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Japanese Music Suggestions

Hello! It's a new day which means another new song! (Not literally new but new to the thread, u know what I mean 🙄)
This one is Rosier by Luna Sea (kinda sounds like lunacy right? )
Good morning! Its a new day, new song! (Warning ⚠️: This one WILL get stuck in your head!)
This song is called Yokan by Dir En Gray.
Hello guys! Happy Thursday! The song for today is a song I have been listening to a lot lately! I just love it! The song is called Crepuscule by Femme Fatale.
Hey guys! Its a new day, new sway, its Friday! (get it 😉) Today we have Egoist by Royz.
Hey guys! Its Saturday, and today is national kiss of hope day! (Some day no one has ever heard of) anyways, today we are going to listen to a beautiful and romantic song from Dadaroma called Waruikusuri (Bad Medicine i think?)
A little late, but happy Sunday! Today I am going with the song Cage by Dir En Grey since this song has been in my head ALLL DANNG DAYYY....
Hey guys it's Monday 😒 I hate Monday's, so as a way to show off my anger that it is Monday I am going to share the song Ruin by Deviloof.
Good night guys! Here is a song that will get yall sleeping! Its called Moon by Femme Fatale.
Hey guys it's Tuesday! Not Monday anymore (thank god) but today I will suggest y'all a song by XaaXaa called Snow clock.
Hey guys its Wednesday and I have a JROTC Drill Competition tomorrow! Im so anxious, I even had dreams of it! So to calm down the nerves I am going to play Fleur by Lareine.
Hey guys! I've been traveling all day since 5 in the morning and now its 10 o clock! Im sooo sleepy! For that I am going to play Voyage by Femme Fatale.
Had competition today. We basically got our buts cut up and served up on a plate I swear we were sooooo bad. But... free vacay?
Anyways to celebrate the weird mix of sadness and happiness together I am going to play Oddloop by Frederick because my feelings are quite odd.
Hey! So glad to see a new member! This is real late but tonight I'm suggesting "The misfortune of others is the taste of honey" by a 🚌🐣. (Got it? Avanchick?)
Hey guys! Just took another long bus ride home! Need energy so today I am going to suggest "Song for You" by The Raid! (P.s. the guys voice is just TOO cute 🥺)
Hey guys its Monday🙄. Yall all know I hate Mondays but wwhatevs. Today I am suggesting Shonen Waltz by Pentagon.
hey guys! I am late to school😫 anyways im suggesting Romantic Season by Lareine.
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