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What is your mother tongue ?

What languages do you speak at native or near native level ?

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My parents are Malaysian so they've always known how to speak Malay. Unfortunately for me, they didn't bother to teach me it until we moved back there. It took me around 3 years to be comfortable with Malay but I'd say that I'm alright now. I know quite a bit of peribahasa(idioms) and penjodoh bilangan(item count words). My lack of knowledge in Malay and the tendency for my schoolmates to view speaking English in a bad light led to me becoming shy. Honestly, it's much better to just speak whatever language you want even if you make mistakes. As long as you make an effort to recognize and correct them. Hahaha... This ended up longer than I expected.
I'm Dutch, so I'm fluent in Dutch, but I'd like to think I'm also near-native level English. And I'm hoping to one day reach that level for Japanese, but I'm nowhere near that level yet.
Hebrew and English, I grew up in a bilingual house. I also have pretty good command of French (Grandparents) and Russian (wife)...My Japanese is nowhere near where I want it to be even though I've been studying it at the best university in Israel. The quality of Japanese language training here is abysmal.
Turkish,then it comes English. I practiced English myself through my high school years. I had a great opportunity to study in USA as a scholar of Department of State for one school year. I am good at both and started learn Japanese this week.I am happy to be here.Lets see how long it will take to add a new language to my pocket.
Have a great day everyone :)
I speak Yoruba as my mother tongue, but English is commonly used in my country. So I'm fluent in English as well
My mother tongue is Cantonese, which is a dialect of the Chinese Language.
I am able to communicate in English, and I am a beginner of the Japanese language.
I speak English like I was born to, and Japanese at about a 1st-2nd grade level. I can read basic French and Spanish, but can't write or speak it.

My stepmother('s) tongue is Polish.
Than jou l untherstand Slovakian Roma couse its like polich, so we can talk in two languages You and me
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