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Who is your favorite Jpop or JRock artist?

My fave j-pop artist is Ayumi Hamasaki I got her CD's I really like her songs
I used to like what she did, but I think she's lost her edge. Her last album sounded rehashed to me.

Recently I read about how she threw a tantrum because she didn't have enough money to buy all that she wanted, stemming from the fact that her latest albums have not sold as well as her previous ones... She's slowy edging the same way as Namie Amuro... Yet, that's the nature of Japanese J-pop. There are only a very precious few "long time" J-popers... Which does not make your taste in any way bad, just in case my comment is misinterpreted.
That is ok I only liked her old song's I am finding more new j-pop artists out there that are good and maybe I can own an original J-Pop CD from japan.
Well My Japanese is not up to Parr yet...lol But there is this band that I saw on J-MTV. They call themselves D[di:] It's another Japanese punk band, that I just added to my favorites. Just one problem, I can't find it anywhere here in Okinawa. Perhaps someone can help me out?

Here is the band's website:
You can buy it from here, but you need to register first...


Their Website doesn't give any clues as to where the album can be found, which means most good record stores. Isn't there an HMV, Tower Records in your area?
I find J-POP song's ina this one magazine Called "Newtype"
I know it's out in japan I got the US version.Could that narrow it down to some good J-POP Musice? I download the music from the J-POP artist and if I like it I either Buy it online or Go to a J-POP store here.
Well, Newtype is not per se a J-pop related magazine, so it may not be the best source of info on J-pop. Strictly speaking, Newtype is "the moving picture magazine", in other words, its main focus is anime, to a lesser degree manga, and to even lesser degree video games, anime goods, related soundtracks, seiyuu (voice actors) and such. I've not had the chance to read the American version (was even very surprised when I learned of its existence), but I would think that the contents of the magazine follow the lines of its Japanese counterpart.

This online store looks pretty good, but in the end, I think it will always be cheaper to buy straight from the Japanese market, bypassing the import fees...


Although I'm suprised to see that the CDs on the site above are cheaper than their Japanese domestic counterparts... I wonder how that can be?
"there is this band that I saw on J-MTV. They call themselves D[di:] It's another Japanese punk band, that I just added to my favorites"

Among others that I like, are 175R, Mongol 800, BoA, Ayu, Globe, :p
tasuki : Do you know any news letter's or anything that I can get update on the J-Music ?
No, I don't know of any in English, but perhaps you can sift out something from here

There are tons of links

Don't think you do. The prices you have to pay are those advertised and they even have a free delivery policy within the US and Canada, so... (There are probably conditions, though, such as 3 CDs or more or above a certain amount...)
That's OK, I tend to find things out late as well... By the way, Sousuke, this may be off topic, but what time is it where you are? And Punk 窶堙固坦窶堙姑陳哉鍛ニ谷ツー, where are you stationned in Okinawa?
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