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What consoles or game systems do you guys own?

PSP Slim & Lite

Nintendo Game Boy Pocket
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance SP
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo Wii (2)
My latest addition is also my first video game ever. When I was 6 or 7, dad bought me a miniature arcade machine of Frogger. It was my favourite toy for years until it broke. Well, my husband tracked one down on ebay and got it for me for Christmas. I was so happy I cried 😊
Atari, Nintendo, N64, SNES, Gamecube, Sega, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Xbox, Xbox360, Gameboy, Nintendo DS, Handheld Sega.

I think I may not get the PS3 but I really want to get a Wii at some point so I can download all the old Nintendo games I dont own and even the ones I do without the trouble of blowing into my machine and slapping it around everytime I want to play a Nintendo game..
I have;

  • NES
    Nintendo DS
    DS lite
    2x GBC
    & 4x GB
I think and hope I'm not forgetting anything :)
I've got a PSP, but that' it - I just can't come to terms with a console controler for FPS so I tend to stick to PC gaming. Does anyone know if you can play games using a keyboard and mouse on a PS3? If not, then it's a deal breaker :(
I have:

Xbox 360 (on the brink of RROD...)
Xbox (original)
NDS (original)
NDS (lite)
GB Colour

I also have some old skool consoles like Snes, Megadrive, Meda CD etc.. but I don't know where all of them are and some are faulty.
I have a yellow Play It Loud! Game Boy, a transparent blue original model GBA, a white DS Lite and a Wii. I freaking wish to have a GameCube, GBA SP, N64 and a GBC. :D
Desktop Consoles:

Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64
Nintendo Game Cube
Nintendo Wii
Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis 32X
Sega Dreamcast
Playstation 2
Xbox 360

Handheld Consoles:

Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advanced
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS Lite
Sega Nomad
PSP (Thick)
PSP (Slim)
I own a PSP and a PS2 and use both virtually every day :) I love video games! Japanese game wise, I love all the Tekken games, all the Resident Evil games and all the Silent Hill Games :giggle: Oh and any Naruto games too!
nintendo (8bit old one, am probably selling this one)
super nintendo (euro version)
playsation (original)
playstation 2

then 2 regular old grey gameboys and a gameboy micro.
I have the

Sega Saturn
GameBoy Advance
Nintendo DS

but between my brother's and I, we have all of them ^^
XBOX360 (It has the Red Ring Of Death, sorry to say)
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Soon to get a PSP when "Metal Gear:peace Walker" comes out
my current list
3 PS3's
2 PS2's
1 PS1 (rarely used anymore because of the PS2)
1 Xbox 360
1 Xbox
2 N64's
1? Game cube (One of them is missing, I think my brother took it)
1 sega genesis (it doesn't work anymore, which is dissapointing because I love the original street fighter.)
1 gameboy advanced

and if you want to count them
8 computers(if I counted right)

Anyway let me explain, first of all my parents are divorced and these systems are technical theirs so i really have 2 ps3's at my fathers house( at the time it was cheaper to get a second ps3 than a blue ray player) and 1 PS2 at each house, ect. also each member of my family has their own computer (my father is a computer and network engineer ^^ .) and we also have an extra computer that is normally just for as file storage but it runs windows XP home and is completely functional. Also, please do not call me spoiled, as I consider my self very, very lucky to have all of this, even if I do not use them very often.
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