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What is your mother tongue ?

What languages do you speak at native or near native level ?

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My mothertongue is Italian, I can speak fluently English. I understand Japanese much better than I can speak it, but still far from perfection
I was raised bilingual (Dutch-French), but I'm fluent in English and, to a lesser extent, German and Japanese. I'm currently taking classes to deepen my knowledge of Japanese culture and to further improve my Japanese language skills.
My native tongue is Pashto and the other language that im fluent in is English. Im really good in both.
And thats pretty much it.
My native language is English, and although I have not mastered it yet, I am very well-spoken in it, though I am not fluent in any other language.
My native language is English, there's no other language I could have a proper conversation in. Hopefully Japanese one day!
My native languages are Dutch and Croatian (Mixed marriage).
I am better at Croatian.

I am fluent in English, German and Czech and passably fluent in Greek.
I also specialised in old languages, particularly OE and OCS.

Languages are my profession and I am looking into learning some Japanese in due course. :)
My native and only language is English... But hopefully I'll be able to become fluent in Japanese onto my list in the future :)
My mother tongue is Latvian but I'm about on par or slightly above the native language level in English. I'm also learning French, Russian and a little bit of German (and, of course, Japanese). :)
Español. Aunque no estudie en escuelas de idiomas, lo que aprendí de otros idiomas es por cursos de internet y también por los videojuegos jeje

Es dificil dominar un idioma si no tienes con quién practicarlo. Esa es una de las ventajas de vivir en países como Estados Unidos, donde reside gente de todos los países. Si puedo decir que conozco de idiomas serían: Español, Inglés y Coreano. Una señora de Corea me enseñó por 2 años, aunque me gusta más el japonés ya que se lee parecido al español.

Even though I didn't study in language schools, what I learned from other languages is by internet courses and also by the video games hehe

It's complicated mastering a language, if you don't have with those who practice it. This is one of the advantages of living in countries like the United States, where lies people from all parts of the world.
If i can say that I know of languages would be: Spanish, English and Korean. A lady of Korea teach me for 2 years, although I like more the japanese because it reads similar to the Spanish.
Being Flemish-Belgian, my mother tongue is Dutch, but I'm also very fluent in French, English, German and even some Spanish.

For me I find that writing in another language is easier then to actually speak it xD Nerves, I guess :)
I am from Azerbaijan, mother tongue azerbaijani. I know english as second language, but i have a little difficulty about speaking, because in daily life - at work, home i'm not be able to speak english that why cant improve speaking skills. 3 years ago i learned japanese for 7 months, but because of personal matters i had to quit course, therefore now i go in for japanese when i have a time. i would like to say that i am interested in everything about japan :)
Being Flemish-Belgian, my mother tongue is Dutch, but I'm also very fluent in French, English, German and even some Spanish.

For me I find that writing in another language is easier then to actually speak it xD Nerves, I guess :)

Why are Europeans fluent in so many languages??
Why are Europeans fluent in so many languages??

I don't know about Belgium, but here in the Netherlands it is (or was, when I was that age) quite common to have at least a few years of English, French and German at school (I dropped French and German as soon as I could....). Also, many countries are rather small, If I get in my car it's only half an hour drive to be in Germany, and in less than two hours I'm in the French speaking part of Belgium (or more relevant: in 5 hours I'm at Disneyland Paris...). Therefore, you actually use what you learn.

As for myself, my mother tongue is obviously Dutch, I'm pretty much fluent in English, I can read and understand German easily but speaking it isn't on the same level, and I forgot most of the French I learned. I just hope to be able to speak Japanese someday, but should spend a lot more effort in learning the language...
My native tongue is English, but I'm relatively fluent in Dutch - anyway, enough to make myself understood or watch TV without need for subtitles :)
Mine is Turkish. I'm also fluent in English and German. I know Japanese and some basic Chinese too. Also can understand Azerbaijani but that is all.
I learned both french and english when I was very little, but as my english improved my french faded away, but I can understand and read french but not really speak it :sick:
Mine are Russian, English and French. And conversational German)
Japanese level is only "recognising it on the streets" so far... >.<
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Mine are Russian, English and French
Weren't your ancestors russian emigres by any chance?

As for me: native russian, advanced mix of british and american in terms of both pronunciation and vocab, a fair deal of german (progress on which was halted by a sudden desire to learn japanese a year ago) and one year of japanese (which is subjective, since one person may study kana for a year, while another may pass JLPT level 4 in a year)
Native Indonesian, but also fluent in English. Learning Japanese currently (self-taught and through forums/online tutorial like this) but at the moment can only read and listen. Other language is Mandarin, but it's very limited, always got confused with Japanese kanji and pronounciation lol, and also I keep forgetting what kanji means what because there's just too many.

But I'm always interested in learning German, Russian, Swedish, French, Latin, Spanish, and Portuguese. :)
My native tongue as in the first language I learned to speak and the one I'm best at is English, but if you mean the one i speak that goes with my heritage it would be Cherokee (native american language). I'm ok at Japanese but certainly can't claim I'm fluent (I read better then I speak)
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