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What is your mother tongue ?

What languages do you speak at native or near native level ?

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Good day, may native language is russian. I live in Crimea, Yevpatoria. Also i know ukrainian and some english. I like an tourism, extreme sports, mounting, caves, bike ridings.If you want to speak some - please send me a pm :)
My native language is Portuguese and I`m fluent in English. I speak Spanish either, but it`s not as good as my English. I`m learning German and, obviously, Japanese, which I hope to become fluent some day.
My native language is French (French Canadian), and I speak English fluently. Now I'm learning Japanese!
my mother language is Somalian
and I,m fluent in Arabic language
good but not exellant in English
know a little about Japanese
German and Bulgarian here. And, I don't know, does my English count as near-fluent? o_O

Without hearing you speak it is impossible to judge your fluency. Your proficiency can be judged from your writing.
Hello friends i am new to this forum.
I usually speak English and Arabic.
I am from Dubai. But currently in India for some project.
My native tongue is Dutch. The languages that I speak fluently, are English and Esperanto. I also know German, I can make a German conversation, but I am not as fluent as in English, Esperanto and Dutch.
Hi there,

My native language is Serbian I can say, and alongside that I can say I can perfectly comunicate in Macedonian, Slovenian, and Croatian. Hahahah funny,

alongside that English is also at that level.

Beside that I can read and understand almost completely Italian and Spanish, but I did not have opportunity to talk in those languages as much.

Learning Japanese, and I am able to communicate (written and spoken) in Chinese Mandarin (B1) and read Russian, Bulgarian and Latin.
Portugese is also on a not so bad level, but I never actually studied it :)

There you go :D
I grew up speaking Italian in the home, and English in school / with friends! Now I speak Japanese better than I spoke Italian. It's a weird feeling having a language you originally learned from books surpass a language you spoke actively since childhood.
Raised in USA, so English, but I speak Spanish with my family.

My Japanese is puppy dog level, I can only understand if you say a couple of words at a time and making a lot of body language. I can already sit, roll over and bring you a shinbun.
My mother tongue is german; and my english isn't half bad either (or maybe it is terrible and I just never noticed, lol). This year I started learning Japanese, and I hope to become about as proficient in it as I am with English right now - meaning being able to read i.e. novels or other texts without having to stop every other page to research a vocabulary word or grammar question. I am quite aware this will take some/ a lot of time, but hey, it's not like I got anything better to do~ :D
Generally, I am more concerned with understanding written texts, than with conversation. I am terrible in face-to-face interaction, even in my mother tongue (personality issue, not language issue. Though, I'm working on it).
Born and raised in the United States, English is the only language in which I am fluent. I know a few words and phrases in Japanese, but I am trying to increase my vocabulary in that language.
I am a native English speaker. Though I can say I make a lot of silly mistakes, especially online where grammar matters. My grammar nazi friend never lets me get away with it. 😄
My mother tongue is "Marathi" but I can speak Hindi fluently too,perks of being an Indian! :D :) I think my English is good too, Japanese is ok-ish :D ( Btw, Marathi grammar is very similar to Japanese grammar )
I`m fluent in both french and english ; I`m trying to better myself in spanish and been learning japanese for nearly one year. I`m getting really good at reading japanese and listening to what other people say but I suck at speaking it. I get tons of reading material but no one to speak to outside of japan.

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