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Favourite Japanese movie

i'm not sure wether i've replied to this thread yet but right now i can say my favourite japanese movies are (and some will ALWAYS be)

-Wild zero GUITAR WOLF ! awesome soundtrack

-Tokyo sora (tokyo skies)

-Nobody knows (amazing film !!)

-Suki da (great song, aoi miyazaki !)

-Bashing (i don't know why, but i like the way it's filmed and it makes me want oden and mcd's ? haha)

-Spirited away

-Deathrowgirls (hot)

-Strawberry shortcakes

-Adrift in Tokyo (watch this !)

-Aoi sora (amazing soundtrack, thee michelle gun elephant)


-Love my life (very cheesy but i like that band 'noodles' so i like to watch this film)

and lots more but i think those are really my favs, like i know tampopo and lady snowblood, shogun assasin, they're fun to watch but i don't watch them often)
I haven't watched that many Japanese movies. My favorite so far is Shimotsuma Monogatari. :)
Anna Tsuchiya! <3 😌
in fact,i dide't see many japanese films,but i think some of them are good,such as Olny care about you!
It was recently suggested to me that I watch Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu, which has become not only my favorite Japanese film (at least of those I've seen thus far!), but is quickly becoming one of my favorite films in any language. Though I don't consider myself a very big fan of sweet, sappy things, it's a beautiful story, (though it may differ from its original novel) with beautiful cinematography and a moving soundtrack. I would certainly recommend it, even to people uninterested in the Japanese language.
I really enjoyed Suicide Club, it was obviously full of gore, and the story was ridiculous. However, I felt it was the right kind of ridiculous. It's not a movie you watch to be scared, sad, empowered, or whatever, it's just out there. I guess it's also somewhat shocking. 😌
One of my favourite japaniese movies is Uzumaki, very weird 🙂

Or Exte: Hair is also pretty cool!
Gosh, where do I start?

I use one of the online movie rental companies (which delivers its DVDs in bright red envelopes), and have done so for over four years. According to the statistics of the company's Website, I've rented around 400 movies, give or take a few dozen. (That's a real number, not a boast or an exageration).

So, I've seen quite a few, and of that number, a number, percentage wise, in the high nineties were Japanese. I've seen my share of very bad, bad, middling, good, and very good.

Of the very good I list:
Carnival in the Night
Nobody Knows
Early Autumn
Early Spring
Late Spring
Early Summer
Tokyo Story
Nana II
Godzilla vs. King Kong
Godzilla vs. Mothra
The Mysterians
The H-Man
and others.
I've been enjoying films by the director Ogigami Naoko, and I would say her film Kamome Diner is a favourite.
I love Hana and Alice (directed by the guy who did All About Lily Chou Chou), Zenzen Daijobu, Halfway, and One Million Yen and the Nigamushi Woman.
Sadly I've seen alot of crappy Japanese films.
My latest favourite Japanese movie is "Memories of Matsuko"
So sad so fantastic!!!
Memories of Matsuko - Wikipedia
Tokyo Sonata was a very interesting movie... although it was a bit too much in the end.

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Tokyo Sonata was a very interesting movie... although it was a bit too much in the end.
I saw "Tokyo Sonata" not two weeks ago, something like February 16 or 17. I really enjoyed it. I can hardly get enough of Japanese society or culture, but the message the movie portrayed to me was somewhat sad. Or to use the trite expression, bittersweet.

I study Japanese (ほとんど4年間自習しています), but still have nearly no clue as to the spoken language and have to use the subtitles to understand Japanese movies. I only study reading and writing. So far. So maybe the subtitles did not perfectly project the flavor and tenor of the film intended by its creators.

Naively, I make the mistake of putting Japan on a pedestal and seeing the depressing messages "Tokyo Sonata" sent (or, how I understood them) was a bit of a letdown. Still and all, I hope that Japanese society is nevertheless, by and large, a carefree and happy society, despite the lingering economic doldrums by which it is sadly beset.

Thanks for the trailer, by the way. It was very nice.
I am a big fan of movies. My favorite Japanese movie is "Ai no Mukidashi". This movie is very interesting.

Yeah, this is really great. Watched it two years ago in cinema and it was just amazing.

My first thought was: "Ok, four hours is a lot of time.". And I was really sceptical because I didn't liked the older movies by Sion Sono. But with the ending credits I knew how entertaining four hours could be.
I think almost all Hollywood versions of Asian movies are disappointing. I'm so disappointed with The Ring, but another disappointing movie is Dragon ball :( I heard they are going to make the American version of Death Note, too. I hope it won't be that bad.

By the way, I like Shinobi and The Last Quarter >_<,,,,
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