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COVID-19 Coronavirus: situation in Japan

My "summer cold" turned out to be Covid-19. We were PCR-tested today: I've had it, and now my wife has it. And many other people, so it seems:

COVID-19 cases in Japan are continuing their recent rise and taking a toll on the elderly in particular, with experts predicting the trend will continue amid high heat, declining population-level immunity and the start of the holiday season. Health ministry statistics released Friday showed Japan's ninth wave of coronavirus infections is continuing, with the average number of new cases reported by around 5,000 designated medical institutions in the week through July 9 standing at 9.14, up from 7.24 a week before.

The number of new hospital admissions for COVID-19 is also rising, standing at 6,096 in the week through July 9, up from 5,494 a week before and 4,484 four weeks before. Cases were seen rising in 45 of the nation's 47 prefectures, but the increases stand out in western Japan. Okinawa continues to see by far the highest number of patients per institution, at 41.67, though that is down slightly from 48.39 a week before. The Kyushu region has seen major increases, particularly in Kagoshima (17.18), Miyazaki (16), Saga (15.33) and Kumamoto (11.99) prefectures.

Fortunately, our symptoms have been mild, not at least due to the four Covid-19 shots we had.
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Now I feel I should have said something. Way back at the beginning of covid , my high school buddy commented that he thought he had a bad cold. Just 2 weeks latter he died(not to jinx you). He had not had any shots or protection back then. That scared the crap out of me and I only left my house once a month to go to the ATM machine for my Social Security. When you mentioned your bad cold , it bought that memory back. Hope you recover quickly.
I started working last Wednesday and have been on the bicycle twice since then, but things are definitely slower than usual. My wife has been more severely affected, with her fever going unabated for over four days. I wish I could have avoided taking crowded trains.

Infection numbers have been increasing in the past nine weeks, and Japan's Dr Fauci, Omi-sensei, has warned of a ninth wave. I wonder what's the situation elsewhere. Are rising infections just ignored?

I started working last Wednesday and have been on the bicycle twice since then, but things are definitely slower than usual. My wife has been more severely affected, with her fever going unabated for over four days. I wish I could have avoided taking crowded trains.

Infection numbers have been increasing in the past nine weeks, and Japan's Dr Fauci, Omi-sensei, has warned of a ninth wave. I wonder what's the situation elsewhere. Are rising infections just ignored?

I've been riding the train without no mask I had to go to two hospitals and of course I wore the mask within the last 10 days actually and on this island of shikoku very few people were wearing mask although the elderly people they were wearing masks I'm done I have to go to the general hospital in Kochi which is the biggest hospital in Kochi and it was completely filled with people I don't know the problems whether it's covid or not but I was able to go in and get treatment and leave very quickly for some odd reason especially when there's like 200 people in the waiting room ahead of me and it was just I'm lost for words but I myself of course I'm worried about getting ill and on my travels because it can really knock me out but I don't let it stop me and I don't know how it works this virus three nights ago two nights ago two nights ago I said I'm going to celebrate my finish of 22 days of writing and this island so I went to a bar next to the hotel that I was actually sleeping at that night and it was jam-packed everybody's laughing talking and everything and I was drinking and having a good time and people didn't seem worried at all and Thomas I hope your wife gets gets fine very quickly please I really mean it and for you please recover also the colvin if you read the Lancent journals, it has a lot of information about the covid virus for the last 4 years. I might have spelled it wrong but it's this people in this form will know it especially if they're in the medical community.
Covid is definitely still a thing and I know people who have caught it over the past couple months. But in general people are just treating it as nothing special. I don't know what the official numbers are here in terms of rising or falling but taking a look just now in my community it seem it's falling or very low. I suspect there is a lot less testing and reporting now though.
In case anyone still cares: the new coronavirus variant EG.5 gains momentum in Japan.

EG.5, a mutated version of omicron subvariant XBB.1.9.2, was first discovered in February and has been reported in 51 countries, including the U.S., South Korea, China, Australia, Singapore and Britain, according to the World Health Organization. Last week, the WHO designated EG.5 and its sublineages as "a variant of interest," upgrading them from the "variant under monitoring" label it gave in July.

In case anyone still cares: the new coronavirus variant EG.5 gains momentum in Japan.

Mrs Lothor currently has it, and so may I, though I feel ok at the moment.
It made the news last night here in the States as well. Kids just starting to go back to school now, so I'm sure the number of cases will continue to rise. Like JohnnyG, I'm not nervous about it - just paying attention to what's going on. Me and Mrs. Majestic got covid a few months ago, but we were both back on our feet after about 48 hours of basic flu-like symptoms. On the news last night they said the doctors weren't even prescribing Paxlovid anymore, unless you are a high-risk person. They are treating covid just like the flu now. I guess this is good news.
A highly mutated COVID-19 variant called BA.2.86 that had been detected in Switzerland, South Africa, Israel, Denmark, the U.S. and the U.K., is also spreading in Japan.

BA.2.86, yet another new coronavirus subvariant that is a heavily mutated version of the omicron variant, has been detected in Japan for the first time. While there's no evidence that it causes more severe illness, experts say it may be more capable of infecting people previously infected with the coronavirus or vaccinated with older versions of COVID-19 shots. The news comes as the number of new cases grows in Japan amid what is widely considered a ninth wave of coronavirus infections.

A new variant of the novel coronavirus called EG.5 is spreading in Japan, with experts expecting it to be the dominant strain in the country by mid-September. EG.5, also named Eris after a goddess in Greek mythology, was first reported in February and designated as a "variant of interest" by the WHO in August.

