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What is your mother tongue ?

What languages do you speak at native or near native level ?

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17 Jul 2002
I would like to know what you consider to be your native language or any other language you speak as fluently. In my case, I would say both French and English.

like many Americans, I have not even been able to get
English mastered. I have always envied people who have the ability to master many languages! One of the best things about this Forum is the people who make it up are
so smart & versitile!

Naturally, there is no need to have exceptional literary abilities when I say "speak a language at native level". Being able to express yourself fluently, read books, watch TV, etc. in that language without difficulty and without thinking or translating from another language is enough.
My mothertongue is Dutch, but I consider myself also very good in English :) I learn courses in English, speak english and write english everyday (more then Dutch LOL!!!) (neck's getting thicker 😊 )
Well french and chinese here for me...I don't consider my englsih level as good...merely average among french students...
IGerman is my native language, and I'm pretty damn good at English as well :D
I'm also quite good at Italian, but I wouldn't call it "near native" yet.
My mother tongue is Portuguese...But I can also speak Japanese, Spanish, English and a little bit of Italian...But I wanna study Latin...Its not usefull...but I think its very interesting...
English... bad English :) and functionaly fluent in Spanish... My Japanese has been improving since I got here (in Japan), but I think I still have a long ways to go :box:
I have mastered only English. My Japanese is far, far worse ... but I am working on that. :)
Native English speaker, I guess upper intermediate Japanese proficiency level (although it was "advanced" according to one test that I took, but I think that that was just because they asked questions to which I knew the answers). Also, I'm attempting to learn Chinese (Mandarin), but it's a bit difficult to do on my own and especially difficult to do without much time.
My mother tongue is Englsh and I did french immersion since Kindergarten.

I'm trying to learn Japanese currently by books and I plan to take some courses in the near future
Finnish = Suomea puhun sujuvasti.. :)

(+english is quite good, then some swedish, a little bit of french, and _very little_ italian&japanese)
English is my mother tongue, almost native in Arabic (been learning for 12+ years) and probably kindergarten level in Japanese, Urdu, Hebrew and French (even though I did 5 years of French at school), but I've never used it so I have forgotten it all lol.
I guess my mother tongue would be Mandarin, for that was the first language I learned to speak. Now my dominant language is English.
My main language is English and my second is Japanese (I'm not perfect but I'm not a beginner either....probably in the middle somewhere.)
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