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Defence Russia protesting Japan's joint exercises with NATO countries


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14 Mar 2002
Pot meets kettle.....

On Friday, Russia lodged a protest with Japan over its plans to conduct joint military exercises on Hokkaido , accusing PM Kishida of leading Japan towards a dangerous escalation. Russia's Foreign Ministry announced on its website that it had issued a protest to Japan's embassy regarding the upcoming drills with Germany and Spain. The ministry emphasized that it was "categorically unacceptable" for Japan to engage in military activities near Russia's far eastern coast, especially with the involvement of distant NATO members.

"We view such activity as a potential threat to the security of the Russian Federation," the ministry statement said. "It was stressed that the irresponsible policy of the administration of Prime Minister F. Kishida is placing Tokyo on a path of dangerous escalation in Northeast Asia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region." Russia, the statement said, had warned of counter-measures to be taken to ensure the country's defence capability. Japan has thrown its support behind Ukraine since Russia invaded its neighbour more than two years ago.

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