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What consoles or game systems do you guys own?


Monkey Shogun
19 Nov 2003
I was wondering what consoles/game systems you guys own here? ..I see a fair amount of x-box/ps-2 and gamecube game threads. But i was wondering if anyone has any of the older consoles or other consoles? ;)

I like collecting (half-heartidly unless its a japanese import, then i have to get it! :D) old consoles and games. I dont have any of the super old or super rare consoles...not from lack of drooling..hehe..

anyhoo....what you guys got? :)

2 nes, 1 genesis, 1 dreamcast, 1 ps2
will prolly go pick up another supernintendo eventually. the one i had finally gave out.
NES, SNES, and N64. Gamecube too, but you said older. I'm loyal to my Nintendo.

I would still have my Atari if Frogger hadn't pushed me over the edge... :devilish:
Originally posted by kirei_na_me
NES, SNES, and N64.

I would still have my Atari if Frogger hadn't pushed me... :devilish:

you sound like a nintendo fan. ;)

I've really liked consoles from Dreamcast back and have had a fair amount of oldies. I really wish i still had them all. i used to part-exchange them when i was younger cus i couldn't afford them then... anyhoo what i've got at the mo' :

2x Sega Megadrive mark 1
2x Sega Megadrive mark 2
1x Sega Mega-CD mark 1
1x Sega Mega-CD mark 2
1x Sega Dreamcast (chipped)
1x Snes
2x Neo-geo Pocket colour
2x Atari Lynx mark 2

i've got my sights set on a PC Engine, a japanese Grey Sega Saturn and my friends Super-Gun.. 😄

lol whats funny is one of my NESs is older than some of our forum members, ive had the thing since i was 5 still works too, sometimes ...now i feel old.
I think I was about 11 when my cousin got an NES. I used to beg to go to her house to play Mario. I would always have to be Luigi...*sigh* I would just sit there hoping it would only be a couple of minutes before she'd run Mario off the edge so I could play... :p How sweet it was when I finally got my own...
haha they didnt like me to play becuase i got so good i could usually beat the game with one man or if not at least get to 8-2 before i kicked the bucket the first time.
I love the Mario games!! I got Mario Allstars on the Snes about half a year ago... the game doesn't work though. 😭 my friend recons it could be the battery in the cart is dead. I've yet to find the right sized socket set to get the thing open though. .. ..

I wouldn't mind getting a NES just for Mario and Duck hunt!!! ;)

Im currently looking at getting a 'new' console for christmas..or just after. Im leaning towards the Gamecube at the minute. But i think i need to get a new DVD player and the Gamecube doesn't play DVD's...unless i get the panasonic one.. ..ohh..*drool* ..

Its down to the x-box or gamecube....:confused:


never thought of a thread like this....
I have a NES [ who dosen't?!?! ]
and [drumroll... ]

I love my ps2--GUNDAM FOREVER!!!!!

ooooo but i miss duckhunt....I remember trying to cheat by putting the gun alll the way up on the screen....those were the days...:giggle:
NES SNES, PS-1 and a N-64.

I usually just borrow my friends PS2 to play the games I want to but the only one that interest me is NHL-2004, the BEST NHL EVER (I own almost all of them too since 1993) I'd say that 1994, 96 and 2004 are the best.

I liked the Gundam DX game though. I thought it was pretty neat. I'm dying to play the new Macross game. I still like playing some of the classic RPGs like Final Fantasy-3 (FF-5 in Japan) and FF Tactics.

I think I am going to buy a Game boy advanced pretty soon... not the SP version but the advanced one. I think it looks 10 times better and I don't care if I can't see it in the dark. IF anybody on here is willing to sell please tell me. (I'll be willing to pay fare coin for it) I also want to play all my old Game boy games like Dodgeball.
my mom didnt dream of getting me a console when i was younger so i dont have any of the old consoles. I thought it was a guy thing cuz of my mom but i was wrong i love it. I have playstation, playstation 2, dreamcast, gameboy, gameboy pocket, and those old 5 dollar hand held games.
do you have any LAN parties seens you have 9 pc's?!? LAN's are awesome!!! 😄

lol between my and my roomates theres 5 in here, though it seems 2 are always broken at any given time...
I just have a PS1...

And an old Atari STe, but that one is currently boxed.

I used to go to LAN-parties, but with these days it's easier to play games through the internet.

I've played the original Doom networked. But back then we had to connect the pc's through a parrallel-cable and emulate the ipx-protocol over that. Network-cards weren't that cheap in those days.
Hell yeah LANs rule i'm like going to 1 every day now haha, I'm getting rather good at Call of Duty now 😄 by the way I have a X box can't wait for Halo 2 ..... mmmmm Halo 🙂
1 Snes, 1 Atari 2600, 1 Master System (Sega Mark III), 1 GameBoy (1990 version), 1 PS2 and an Amiga that I've been trying to repair.
Originally posted by Marc
... and an Amiga that I've been trying to repair.

mmmmm amiga!! ..i loved my amiga 500!! 4 player Bomberman and Hired Guns on a sunday with my school mates! Them were the days!! ;)


I love bomberman!! its been so long....wait
last time i played was on n64....love those lil costumes....

LAnS!!! yea i love lans as well...STARCRAFT....DOOM....AOE......a bunch of otehrs ones can't even go into it...even if you guys no VGA PLANETS?? Anybody know? Now thats a good game...I'm the master with the empire and...BORG...BUM BUMMM BUMMMMMMMMM

oh yea, i just remembered what i wrote in 4.

I JUST BOUGHT A GAMECUBE! 👏 and i have *drumroll*

some Zelda disc with like all the zeldas on it..:p :p :p Zelda is what started it all!!! plus 1xmadcatz memory card and silfon filter....i believe the game is yea thats it....i love this gc...and i only had to get elbowed by an old woman at walmart at the "after thanksgiving sell called blitz day " for it. I bought it for like 75 bucks!!!! i have a discount...i work there..👍 :p :D

Just an Atari 2600, somewhere in a cardbox & not used for some 10 years. Have also used Atari XL & ST (not really consoles) back in the 80s. Atari was great, sadly...
NES, SNES, Genesis, 64, gamboy, gameboy colour (pikachu edition, LOL), gameboy advance, gameboy advance SP, gamegube, and a PS2 soon enough.... lolthats way too many gameboys, but im loyal to nintendo :p (does the super gameboy count as its own system? LOL)
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