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What does your user name mean?


9 Jul 2003
Hello guys im just wonderin for all the japanese user here . . . . for their user name . . .

what does that mean???

mine is only abbreviation of my name and my favorite number . . . ..
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Well, I'm not Japanese, but I've Chosen a Japanese name ^.^ I chose it based on what I read on "japanese baby names.com" and chose a name that most suited me. "Mana" then, I added "Kei" for two reasons

1) My real last name begins with "k" and it is so long, that people just call me "Christina K" so, I used "kei" in the same way as "Mana-Kei"

2) Kei means "strong" and I hope if people call me "Mana-KEI" sublimitally hearing it will make me stronger :)

My chosen sir name is sort of silly. I've always liked the name, and my favorite japanese singer, the late great hideto matsumoto bore this name. I chose to spell it in a unigue way (in kanji) to suit my family and personality. I also spell "mana kei" in a very thought out way in kanji aswell so...yeah ^_^;; that should explain my name! heehee.

Oh and as for my user name...I like malice mizer, and I just though malice mices (a play on the word "mice") sounded too cute <33 :p
lol!!!! just like the white boy who wishes he were black I'm afraid :( I'm a...Japan-poser :p although...My japanese posery is SO good, I've convinced everyone at work (acept the aisans of course) that I am half Japanese, no white boy can claim that can he? :D
hah cool, I hope you didn't take that too seriously, was just jokin. But seriously why wish you were japanese, I mean after all most japanese in japan worship the white civilization. haha I once heard "everyones tryin to be a nig and everyones tryin not to be a nig", I can understand familiarizing your self with the culture and language but I can't understand why you'd want to be japanese, its like like wanting to be white; one of the most wealthest well respected, and rarely discriminated against.
Um I beg to differ I AM white and well, I'm pretty discriminated against sometimes. Like the collage process and afirmative action for example, but i wont get into that. :eek:

I happen to think the Japense people, and asians in genreal are very pretty 😊 and they aren't cursed with big noses...like me :(. Haahaa, then again I guess we should all be content with what we're born with ^.^, I was just told to day I look "Very Ethnic, very Greek" and I'm not even greek heehee.

And just becuse you're white doens't make you wealthy, I'm not. :eek:
I'm not Japanese either, but my user name here means either "English person" or "person with ability", depending on which Kanji you use together.
my nickname is Tare from my last name
Fortiテゥr, obviously I'm french

so I went with my language
aura violette self explanitory
violet aura

my eyes are a shade of blueish purple
and I've become obsessed with purple
my friends say I have "a violet aura"

as a full sentence it would be "Tare de l'aura violette" "Tare of the violet aura"
so.. there you go.. ^^;
Tare. Aura Violette

ok I'll shut up now..😌
first off, I am not Japanese either but I'll explain my name anyway.

'hotani' is a town near Hirakata which is between Osaka and Kyoto in the Kansai region.

It literally means:
ho = head of grain
tani = valley

not very exciting, but there it is.

I could argue that I am of asian descent; I have some native american in me (not much!), and the native americans came over the land bridge from asia about 10k years ago - so there you go!
I go by the name Twisted, which is actually a shortened version of Twisted Passion. I used that name when i was still dialing in on BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems).

I took the name from the lyrics of an Alice in Chains song. The song in question is "Love Hate Love" from the Facelift album. The lyrics go: "Try to understand me, little girl. My twisted passion to be your world."

I thought the whole song was pretty fascinating and this sentence just kept sticking in my head.
My nick is a word game.

Line Art Ube (don't know how to put the top .. in an PT keyboard)

Linear Tube

I love Design, specially Web Design, so the first meaning tends to the vector(linear) art, while the second is referent of how freakish I am about perfection... and there isn't more perfection than a straight line...

... or not. I've been using this nick for years :D
I'm not japanese but my name is japanese =) It's Aki and it means autumn in english.
cause i didnt want to use the name SHIVA... i changed it a little ;) so Sheeva or Sheevar are my normal names in this and other forums ..

btw. for those who dont know it - Shiva is one of many gods from india ..
Well, I'm half japanese, but this user name is what I use all over the web. Its the name of a movie caracter (as well as the name of the movie), and my pet cats name.
<- Cat of Curiosity

I'm not Japanese but I'm trying to learn the language, and I figure that trying to use the language where possible can only help. Then again, curiosity killed the cat and... oh *keels over*
Personally, I just took my first and last name and translated them into Kanji the best I could, which proved difficult and very funny, my first name means ingridents of a lotus flower, and mylast name means explaining violence. pretty odd huh? I chose kanji over katakana because kanji is really an art and I like it much more than katakana
I'm not Japanese, but my moniker "Satori" means "enlightenment" in Japanese. My real last name is "Fritz," so I used to get called "Fritz the Cat" all the time as a kid! Glad to see you're putting that name to good use, Fritz the Cat! By the way, I have never seen that porno movie yet ("Fritz the Cat"), but everyone I talk to seems to know it. It's the only way I can tell people how to spell my last name sometimes!! :eek:
I'm Chinese.

Username means either "Brat / Child" or "Hungry Devil" depending on how it's written.
My friend's tend to call me "Kuso Gaki" (****** Brat) so that's where the username came from. (-_-; ) I took away the kuso bit tho ! :D
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