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Your Favourite Japanese Celebrity.

Norihiro Yagi, the mastermind behind Claymore, THE mangaka.
Ayumi Hamasaki

Hello there,
though i am not a frequent watcher of Japanese movie, i like Ayumi Hamasaki very much. Ayumi Hamasakis movies are different from others.
well i have a couple too.👍
shigeaki kato from the band known as NEWS, the BEST FOR SURE:D & akanishi jin from KAT-TUN.
wakarimasen ka?anyways,sayonara or jana
i would say i love hayami mokomichi who plays as riku in brother beat...he is so tall, adorable and cute...i love yamapi too cuz he's sexy and a great dancer and actor..
oguri shun also in my list.....
Definitely Maki Horikita, then Yamapi [they really look great together. They had some good chemistry in the dramas in which the co-starred ~.^], uh, Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma, and Shigeaki Kato from NEWS
Hisatsu!!! Mugen Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(eh,siapa tuh,kok pake-pake nama tina toon?)
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takizawa hideakiiii😊 first time saw him in Majo no jouken
koshinaka makoto,,ニ陳ゥucifer.. love his voice!! he's good looking too 👍

NISHIJIMA TAKAHIROOO (AAA) nissy~ he's too cute to be truuee 😌
Basho Chieko, she sure is a great actress and got a lot of work in the Shochiku movies in the 1980s.
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