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Your relationship with Japan

Have you been to Japan

  • I have always lived in Japan

    Votes: 26 2.1%
  • I've grown up in Japan, but don't live there anymore

    Votes: 31 2.6%
  • I am living in Japan for the moment

    Votes: 75 6.2%
  • I have lived for sometime in Japan

    Votes: 132 10.9%
  • I have been several times to Japan (as a tourist, short-stays)

    Votes: 99 8.2%
  • I have been to Japan once (tourist, short-stay)

    Votes: 98 8.1%
  • I have not been to Japan yet, but intend to.

    Votes: 679 55.9%
  • I haven't been there and don't plan to.

    Votes: 22 1.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 56 4.6%

  • Total voters
I have not been to Japan yet, but I'm planning to go there. Is not only because is one of my goals but also for improving my japanese and photography. *O*
I live in Rhode Island right now.... BUT in 2 months and 3 days I will be back in Japan for 6 years... hopefully more.

this will be my third time living in Japan for work.

I can't wait to get back... Onsens here I come!
Well, I've just visited the country once and I was totally awed by this country..... I wish I can stay longer....
I've been to Japan once, (last year September), stayed in Tokyo for 3 months with my boyfriend because he had a temporary work there. Those 3 months are one of the best of my life.
I currently live in Japan. Just got another 3 years for my visa to stay here.
As we are having our daughter learn in a local school, we will continue to live here unless the company moves us.
i already visit japan for once but it was 4 years ago, and i almost forget what kind of japan people these day
i too have never been to japan, but im planning to go there next year, if all goes as planned. would like to buy a kimono and katana :D
I haven't been to Japan but am definitely planning on going. I want to live there, but I don't know of any careers I could pursue, besides teaching english at a university or something...any suggestions?
Where do you live ? Have you been to Japan ? How many times, how long ?

Sadly I'm just a humble holiday goer! I have been to Japan twice. :)

The first trip was during November 2007; We spent most of it exploring the otaku areas of Tokyo - particularly Akihabara, Nakano Broadway and Harajuku. Our language was very limited as well which didn't help - we felt it was a good trip but we missed out on so much as a result...! :(

The second trip was this year, March 2011. Spent the first half in the Osaka area, then after the earthquake/tsunami happened, we moved to Tokyo. Unfortunately, most of our second week was ruined by the disaster.

Despite this, my partner and I do plan to go again and look forward to it fondly. We'd like to go up Fuji-san next time, but for now, we want to let Japan recover. The yen is still too expensive for us to go as well. :(

Get well soon Japan!

i too have never been to japan, but im planning to go there next year, if all goes as planned. would like to buy a kimono and katana :D

Golly, you sound like me before I knew how expensive kimono are! They are very very expensive! ^_^;;
Well I started learning the language for a girl and after that died I just carried on learning for the personal challange. Very much doubt I'll ever travel to Japan, but who knows.. Perhaps in the future, I would love to experience the country.
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I have been to Japan 6 times to visit family over there since I'm half Japanese/White. I haven't been to Japan for 6 years so I plan to go back soon.
I have not been to Japan yet but I am planning on going in a couple of years for a study abroad semester and I hope to intern there as well. Depending on if I like it or not will determine if I ever return as it will by my very first trip ever outside of the US.
Japan drives me crazy.
the Anime, Manga, Games, Cars, all in one country
I must at least go to Japan once before I die
I have been connected to Japan for the past 40 years.
I was in the US Air Force for most of the 1970's, and was stationed at Yokota Air Base for five years. While I lived there, I was fortunate to have had the time and opportunity to learn enough of the language to feel comfortable traveling throughout the country, and the best thing that could have happened in my life was that I met a young Japanese lady who was to become my wife and partner for life.
Although we have lived in the USA since 1978, we have returned to Japan several times for visits. Our next visit will be later this spring.
I have been to Japan once, in 2008. I stayed 10 days. We participated a Materials Conference in Sendai. It was a lovely country. It was a lifetime experience. Sea food, kind people, very well planned city, great manga world, gigantic and respected trees, traditional restaurants were all lovely. I brought some souvenirs back and everyone is admiring them. It was a mentally enriching trip.
Wow, I was surprised to see the results of the poll.
I thought more people here would live in Japan or at least have come to visit.

I also voted for "have been in Japan for some time now".
I've been living here for quite a few years now and only been back home twice for no more than 2 weeks.
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