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Who's your favourite Final Fantasy guy?

Sephirot is too scary and too powerful.. Kuja is waaaay hotter! And Seymour is more cool cause he's really not that good, only insane and horny! :LOL: XDD
Me: Awww Sephiroth. She didn't mean it. Or did she?
Sephiroth: *sobs* You know even though I seem that way I'm an easy going guy. I love to drink tea in the afternoon and I love to read romantic novels just before bed.
Me: Whoa...Do you like muffins?
Sephiroth: I love muffins! <3
Me: Yatta! *huggles Sephiroth*
Sephiroth: *giggles*
Me: o_O
Sephiroth: ...*ahem* Arghhh...I mean I hate...muffins! I eat meat! Grr!
Sephiroth: *twinkle in eye* Yay! *huggles*

Awwww feel the love! But then!

Kadaj: What are you doing!?
Sephiroth: Er-umm...*looks around*
Kadaj: *glares at me*
Me: Eep... O_____O
Kadaj: *walks up to us and glares deeply*
Me and Sephiroth: ....Oh....shoot...
Kadaj: Sephiroth I told you before don't use my shampoo! It just doesn't work with your hair like it does mine!
Sephiroth: I-I...I like the smell...
Kadaj: Now I have to go out and buy a new bottle because you used it all!
Which FF is Kadaj from? And one more thing Shinyu was Tidus' twin, so he is twice as sexy.
Me:goes to kiss Tidus
Shinya:*comes through the door* what the hell are you doing?
Tidus and I:*shocked*.....
Me:I'm kissing Shinyu.
Shinyu:I'm Shinyu dammit!!
Me:*giggles* Prove it! Shinyu is Tidus' twin so he should kiss better!!!
Shinyu:*walks over to Endsight and passionately kisses her*
Me:Ooooo....um redo I am still not convinced *grabs Shinyu to her, kisses him, then swoons*
Me: *giggle* Oooo I wanna kiss from Kadaj and Sephiroth.
Sephiroth: Eww...
Me and Kadaj: *stares in confusion*
Sephiroth: *ahem* Bring it on!
Me: *giggle*
YAY! You're all kissing the FF guys! *happy* Me too!
Tidus: HELP, she's scary! *remembers bad treatment from another, certain thread*
Me: ... fine, whatever.. *dissapointed*

What about Kuja... he's a total bishonen and he's insane too! 👍 I wanna kiss him.. too bad he loves only himself...
Kuja: *looking at himself in the mirror* Why am I soo beautiful..
Me: Hello Kuja, do you want to kiss me?
Kuja: Eeeww... never! Would I, with my face, kiss someone like YOU!? You're not even worthy of being close to me... PAH!
Me: *cries* You're mean!
Kuja: I was the bad guy of FFIX after all... *kisses himself in mirror*
Me: Can I at least be your slave?
Kuja: Go away. Go chase Vivi or something!
Me: *hides behind door* I will stalk Kuja!
Cloud's the best !

I'd go with Cloud, well after seeing "Fianl Fantasy 7 advent children" I'd definitely choose Cloud. BTW I've heard that Squall was actually made to look like Gackt ..maybe the designer was a fan of Gackt...can't know !
Yes, I've heard the same thing.. It could be! I know he likes FF... and being involved into it now with Dirge is another proof of it.
Well. Cloud gained a little bit of terrain with Advent Children, but I'm not too much into blond guys.. Kadaj I liked as well.. and he ain't blond...:giggle:

What was the name of the other one with the long hair?? Kadaj's brother...?he was cute as well... and quiet! 😊
Cloud... cute but... not very into lol...

How could you not love something like this? 😍


And Kadaj's long haired 'brother' is named Yazoo... and here he is :)


Total luff XD!
OH YES... That's the one...TNX!

I think i really like long haired guys. But, Still valentine hold the first place. Sephirot kinda scares me, but I think he's cute as well.. if he wasn't so grumpy it would be really really nice!
this is in order... Lulu(FFX), Freya(FF9), Vincent Valentine(FF7), Cloud(FF7), Terra (FF6), Faris(FF5), and Red Mage from the original Final Fantasy games...
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