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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Onigiri Chan

1 Dec 2003
Who knows when this marvelous piece of work is coming out in America? I'd really appreciate any information that anyone has! I've looked all over the internet and the only things I can find are little rumors here and there. I've heard that it's going to be a movie that takes place 2 years after the actual game and that it's going to last 60 minutes. But does anyone know if there's any validity to this accusation? I'd deffinately appreciate it if someone could make a little sense out of all of this for me! :sorry:
I'm glad that it's real, but there are still a couple questions unanswered...like I said, i've heard many things about when it's scheduled to come out, and what it'll be released as. Hope it's not another game, that'd be absolutely tragic, i'd probably die before I got to see half of the cut scenes
Thanks loads Twisted!
from the site listed above:

As you probably already know, Square Enix has announced a sequel to FFVII, in the format of a DVD movie. Release is set to summer 2004.
have you seen the TRAILER!!!!!

*DROOLS*-wipes mouth-

iwas like WHOA!!! this thing is AWESOME!!
*FF7 fan to the MAX and i've played all FF.*

the fight--sephy and cloud and motocycle!!!!

*pops Drool tray(tm) under EscaFlowne*

Im loading the trailer up now..if its the one im thinking i saw a little while ago i may need to borrow the Drool tray(tm) back off you!! :D

just watched it.....it is the same trailer i've seen..

*continues the Drool-idge from last time*

8ob.......... <--- i look like this..

*shakes head drool going everywhere*

what happended to porl???? He's drooling like crazy!
*Looks at computer...*


P.S. The graphics and sounds on there are amazeing!!! and that motocycle!! did you see the part with clouds sword!!! WOWA!
-_-; There is speculation that it is not Sephy that cloud engages...thee is a scene in the trailer that may prove this...Sephy served no one and for him to kneel before someone is crazy talk...there is a belief that the short haired man in the trailer is another Sephy clone or Sephy's son...It is thought that the man he kneels before might be Sephy, if you check out the cloaked man's boots you will notice that they are similar to Sephy's boots from previous encounters...

I have also noticed that the short haired man resembles Sephy but not to the extent of being him...and he wields a different blade...not the masamune...although there is speculation that the blade he wields might be the masamune broke into two pieces and made into that sword.....but yeah...

The name Advent Children basically means "The Coming of Children" so we will have to wait till the m,ovie comes out to know for sure...

Wether there will be an American release is not set/is unknown...however the release for Japan is Summer of 2004, only on DVD....blah...I'm done....I hope this information helps ^_^;
Ah so much!
I downloaded the trailer after seeing it on TechTV's "X-Play".
It's beautiful!
Good to know that it has a set release date...most of the things I love most dont have nice stuffs like that (like Harvest Moon for GC)
I've heard that the clip they show of Sephiroth walking into the flames (just as he did in the game) does not guarantee his part in the movie. I hope he's there though >.< Sephy's so beautiful....*sigh*
Wow that trailer and the music and the subtitles and the voices sooooooooooooooo gooooood. (trance)
pass the drool tray please
*moves tray over*

I had also heard about the clones...but one can just imagine how GREAT this movie is goingto be. There was even a rumor about somethingelse in this....but my brain wont spit it out!!!

*slaps side of head a couple times to make it come out of his ear*

give me that information now!!!:p :p :p :p
It looks soo good. That guy with the silver hair might be part of that soldier project and thats why he looks like sephiroth. I wonder in the trailer, I believe that is cloud talking and saying he wants to be forgived. I wonder if he is talking about Aertih and if she has any role in this movie. Just a thought.

That was the rumor. i had heard about aerith in it playing a major role with cloud even though shes dead.....or is she...
Aerith????!!!! 😲
I hadn't heard that rumor before! This is great news, I hope this one proves real as well!
Hah, well I have this marvelous habit of calling anything that isn't proven a "rumor"! Ima look it up sometime I think.
the only thing i wanna know is that how is cloud gonna fight with his big huge sword?? *chops* *chops* *enemies became smashed meat*

More trailers would deffinately be nice!
The same old thing has been circulating for awhile. And it's such a tease! :D :D :D :D
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