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Favourite Japanese movie

I have a tie, but they are but from the same director, Akira Kurosawa:

Ran and the 7 samurais (Shichinin no samurai).

As for actors, I would say Toshiro Mifune, though I have seen some good movies performances by "Beat" Takeshi Kitano.

definately loving the horror
there's another one I cannot remember the title exactly

ecchie something it's about a perverted serial killer bah it's been too long to remember
Fave J-Flick,
That's easy. A Taxing Woman " Marusa No Onna" about a tax inspector. The film is great. Why? Because it's created by the late great master people watcher Jozo Itami & feature his amazing wife the lovely Nobuko Miyamoto who's simply mad as a hatter yet ever so cute, strong obsessive in her job running circles 'round the guys in the tax office with skills only she can get away with. The film has great visual humour and a soundtrack that'll stick in your mind for ages.
Just as Crouching Tiger gut westeners to watch Asian movies, so too is this that kind of movie anyone can watch without complaining about subtitles as the humour & excelent acting by Noboku is very visual. It's a mad film. worth a look on DVDor Vid.

Hard to say what my fave is especially as I've got a few at home I haven't had time to watch yet. So far I like a lot of Kitano's films espec' Kikujiro and Sonatine. Both beautifully shot. I also like My neighbour Totoro a lot and Princess Mononoke, need to see more Miyazaki films I think!

L8r. ^-^
"A Taxing Women" was decent... "Ringu" was ten times better than the American version, but the original was decent as well... I remember this movie similar to "Run Lola Run" which was amazingly funny and intriguing, but unfortunately I don't remember the name of it (if I did I would go buy it now). Now "Fulltime Killer" is the greatest movie I've seen in a couple of years! Tok and O, two assassins, fight it out for the title of top assassin in Asia. If you like action movies that are not just about explosions and loud sound effects, then this is the thing to get.
PS. Check out "Love and Pop" by Hideaki Anno (director of Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Haven’t seen much (unfortunately), but so far I’ve loved Samurai Fiction and Kikujiro no natsu. BR was ok too..
I’d love to see the ringu, all though I’m not sure if it’s wise..I’ve heard that it’s much more efficient than the american version, and I’m still having nightmares on that one...brrrrr :)
my current favorites are:

1- Sanjuro (Kurosawa)
2- Spirited Away (Miyazaki)
3- Seven Samurai (Kurosawa)
i really liked kikujiro...

that's the most recent one i've seen (if you don't count anime). though seven samauri was wonderful too (haven't seen it in a few years).
I have a lot of favs, but the handful I love are "Owl's Castle" directed by Shinoda Masahiro, "Versus" directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, all of Miike's films, "Battle Royale" and "Sonatine", and many of the films Riki Takeuchi stars in. I guess that is more than a handful. It is hard to narrow it down. Akira Kurosawa is a given, I guess. "The Seven Samurai" is my all-time favorite. Period.
Oh yeagh- I forgot all about the Ringu films. I have seen the first two, directed by Nakata, and I have the other sequel that was directed by Jouji Iida, Ring: Spiral. The afore-mentioned i bought and I forget to see if it had subs or not. Oh well. The Korean adaption is quite interesting as well, "The Ring Virus".
Originally posted by tasuki
Anyone seen "tanpopo"? It's a great comedy and at times, oooooh so erotic...

Oh I desparately want to see that movie! My wife keeps going on and on about how great it is...

tampopo is great! I highly recommend it.

the focus is on making the perfect bowl of ramen, but along the way you are introduced to a bunch of people who see food as a kind of religion - and its really funny.
I have never seen it. My friend has it and I just never happened to want to borrow it. Now, maybe I will since I am hearing some positive feedback.
Well I've seen alot of Japanese horror lately, last one was Kairo, good one indeed, top of the line favorites are the ring movies though (NOT the american one) Now I'm just waiting to see all of the Ju-On movies, saw the first TV one, pretty damn scary I would say ;) Also a big Gibli fan after my good friend introduced me to the wonderfull fantasy worlds that they create, sofar I've seen, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, Mononoke Hime, Tonari No Totoro and Majo no Takkyuubin, excellent movies, just simply love them 🙂
My favorite movie at the time is JUON (videoversion 1). I am really longing for the theater version, cuz what I have seen on the trailer, it’s going to be one of the scariest movies yet.

Ohh I forgot! I’m a really big fan of RINGU (All of them), and I really hate the American version of it.

Wes Craven is about to do a remake of JUON. Hmm It will probably also suck. Why don’t just leave the original versions when they already are soooo good.

Me too like Nikorasu-san like JIBURI very much. Totoro is an alltime favorite. Spirited Away is also a big favorite.
Totally agree, The Ring (american version) was a real failure, plastic american actors as always, they treat you like you are stupid and have to explain everything in close detail so you REALY understand, it's like "please for crying out loud! I can figure out thing myself you know" :auch: No I say leave the good movies alone, if you have trouble understanding them, well bad luck then...
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