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Kingdom Hearts and Final Mix


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31 Oct 2003
I currently have just KH that came out in the US. I really want FM though. Eep! Showdown of Fate! So everyone talk about the game here okay!?
WHY doesn't anyone post at my threads! lol. so what is your out look on the game? do you like it? do you hate it? What worlds do you like the best? worlds you like the least?
I love kingdom hearts I cant wait for the second one. it looks awesome. That game made me cry and i love the music. At first i thought the game would suck cuz it was disney but i think differently. I wonder when the second one will come out. Now i feel like playing.
I grew up watching the lion king and disney shows like that so I was excited that they made a game that has disney but in an rpg version and making it tough like that!
So did I but when it comes to them making video games I get worried. By the way what is this final mix you are talking about
Final Mix is a special Japanese version, only in japanese Im afraid. It added some new scenes and dialogue along with a few new enemies. The original one that japan got didn't have sephiroth, kurt zisa, phantom, or the gold match in it like we do in the us. so squaresoft decided to make a new one for japan that included the extra mini bosses and some new enemies and scenes and such like i mentioned above. ^
Sephiroth?!? In Kingdom Hearts??

aaargh!! :mad: Sephiroth and Donald Duck together?!? :mad: That is really an unholly alliance. :(
yes, just a little scary :) Oh i so also mention....

Kingdom Hearts is damn good game!! I still can't believe who is Sephiroth's voice actor... still it is good game.
Oh, and I can't wait till KH2. It looks so cool. I downloaded yesterday the trailer for KH2...
*twitches everytime she sees kh2 trailer* Seen it twice on X-Play and a bunch of times on the computer.... *drools*
*saw the trailer....*


*drools more*

*Drools even more....*

*u get the point.........droooooolllss....*
i cant wait it's gonna be soooooo cooollllll and I have no idea what gonna happen. Rikku is so cute I love him and Sora has the cutest smile.

Ho ho ho!!!
Kingdom Heart's is one of the best games that i've ever played (and the first one i've ever beaten) I loved it!!! MARVELOUS!!!
I can't wait until the next one comes out. I'm buying a gameboy just so I can play Chain Of Memories when it's released here in America.

:rolleyes: By the way don't you think this cactus guy is really cute?
Oh wait I found a new favorite! 🍜
And it represents my hobby! Perfect!
Meheheh, I should stop posting pointless nonsense before this becomes a thread for favorite smilies. They're all so **cute** though!
Sephiroth Battle

Dudes, it's not that bad, really. I know I'm off the smiley subject, but someone mentioned not knowing anyone who has beat Sephiroth. I have, and it's not really that difficult. You don't want on Ars Arcanum or Ragnarok, but you need Sonic and Strike Raid. Basically, with the Ultima Weapon, Aeroga, and Curaga,no to mention elixers, you hack away at him from a distance, either hurling your keyblade ( by far the best of the two) or by slashing through him. Practice mastering both of these moves, so as to bet the full potency of each. In my next post I'll tell more.:D
His first bar gone, he teleports to the side, and does Sin Harvest. Later, at next bar, ne does Omnislash and Sin Harvest, and lastly he powers up, does another extremely powerful attack, Omnislash inbetween, and occasionally Sin Harvest to throw you off. Sin Harvest automatically kills you, unless you have Second Chance; it will leave you with 1HP, and no MP. when he teleports away, and says Sin Harvest, lock on and use Strike Raid or Sonic to IMMEDIATELY stop him. Any hit at that point will automatically throw him into a fire pillar attack, at which point you can continue inflicting damage. Do this with caution; if you don't hit him in time for it not to hit you, he will still go into the fire pillar, but your HP will be down. You are invincible during your attack, but he'll always hit you afterwards if you don't stop and heal.
Sorry for my misspelled words. Hopefully they don't interfere too much. Well anyways, stragety from beginning: first thing battle starts move forward, jump, and while in the air, cast Aeroga. If you time it right, he'll slash under you and jump backwards, while you protect yourself. It always works, and I've only messed up doing it once, not even the first try. Anyways, he'll just walk around slowly, slashing and jumping, and sometimes use his fire pillar attack. You can try to follow his patterns, and attack him, but combos will cause him to teleport behind you, slash, and then use the fire pillar on you, doing real good damage.
By the way, I'm having trouble posting. My internet browser seems to think that I have some dirty meaning to the words "Crystal Crown" so I can't send my last two messages. For anyone that wants to know, e-mail me, and hopefully I can have it to you soon. Also note that I won't be able to reply next week, the week of Christmas. Well, anyways, ciao, dudes.
I can't beat him >.<
I didn't know you could hurl your keyblade o_O Can you literally toss it at him? that'd be nifty....hope you can.
I can't get curaga....at least I don't think I can..
I just got kingdom hearts^-^ I have a question, in the beggining of the game they ask three questions. What is most important to you ect. I was wondering if these questions have any significamce to what happens in the game. They seem kinda important, but I'm not sure-_-
About the weapons or the children on the island?

The weapons are simple: Sword: good attack stats, magic wand: good magic stats, and Sheild: good defence stats.

As for the kids' questions I think it just reflects who you are. That's just what I think. Might be wrong.
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