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What Month Does Your Birthday Reside! :D

What Month Is Your Birthday In?

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Ramen Lover :3
31 Oct 2003
I got this insperation from the 'how old are you' thread. Decided to do months of birth because I saw a lot of people that had their birthdays the same month as me.

My birthday is in October Baby! Opal is my gemstone! Muahahhaha! 👍
January, Water On The Brain, Aquarius !!

I think garnet is the stone?? At least I get my birthday out of the way early in the year. I think I'll be like Jack Benny and stay 39 forever!


heh december, usually on the shortest day of the year, or the first day of winter :p
michi said:
same here. I don't particularly like my gemstone, the opal. Too dull for me.

It is a little dull of a color but we can always pretend it's as vibrant as all the others, can't we. We just need to use our immmmaaaginaaatiiooon! *holds hands together and draws out a rainbow*
Wow. Expected you to be born december, Win-chan! :p *runs and hides from winter's fury*

I was born October. My favorite month out of the year! *falls in a pile of leaves* I love fall!! :hanabi:
:p December!!! :p The most stubborn hardest working of the zodiac!
Narcissus is the flower[though some say sagitarius], i forgot the name of the gemstone i know its blue!!![fav. color] 😄
decembers gemstone is turquoise, which i think is kind of a ripoff since other months get diamonds and emeralds and rubies...
I had been told it was garnet then something with like a Z and then something else also.
Did you know our roman or greek[I forget] god is bacchus! He's the god of wine and intoxication!
Eternal Wind said:
nikki>>Wow!!they can celebrate together then!!:D 👍
Yeah, we often celebrate them together but we still end up with two parties. One with my brother's friends for my brother then another with the faimly for my brother and my mom.
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