get Sora's Final Form, or worse yet, his Ultimate Form, where I just press the attack button twice and Sora will do about 1038429308409238 different attacks while airborne.

Looks fancy yeah, but to make, it takes away from the game, I wanted it to be challenging, however it is geared towards a younger audience so I guess I shouldn't be as demanding. However I prefered the Kingdom Hearts 1 gameplay, because things where imo, more difficult, fighting bosses, especially the secret bosses where far more of a challenge than the ones in KH2.

However, aside from the newbie gameplay, and the easy to lvl ups, I really did infact like Kingdom Hearts II, it was great overall.
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