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What are your favorite Japanese movies?

Sgt. Wang

9 May 2003
I was thinking to myself, 'hey we need a poll for the movies that we watch and love.' So here are my favorites;

I like scary movies. I don't know. It's just the feeling I get when I watch them. Quite fun.

Favorite movies: Ringu, Kakashi, and Firefly Dreams (this movie isn't even in the same category as the others, I like it the same:) )

What are any of your favorite types, and kinds of movies?
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i like kurosawa films, like yojimbo. do anime movies count? becuase i got a couple of them. i like kung fu movies alot as well.
Don't know why?

Funny, here in Maine they always seem to have more Chinese movies then Japanese.
Yeah, it really shouldn't be hard to find, unless you live nowhere near a video store, 'cuz MtoM lives in Saudi Arabia.

Oh and yes, anime movies count.
Have you seen the Cowboy Bebop movie? That was cool as hell. And if you're a Rurouni Kenshin fan like me, I loved the 'Reflections.' But you have to see the series and 'Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal.' It's not for the squimish, or people who hate sad endings. Totally awesome.
I saw Rurouni Kenshin's OVA and Cowboy Bebop first 4 episodes
(Zannen desu ne) :(
well, i love to see japanese drama like "itazurana kiss" and "strawberry on the shortcake" also "the ring" trilogy really give the spook out of me.
I recently saw 'The Voice' because someone in a different post told me I should. Wow. If there is any freaky movie, that would be it. It is the epitomy of scary. Freddy Krueger has nightmares about it. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but if you watch it late at night, you really get the creeps.
(Really made you think, one memory goes
with you to the after-life

Taxing Women
(very good)

A Cute Movie: Shall We Dance
(cute but good)

Favourite Japanese Movie

I thought Ringu was pretty scary. The plot and acting was smartly combined to make great Asian cinema. I dont see the need in the US making their own version since they already have people squandering their money on rubbish like Jeepers Creepers and Freddy Vs. Jason
Actually I liked Freddy vs. Jason.............................

Oh and all you people that love Vampires and Werewolves, UNDERWORLD is coming out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
There's no way to get Japanese movies where I come from, so they only way to be able to watch them is the i-net, or ordering them
/me looks in her wallet.....emptiness.... (T.T)

some movies I like are:

Battle Royal, The Ring, Platonic Sex, Go, Takeshi Kitano's movies, Love Letter, Laundry, Bounce KoGals,...

oh, and one of my favs right now is "The Classic" -but it's a korean movie ^_^;
I'm actually interested in seeing this film for various reasons. I would like see if Hollywood can't f*ck up a movie about the samurai. Secondly, I wanna see Tom stab people.

The only movie that I'm really looking forward to is the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Oh, and by the way, Underworld kinda sucked. If it had been set in the 17th century, it would have kicked ***. But in modern times...? It was really lacking in a lot of areas. The vampires acted just like cats and the lycanthropes...well, doggies.

battle royale is my fave fave fave film ever. but i love japanese cinema in general. Takeshi Kitano films in particular but also:
Ring trilogy
Sansho Dayo (sorry if japanese spelling is wrong!)
Ive already mentioned Takeshi Kitano but I'll mention him again! (especially Dolls and Kikujiro no natsu)
these are the ones that particularly spring to mind right now

Ive heard Grave of the Fireflies is amazing - anyone recommend it?
I assure you, the last samurai will get nothing correct, and it will totally suck. Hollywood does this.................

And by the way, he doesn't even look like a samurai,.........ever.:p

YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally a remake to do the first one justice! Even though people were getting killed, I laughed all the time.

Supposedly, word on the street is that Jessica Beal dies first. Dunno if this is true or not....

Oh and Underworld was a letdown, but I thought it was Cool as hell when she jumped off the tower, and hit the ground and kept walking. I wish I were cool. Or maybe just that I had a trench coat full of vampire thingys......................

naw, I'd do good just with a trench coat first.
I really enjoy all Takashi's films which are usually different from the last. "Happiness Of The Katakuris" is one of the funniest japanese musical comedy I've seen. Of course Audition and the rest of his horror and yakuza films are all worth seeing at least once. I rented "Pain" and "Bounce Ko Gal" recently from the Japanese video shop and I liked both of these films showing the underground sub-culture of japanese youth. Yeah, I also watch a lot of Drama on Fuji T.V.
Favorite Japanese Movies!

Akira Kurosawa's RAN, OWL'S CASTLE, SAMURAI FICTION, KAGE GARI one and two,Kadokawa's HEAVEN AND EARTH, and GO JOE to name a few.
I really like Ring (ringu), Dark Water and Battle Royale.....Akira is an all-time fave!..Roujin-Z...very cool!! ..Ghost in the shell, Wings of Honneamise, Cyber City Oedo 808 video 1 ...


like a wally i forgot to put down one of my all time favourite anime films. . . : Venus Wars!! ....cant believe i forgot that one...😌 ;)

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