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Who is your favorite Jpop or JRock artist?

I got it off usenet yesterday. It's actually quite a good album. Still some of that punk in there.
Hey hey its me been 4 months since I posted here. well people that know me PM me please keep me up to date!!

Hard question. Especially since you have a wide range of great talented artists to choose from. Hmmmmm....I would have to say either Dir en Grey or Kagerou. (No, wait, what about Malice Mizer and Miyavi?? And baroque, and Hide, and much more others????)

:mad: Ok, due to indecisiveness, I don't have a favourite. I love them all the same! *heart*
My favorite artists ? Clammbon, acidman, sheena ringo and aco should be listed in here. Anyone knowing about those ?
LoL wow I never thought this could make 178 posts I just started this long time ago wow
souske | quite glad to hear you say you know them but well, explaining what you think of those artists would somehow have been interesting ...
Talk about 'bishie'-ness: Hyde, Gackt, Miyabi and the lead singers of Siam Shade and Sophia.. [i don`t know their names tho]

I only like certain songs from 1 singer/band. I don`t really buy the whole album; I download stuff first to check out if the songs are good and worthy enough of my money. But anyway, here are the singers/bands I`ve listened to that I liked songs from so far:

Laruku, Gackt, Curio, Siam Shade, Yellow Monkey, Glay, BAAD, Tokuyama Hidenori, Charcoal Filter

BoA`s Korean. she speaks English and Japanese very well.
Ooo I love J-rock and some J-pop mmm Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois, X-Japan, Mucc, Inugami Circus-dan, Plastic Tree, Hyde, hide, murasaki, hotaru, The Yellow Monkey, Eastern Youth, DAI, Utada Hikaru, Ayumi

Yeah >.>
I may be a country boy, but I can't get enough of Utada Hikaru's music! That girl puts so much into her music it puts a lot of singers to shame (almost every American singer). Utada Hikaru is # 1!
Some J-rock people are just plain weird!! like da cloths and style they look goth I think dats da point
I also like JRock... L'Arc~en~Ciel, X Japan, Hide and Dir en Grey r my favorites jrock bands... but i also like jpop music... Hikari Utada and Misia r really good... but the first place is for Morning Musume to me
I like Utada Hikaru but i am waiting for a new single or album really hard to get hold of them here in Norway i have to usually ship them from Japan
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