Though there is no evidence that EG.5 causes more severe symptoms than other sub-variants of the Omicron strain, experts say the new variant may more easily evade the immune system. [...] COVID-19 cases in Japan are gradually rising, with EG.5 spreading within the country since around July, according to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases. A new branch of EG.5 called EG.5.1 made up 29 per cent of 200 COVID-19 cases recorded in the week from 7 to 13 August. The figure is expected to jump to 58 per cent in the week that started on 11 September. In Tokyo, the first domestic case of yet another spinoff of the Omicron variant was reported. The new variant, called BA.2.86, was detected from a hospital test in late August, the Tokyo metropolitan government announced on 7 September. An offshoot of the BA.2 variant, which was a globally dominant variant in 2022, the new variant has more than 30 mutations on the spike protein compared to its original lineage. There is no evidence so far that BA.2.86 causes more severe symptoms. However, the new variant may be capable of evading antibody immunity created after vaccination and infection.

Prince Hisahito is infected with new model coronavirus.
According to Imperial Household Agency.
Because Prince Hisahito come home on 13th by the high school had a fever in a few minutes, I underwent an examination of new coronavirus and influenza, and all were negative.
It means that after inspecting it again because I did not defervesce on the morning of 14th, positive of the new coronavirus was confirmed. It means that it is undergone medical treatment at a shrine residence until this month 18.

The press conference for the visit from next week to Vietnam was going to be performed, but the Imperial Household Agency received infection of Prince Hisahito, and Prince Akishino couple announced what I postponed for the time being from 10:00 a.m. for 14 days saying "I consider in order to perform it when it was appropriate".

In addition, it means that a couple does not have the symptoms such as the heat.
(September 14, 2023 broadcast)

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I just recently was required to take the antigen covid test. The nurse there said the standard PCR is crap. The 15 minutes antigen test only cost 1500 yen for me. It was required by my neurologist for a CT scan for any tumors I might have. All turned out where there were no tumors present. I never get ill, but suddenly I started to get some weird head pains. Worried... yes. Now, not so much.
Tomorrow, a fresh COVID-19 inoculation drive is set to begin across Japan. The vaccine, which will be available to everyone for free, targets XBB.1.5 — a spinoff of the XBB variant, itself a "recombinant" virus of two prior omicron strains. The free shots will be offered until March next year to prepare residents for an expected uptick in infections during the winter. However, the health ministry recommends the shot only to people aged 65 and older and those with underlying health conditions.

Everyone age 6 months old or over is eligible for the new vaccine. However, the government is actively promoting the shot only to those age 65 and older and to those with underlying health conditions, as the risk of developing severe symptoms through infection is higher for them than the rest of the population. Those who received a shot during the spring booster drive — available only to people over 65 and those at higher risk — can get one if three months have passed from their last shot.

There is growing concern over COVID-19 infections and the earlier-than-usual start to Japan's flu season, as prefectures and schools grapple with influenza outbreaks and numbers of infections grow weekly.

Between Sept. 11 and 17, the average national influenza case count rose to over 7.03 per medical institution from just 4.48 the week prior, according to the health ministry's most recent weekly report released Friday. Overall, 34,665 cases were reported, compared with just 111 during the same period last year. The previous week, the ministry's reported overall case count was 22,111. Okinawa Prefecture had the highest average count with over 20 cases. The quick rise in cases over the past few weeks has triggered the prefecture's "influenza advisory" for the first time in four years after the count surpassed the advisory issuance threshold of 10 cases. During the week through Sept. 10, the average count was 13.43, with young people accounting for around 75% of cases.

Following Okinawa were Ehime, Saga, Chiba and Tokyo prefectures. Tokyo also issued an influenza alert last week after surpassing the 10-case threshold, reaching 11.37. At her regular news conference on Friday, Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike encouraged continuing infection prevention measures, such as proper ventilation, handwashing and mask-wearing, to prevent both the flu and COVID-19. "This (figure) suggests a high likelihood of a significant outbreak occurring within the next four weeks," Koike said.

Does this mean if I go to the doctors for an occasional but persistent cough that I am going to face COVID paranoia?
Every hospital or clinic follows standard medical procedures. And in times of rampant influenza and the Coronavirus still present, and with the right symptoms, of course you'll be checked for both and asked to wear a mask on the premises.

There is really nothing paranoid about that.

Anyhow, get better soon!
It is no more serious than the flu (not that isn't potentially lethal) and a high times for the flu they never did extreme measures like compelling patients to keep out the doctor's area and forcing tests for anyone with the slightest symptoms.
When you work in the medical field , you tend to think the worst and plan for it. Over here , the latest thing is RSV , which seems to be like a very bad case of the flu. Sounds like your symptoms match that enough , they will probably want to do a bunch of tests to make sure you get the right treatment and get well faster. I worked in the medical field for 17 years and got used to doctors and nurses thinking the worse case scenario . I'd been told I probably had cancer 3 times and tests showed negative each time. Made me a bit angry that they scared the crap out of me , LOL. Hopefully you will be on the mend soon , not feeling well sucks.
I don't feel not well. The cough is just annoying and my wife talks nonsense about it being my cold- yeah a cough that occurs mainly just before sleep and some days on other times. That doesn't fit a sickness at all. I don't want to forced to stand outside the doctors because their medicine is controlled by city hall.
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