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Who is your favorite Jpop or JRock artist?

Every time I go to Japan I buy a bit of music. THis time I bought:

Chihiro Onitsuka - Insomnia CD and Live at Budokan DVD. Nearly everything Chihiro does is fantastic, so I'm just adding to my collection.

I also bought CDs by a band called Nigrilis (with the N back to front), which is pretty good - kind of indie pop.

Also, Meiko Heigo, who I saw on TV and thought was good. The album has a few good tracks, but there are quite a few weak ones too.
Lately I just have to listen to the song True Heart by タッキー&翼 when I窶冦 taking my Sunday afternoon nap. As I窶冦 falling into sleep, I hear an infatuated male voice asks softly,窶 When did your heart stop loving me?窶 over and over again but then it sounds like, 窶 When did your heart start roughing me?窶 😜

And as I press the backward button on my CD player don窶冲 know how many times, I just doze off窶ヲ

Although I still can窶冲 figure out what he窶冱 / they窶决e singing about , 窶弋rue Heart窶 is indeed a very melodious song. One of the best lullabies in the year of 2004! :music:
Hands down, B'z. Started listening to them in '92 and haven't stopped since. The thing I like best about them is they always change their sound a little bit in each album. Fav album is definitely 7th Blues. Now if only I could find a site with music videos because I can't stand not seeing 野生のENERGY again. Everytime I hear the song, it reminds me of my time spent in Fukuoka.

I'd have to say that L'Arc and Glay would tie for second though.

dir en grey has always been my all-time-favorite in japanese music, but when i've found +D'espairsRay+, i think that it's even better than deg. well, someone could say that +D'R+ sounds a little bit of manson, but i like manson a little bit too, so... it's not bad.
highly recommended.

nah, there is still thousand of good bands in japan, i also would list kagerou, vidoll, gullet, kagrra, moi dix mois, x-japan, plastic tree, malice mizer, due'le quartz, pierrot, penicillin, kテカzi, lareine, guniw tools, etc. guniw tools has a very unique sound, and full really is perfect in singing. and the lyrics, i like those also. "is there a sky that you want?"
TRYO ; french group

I propose you to listen a French group TRYO which I like very much.
Maybe you'll like too...

Comme les journテゥes sont longues (2003) 🧑‍🎤


Je pテェche テ? la ligne
du bord de ma fenテェtre
les fritures solaires les moins timides.
テ? mort dans l'aprem
en attendant j'promティne
ma lutte contre la mテゥlancolie.
J'ai beau dテゥtaillテゥ les raisons de la bank'Root
テ? n'avance pas l'chmil blick.

{Refrain} 🧑‍🎤

Comme les journテゥes sont longues {x6}
Piテゥ piテゥ piテゥ piテゥ......

Ma sナ砥r donne dans l'yoga
son mec est aux beaux arts
mon pティre テ? leur テ「ge avait deux fils.
N'empテェche ils m'hテゥbergent,
13 mois de gamberge
pour dire... j'ai mテェm' repeint leur cuisine.
Si mon tテゥlテゥphone portable
est sur テゥcoute,
le mouchard doit se dire...

{au Refrain} 🧑‍🎤

Cette quinzaine d'heure de bouge
je la redoute,
mais le pire...c'est la nuit

Comme les journテゥes sont longues {x15} 🧑‍🎤

then? :?
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