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Your Favourite Japanese Celebrity.

Mine are:
Fukuyama Masaharu
Odagiri Joe
Abe Hiroshi
Nakama Yukie
Amami Yuuki
Katori Shingo
Sakai Masato
Shibasaki Kou
Tsumabuki Satoshi - isn't it a shame he and Kou ended their relationship?
Ninomiya Kazunari
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After watching quite a bit of Japanese tv series, my favorites are:
- Yutaka Takenouchi
- Yutaka Matsushige
- Shun Oguri
- Kotaro Yoshida
- Ken Mitsuishi

As for female stars, I have a small crush on Kimura Fumino👍
A couple of my favorites are Mana and Gackt!:x3::x3::x3: I love Mana's music and appearance, completely gorgeous! :x3:Of course, I love Gackt's music and his voice is just amazing.:oops:
I suspect we are the same generation George. Shogun also got me into "Japan" then I ended up studying the language and going there and getting married there.
Wow, I had forgotten about Shogun! I read that book back in junior high. Sometime in high school I learned about the series and watched that one week when I was sick in bed and home from school.

It was a good adaptation, though I really recommend the book if you haven't read it. In retrospect, that might have been one of the unconscious influences that drove me to choose Japanese for my compulsory foreign language courses in college, which had a great influence on the rest of my life to this day.

Thanks, James Clavell!
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