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Who's your favourite Final Fantasy guy?


22 Nov 2002
This is also a very tough question.. for me its either Tidus, Squall or Cloud... Think I'll go with Cloud and Squall! Can't pick one!

It's never been confirmed, but rumor has it that Squall was modelled after Gackt.
Really? If Squall was as well designed as Tidus then we'd know for sure. If they're going to move FFVIII to PS2 like I heard they'll probably do their usual trick and add more FMV's so maybe we'll be able to tell more then.
Check this out:


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I can definately see the similarity in the nose and eyes... and the hair in the 1st gackt pic is almost identical to Squalls. Would Squaresoft every admit to modelling a game character on a pop/rock star though.. hmmm..

So have other Final Fantasy characters been modelled on famous people?
i now know what it is to truly appreciate Squall's greatness. i used to take for granted his sullen melodramatics, but no longer! after suffering through the excruciatingly pleasant and happy "Squaresoft Trio" (that's right, trio) of Zidane, Tidus, and more recently Sora (oh how i loathe Sora!) i see the light! and his name is Squall!! what the world needs now is more mediocrity, more Squalls!!
Hehehe... I love them all! Well, Squall and Cloud really are my favourites (both are dark and sullen etc etc.. Squall's definately the best though!)... but Zidane and Tidus were just so much fun! It was nice to have a change, even though I love the darker hero's. As for Sora, he's meant to be a kid, so he's meant to be kinda pleasant and happy - even though I don't see him staying that way throughout the game - I'm only 20hrs in so far! I like them all, Squaresoft can't do a thing wrong in my books - well, apart from making a racing game when we all know that they suck! Hehehe...
Hm... the world full of squall image?? I think I'll shock to dead!! 'cause I can't chose one from all of them :p
Fav for me has to be Sephiroth hands down (even if he is an arch-baddie). He's the epitome of evil: cruel, coldly handsome, and bad to the bone 8-p Plus he just looks wicked cool dressed to the 9's all in black and wielding the Masamune.


*edits* Oh yeah-great image Twisted. Never noticed the uncanny resemblance before bewteen the two. Bizarre indeed.
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Do you not realize your transgression!?!?!? WIth the excpetion of fellow worshipper Iron Chef, the mighty Sephiroth will smite you all for placing others before him!!!! Tremble in his might!!
Sephiroth was pretty cool i guess... (<...didn't like FFVII much;;) i didn't think he was all that evil tho'... and his reasons for being all villain-y were kind of lame... he was like "wah! mommy didn't love me enough 'cause she was a torso! feel sorry for me! i'm gonna blow up the world!" on the other hand he killed off Aeris... and he did look hella cool, so yeah... and i loves me some Zidane too!! i'm re-playing FFIX right now...^^
It has to be Squall. Tidus is a babe too! I noticed a picture in the cover of Drive- by Glay, and noticed that Jiro looks very similar to Tidus. My japanese friends thinks that maybe Tidus was meant to look like Jiro. Also in the movie, Cptn Gray Edwards looks like Ben Affleck!
Hey! Wouldn't it be cool if one of the future FF heros is based on Hyde?!!


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Oops! didn't realize the picture would come out so big!
The reason for the milk moustache, is because it is taken from an advert for milk that i found online ages ago. I actually forgot that when i attached it, as on my brouser the pic was only tiny, so i didn't see it properly.

Here is the gorgeous Hyde by the way.
I think he'd make a cool FF character Sakaguchi san.
Plus I would really like to do a song for one of the FF Soundtracks!


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Even though Gackt looks like Squall, I still love Cloud. He's a bad ***. =] Tidus is just too... I dunno, hyper maybe, but he's a cutey too. ^^
I love Zell for FFVIII but Squall's close behind

and Auron for FFX :D but Tidus is VERY close behind

gotta love the Sephy!

Have you all seen Gackt's copy of Squall's outfit?

I like Sephiroth-Tidus-Squall-Cloud.... it's hard to choose my most favorite._. Probably... Cloud.-.

well, i'm torn between squall and sephiroth now. but sephiroth would win, i've got a great weakness for villians.

but cid is up there too (i also have a weakness for techie-types).
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