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Your Favourite Japanese Celebrity.


5 Feb 2005
Who is your Favourite Japanese Celebrity, and why?

I have a couple that I really like, but my number one is without thinking Takashi Okamura , this Comedian is just hilarious and I love watching his shows.

Second is Watanabe Ken, the first time I have seen him acting was in the Drama IWGP, and later on of course in "The Last Samurai". I think that Ken is a great actor, and hope that he will keep doing what he is doing.

I have a couple of more that I like a lot, but I am waiting for some replies on this thread first.
Mine is Matsumoto Jun in the serie Gokusen.
He plays Shin Sawada.
He is just like me😌
in real live im like him in the serie.

another one is the most beautiful girl ive seen: Aya ueto.
she is an actor and a singer.

Then Koyuki who was been nominated for the best actress.
and right they are if u seen here, man you would give even give her a reward for the sexiest woman there is😊

thats it for now👍

It'd be Uchimura Teruyoshi:) I especially like performances in Warau Inu series couple of years ago. Uchimura Produce wasn't bad either. Unfortunately none of these shows is on air anymore:(
Obviously...Ayumi Hamasaki ^_^

Why? Cuz she is the best performer ever of course.


I like Inamori Izumi to. Great actrice.


Oh oh....and Nana Kitade ^_^
I love her music a lot and her style is pretty neat to.


There...that makes it a top 3 :)
Well, longtime members of JREF probably already know who I'm gonna say! That's right, folks, the legendary megastars of J-Pop music:



Accept no substitutes!!

Uh... I love tons of Japanese celebrities!
My favourite Japanese actor is Matsuda Shota (he's the son of Matsuda Yusaku, and the brother of Matsuda Ryuhei -Nana-). He starred in Hanadan 1 and 2, and in other dramas and Japanese films. His look is unique, I love it! He's also so stylish *_* My dream boy!!!
I also like Matsuyama Kenichi (L in Death Note the Movie, Shin in Nana), he's so good looking awww!
Well, I like tons of Japanese actors xD Honorable mention to Oguri Shun too!
I can't name they all lol

And now... Let's talk about Johnny's Entertainment boys!
I LOVE Koyama Keiichiro (NEWS) and Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN), they are just awesome.
And among Johnny's Jr I <3 Kawai Fumito, he's so funny aww!

I guess I gotta stop it now XD ahah
Mine is Takeshi Kaneshiro 😍 🌹 ( he has a Japanese passport so I count him as Japanese even though he is half Taiwanese and half Japanese.) I have others but they aren't coming to mind.
if they ever ask to me who i wanna have as girlfriend? then i would choose:

Ai Otsuka, she's so gorgeous and so beautiful, she makes me happy when i see her👍




owh what a cute and lovely girl she is😊

Besides her there are also good singers,actresses : Ziyi Zhang, Ken Watanabe, Misaki Ito, Yui, Hanako, Koyuki, Aya Ueto, Nakama Yukie etc....
myfavourite japanese celebrity(or celebrities) have got to be:
(not in any order)
1.masanobu ando-mainly because he's kawaii and a really good actor.
2.kaoru(dont know if i spelt that right...i always have trouble remembering)from dir en grey-because he's such a awesome guitarist!
3.kyo(again from dir en grey)-i love his voice.
4.gackt-he's pretty ^_^
5.aoi(gazette)-because he's awesome and sho kawaii!
6.ruki(gazette)-his voice is really nice.

i have more but i cant seem to remember them...
-kyo (dir en grey)
-die (dir en grey)
-kaoru (dir en grey) ^you spelled it right ^_^
-reita (gazette)
-aoi (gazette)

sorry for the jrocker dump 😊 i just love them more than anything... for their talent, work, and who they are as people
Totally Yosuke Kubozuka (see signature + join if you like)!
Also Miyavi, various bands. Also like Kenji Sakaguchi.
Miyavi - fun, cool and hyper. Makes me laugh anytime. So loveable
Gackt - very charismatic and an interesting person
Hard Gay - Hilarious!
those guys from Heyx3- have to watch in subs but they're really funny
loads of others can't think right now:p
I likes SPEED what happened to them? Did they go bankrupt or something? My god. How come whenever I like a music group they always end up with trouble? I hope it wasn't my fault... Gomen nasai...
hmm Fave celeb in japan
Ruka (Nightmare)
Because hes tall lol looks good and his tattoo Is adorable and hes a good drummer thats y lol
Horikita Maki 🌹 She's so adorable, and very talented! I love her paired up with Yamapi!! Can't wait for Kurosagi the movie!!
I would have to say Utada Hikaru, she rocks! and of course... Gackt :LOL:👍 He is so cool! However when i comes to Japanese celebrities i'm still a newbie...so who knows. am going to dig deeper into this subject right now!😲🙂 mata atode!
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