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What do you come here for?

What do you come here for?

  • Information

    Votes: 200 69.2%
  • Knowledge

    Votes: 186 64.4%
  • Fun

    Votes: 158 54.7%
  • Killing time

    Votes: 79 27.3%
  • Don't know

    Votes: 20 6.9%
  • Other

    Votes: 49 17.0%

  • Total voters


4 Mar 2007
Not sure if that's the right place but since it's one of the most popular forums I think it makes it eligible;) Basically, I'm doing some research and hoping to get some feedback here. This investigation is aimed at examining what attracts people to the Internet or, in other words, what characteristics a Web resource must possess to be successful.
Your votes and/or opinions are more than welcome:)
I'm here for a good time.

I love talking to people from around the world in our chat room here on JREF. I like finding out what young people around the world think and feel about different subjects too.JREF is an inexpensive way to pass the time and usually is more interesting than what's on TV.If you manage to stay around JREF for more then 6 months or so, you kind of get the feeling of belonging to an internet family.

Uncle Frank

^ yeah that... lol

also, it is a great place to find useful information, to learn about other things too, and to have fun in general.

It used to be an invigorating and fun place. These days I just check in out of habit and don't even bother opening most of the threads.
It used to be an invigorating and fun place. These days I just check in out of habit and don't even bother opening most of the threads.

This is unfortunately the typical timeline of any internet forum. Starts off good, population gets big, forum starts to suck.
Don't let it suck! This forum seems very nice and it's the closest place I've been to Japan so far:) Thanks a million for your contributions!
It doesn't seem to suck... well, at least not for the 2 days that I have been on here. I seem to be wanting to come on here when other people are on the computer. I hover near them and kick them off. Haha. I come here for Fun and info, it's a great place to hang out on the net with a lot of mature people and no irritating people that I have met so far. 👍
I registered myself here to get all kind of information about Japan, and so far I have learned quite a lot of things already. I rarely stay active at a forum for more than 2 months, so I guess jref has hooked me up..
There are definitely informative threads, but there are many repetitious ones that can be altogether avoided with 10 minutes and the search function.
For the language tips... lately. I find I answer more questions repeatedly than I would like, (what book should I get, how should I start learning Japanese, how do I move to Japan, why don't Japanese girls like me?)

And I seem to pose more questions than is within reason to expect easy answers for people--- So many people (not everyone, not forum vets)seem disinterested in social aspects of modern Japan (even though this is exactly the topic in the blogosphere on Japan) beyond katana and anime...

But mostly, I come for the good people whom I've met here who post on the forums... They make it worthwhile. Their help to me has been immeasurable.
I was thinking about this poll, but.. What's the difference between information and knowledge? 😌

And also, you should add "world domination" to the poll.. Oops, I'm writing ridiculous things again, time for bed!! 🙂
I'm guessing:

Information meaning quantitative/raw data, statistical figures, legalities, etc. (topographical data, population statistics, per capita numbers, visa requirements, etc.)

Knowledge meaning advice, suggestions and opinions from ex-pats or others in general regarding certain issues where data may be insufficient, seeking answers to qualitative questions, etc. (comparisons between cultures, historical discussions, practicality queries, etc.).
Of course, to meet new people and faces who have the same interest with me as Japanese language, culture and people.
Yes, Iron Chef is right :) Put it simply, knowledge is just information in human context :)
Who's interested in interim results in different regions, here they are:
What you come here for?  Australia  Brazil  Germany  Ireland  Japan  Netherlands  USA
Information                     49       1        5       38     13            4   34
Knowledge                       37       0        2       32     13            1    3
Fun                             50       2        4       46     10            1   35
Killing time                    45       1        9       56      5            2   49
Don't know                      14       0        2       20      1            0    9
Other                           21       2        5       22      2            6   23
Total                           73       6       27       87     20           14  153
Thanks for your help and you can keep up good work and continue voting :)
I came here to learn the language and get some ordinary everyday life, on culture and news.

Most of the time it's the same old thing, and it really does seem, that I have to wait at least a month before something good comes along or if I have questions that I nor my wife cannot answer for me.

I also enjoyed sharing my music intrests, but no one seems to be into the bands I like; 'sep for a few, so what's the fun in about them with no reply's in return and such.

There's lot's of stuff I would post about, but I prefer to keep it Japanese related, so my intrests are elseware as well.

Focus Fanatics Forum <--- Talk about my car, and other enthusiasts
CarDomain.com - Under Maintenance <---Yes, my car
http://www.244sentai.org <--- my online Hiko Sentai
SimHQ Forums - Forums powered by UBB.threads <--- Talk about flight simulations

O well. :)
I'm here for all the top three. All-and-all, I would say this is one of the best forums out there.
I am just looking for information about living in japan....hope i will be there.....and searching for my friends..or new friend too
hey Thor, your avatar is that Beck?

actually i come here for L'Arc. i wanna meet other cielers here and share information bout them.
I don't know what I come here for anymore.

Me, too, in a way. But I seem to keep on clicking on the JRef button (on my personal toolbar) to check what's going on when I get stumped or bored with work... 😌
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