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What are your favorite Japanese movies?

I Haven'ty seen a japanese maovie that I didn't like yet. On the other hand I haven't seen many different styles. My favorite? I can't say, last one I saw was Zatoichi which I really enjoyed. But I would like to find some good drama that doesn't involve violence, I love the kind but even in Oodishon where there is almost no vilolence the end had to be 'shocking', beautiful in my opinion. So if anyone knows of some good drama with a story that doesn't involve violence, I would greatly appreciate.
Kitano's "A scene at the sea" and Jugatsu (Boiling point in english i think). That was really awesome, so sad but really beautiful..
Legato, some films without violence that spring to mind right now are Dolls by Takeshi Kitano, which is a really beautiful film with some excellent cinematography and locales. Also, All About Lily Chou-Chou, is an excellent film. This is another visually great film, with a superb soundtrack. From what I remember there might be some minor violence...but I can't quite remember. If there is, it can't be too much if I can't remember it! :D

Also, Warm Water Under a Red Bridge, is a quirky little film. Not brilliant, but well worth a watch. And finally, Sansho Dayu is a truly heartbreaking film from the mid-50s and is one of the best films ever made in my opinion. I hope at least one of these fits the bill for ya!
I spend an unhealthy amount of time sitting around and watching weird Japanese films. Especially New Wave and art works.
These are some of my favorites:
All About Lily Chou-Chou, Nanami:First Inferno of Love, Gemini, The Emperors Naked Army Marches On, Electric Dragon 80,000 volts, Pastoral:To Die in the Country, Snake of June,Dead or Alive, Moonlight Whispers, Kanto Wanderer and of course, Akira.

Legato: Good drama with a story is pretty much everywhere in cinema. Jovial_Jon was on point to suggest the fantastic All About Lily Chou-Chou however there is a decent amount of violence but it is not sadistic like Blue Spring or Battle Royale. I think you should actually look into a Korean film called Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring. It is a beautiful piece that meditates on the nature of violence without actually showing it. The director is one of my favorites and also did The Isle (Seom) which was slightly more popular.
I like the V6 movies Hard Luck Hero and Cosmic Rescue...Moonchild with Gackt..Suicide Club...Battle Royale I and II...I'll try and think of some more cuz I know I've seen quite a few martial art movies..
I seem Battle Royal, Sky High, Isola, and Ringu.

I thought Ringu is scary when I first saw it, espically the ending, to me at least amd Battle Royal and Sky High are good too with action and blood and killing and other stuff
no one's said WELCOME BACK MR. McDONALD yet?!?!?!! ("rajio no jikan" in japanese). it's the only japanese comedy i've seen, and i can safely say i'll never need to see another japanese comedy again, cos it's easily the best. 5 thumbs up 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
i like samurai movies...
e.g. mibu gishi den, tasogare seibei and of course good old toshiro mifune movies (not only by kurosawa, also samurai rebellion, musashi miyamoto trilogy...) etc... and then, of course, the great samurai parody - samurai fiction :D
Favorite J-Movies are:
MoonChild, (May 2003)
Returner, (?)
下弦の月 ラスト・クォーター Kagen no tsuki - last quarter (Oct 2004)
Well, not counting anime I think my favorite would be Hidden Fortress...

...in anime I think it would be between Ghost in The Shell and the first two Samurai X OVA's.

My all time favorite of any movie/tv/anime Japanese or otherwise would have to be the anime OVA "Black Heaven"--but at 16 ep's it can't really be called a movie...
Favourite Japanese movie eh.....

favourite Japanese movie eh?? hmmmm..let see........ what that hentai movie called... :) oh yeah GUY!! :D ....thinking about it its not a movie its a series....hentai series 😌

-->>> im giving jason a bad name :sorry: <<<<-- no worries he watched with me 😌
hmm...prolly "Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl," "Another Heaven," "Battle Royale," and "Vampire Effect"

oh yea..and "Moonchild" ^.^;;;
hmm only watched animes until now ( Love Hina, Onegai Twins, Onegai Teacher, Hellsing, Last Exile, One Piece) ... always wanted to watch seven samurai.
ryuhei kitamura - All Time Best Director

My by far favorite director is ryuhei kitamura. Which is why my favorite japanese movies are as follows:

Azumi and Aragami.

I havent seen Skyhigh, but feel it will be at the top of my list.

Another favorite is the director that mad his debut in the movie industry from (the gay porn industry, believe it or not) with his release of Jiatsu Sakura AKA Suicide Club. The most off the wall movie I have ever seen which is why I like it.

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take care all!
Moon Child is pretty funny :giggle:

I like Waterboys very much :LOL: ,
Gakincho Rock, Drive, Unlucky Monkey, Ping Pong, Azumi and
All about Lily Chou Cou... and the gay movie A touch of fever 😊
I like...Ju on!!!The American version was poorly done in my opinion...oh and Battle Royal!! the 1st one I wasn't to fond of Battle Royal 2:Requiem
I haven't watched many japanese movies. I'll buy one the next time I'm in Japan or Best Buy.
vampmiyavi said:
hmm...prolly "Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl," "Another Heaven," "Battle Royale," and "Vampire Effect"

oh yea..and "Moonchild" ^.^;;;
By the way, Chin gei bin/Vampire Effect was a HK film. It wasn't Japanese.

My favorites are Ritaanaa/Returner and Shichinin no samurai/Seven Samurai.
Neo Adeline said:
I seem Battle Royal, Sky High, Isola, and Ringu.

ISOLA had a disappointing ending if you ask me. I liked the plot, but the ending ruined it I think..
1930 said:
Unagi was a very nice movie. Koji Yakusho really is my favorite japanese actor. one second he's an introverted shy man, next he's a raging demon lol. Saw Doppelganger yesterday, which only emphasizes this.

I also loved Doppelganger. I loved the character performance by Koji Yakusho!! 👍 I also found the plot very scary- I have many Japanese films on dvd in my collection, and most definately, this one is on my top 5!! I think it is because Koji plays his roles so well.
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