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Who is your favourite AV star?

Mei-Yu from Mike John (God-like producer/editor) 's Down the Hatch issue #3 , Her first scene I thought was the craziest scene I had ever seen in my life + a hillarious interview but then at the end of the DVD it's just like mind-boggling what goes down with her, Mike (though he films a lot,), Markus and like three other dudes, sheeeee is the perfect Asian girl I swear!

Mike John, if you are reading this you need to search Diabolic's mail-bag for my demo tape! and peace to fellow Asian Backpackers.

Aspiring POV AV Star,


Originally posted by Tiger
Hmm.... Maybe, Aoi Sola


ROFL, yeah I had to think of an answering for awhile too, there are too many! It's funny though cause if you ask me my favorite Non-Asian/Non-Japanese AV Star I would say that I didn't have one.

Peace to Asian Backpackers,

Akimoto Yuuna

About the talked type, she is an actress.
It might be good for the study(?) of Japanese-Language.
I know this is kinda boring and boring, but I still like Maria Ozawa, even NANA has similarity face with Ozawa 😊
this_thread_is_worthless888.jpgI can't say it better
Anyways, I always liked Ryoko Mitake much, she has something special about her. She stopped modeling/acting though, to concentrate on her family after she got a baby.

Kaoru Sakurako is something to ^^

Ryoko Mitake:
I would just like to remind everyone participating in this thread that - while most welcome - all pictures posted must be family-friendly. Thanks. :)
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