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Who is your favourite game character?

😅I really like Kasumi and Ayane from DOA !!! they are toooooo cute
Hayabusa is the coolest Ninja ever!!!
Just one favorite? Tough one! I'll name a few:

- Max from LucasArts' Sam'n'Max
- Larry from Leisure Suit Larry Adventure Set
- Yorda from Sony's ICO

PS: Since most people are going to name FF characters, I'll just skip them.

There are some more, I'll post them later.
Yeah... right right... there are a few of favourites.... a lot for beeing exactly....
-Hotsuma from Shinobi
-Ryu from Streetfighter
-Mitsurugi from Soul Calibur
-and my absolute Favourite : Dante form Devil may Cry!!!
- oh there are tooooo much :mad:
Originally posted by Marc
- Larry from Leisure Suit Larry Adventure Set

Larry was cool, but i'm more inclined to choose Passionate Patty. 😄

All Sierra characters were fun. Roger Wilco from the Space Quest series was one of my favorites.

And does anybody remember Rick Dangerous? He was Lara Croft's predecessor.
I think Core Design actually did a C64 version, but in 1988 the C64 was already in it's haydays. The version i played was on the Atari ST. It was also a huge hit on the Amiga in those days.
Ukyo Tachibana from the old SNK Samurai games. Always the tragic hero, even to the bitter end...


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All Sierra characters were fun. Roger Wilco from the Space Quest series was one of my favorites

Sierra games are also my favorites.

Except Larry , i never play Larry, but i do sell the collections.




ayame - tenchu series
lei fang - doa series
taki - soul edge/blade/calibur I & II
kid - chrono cross

and others i cant think of right now
Juli - Street Fighter Zero 3
Sonic - Sonic the Hedgehog series
Seung Mina - Soul Blade/Calibur series
Hitomi - Dead or Alive 3+
Mai Shibamura - GunParade March
Black Rose - .hack RPG
Balmung - .hack RPG
I like Lucas Arts Quests Char's. Especially from Monkey Island series and Day Of Tentacle. Konoko from 窶ケS (Oni) is cool too. Much cooler than Lara Croft!
Chars from GGX are pretty artistic!😄
Yeah! Dead or Alive rulez!! i like mostly all charas (but i hate bass and ....) but Hayabusa is really cool!
Ayane from Dead or Alive is just sooo cool I would like to be her. And Paine is my fav. out of all the ff games. She is so cool, and not a wimp.
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