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Thanks x33 Miku is cute xD Made quite a number of icons but im so busy and lazy to upload it... perhaps during the weekends i guess xDD
hey everyone
here's my latest ava....im not entirely satisfied with it i might correct it if i have some ideas....so if you have some ideas let me know :p
@Ruka & Arlet: thank you :LOL:

these are quite old...

I made some more 8D

The saga siggy is so pretty! I like the 2nd rukiXrei icon!! Taking it ^^ Will credit if used xD
for those of you who like Ruki of The GazettE

a big one for fun

and a small one as an animated avatar.

they seem shakey because that is the way the video was done. enjoy!
I haven't been here for ages *sits in corner and cries*

but I'm sooo happy to see that this thread is still alive and people are posting their graphics here!!!👍

sooo....this is my graphics journal on lj and since I'm too lazy to post everything here, have a look there :p
:LOL:Guren mic licking~

Some more (that I'm not particularly proud of xP)
I love the new avatars Ruu~! Especially the last one! Taion Ruki! :LOL:

I actually made something. o_O I'm not much of an artist but here are three Hizumi (+D'espairsRay+) wallpaper that I made for his birthday!😎



@ blacksoul
uwaaahhh long time no see !!! 0.0
yeah as you can see, the thread is still more or less alive and kicking ^^ツ≫?ケ

@ suzuki akira
niiiice !!
it's nice to see some desray art once in a while :3

btw here are some SID avas i made....i have a SID obsession lately, please tell me what you think about them !

plus my siggie-ava kit that i have at the moment
Awheeeeeee~! 😍
Omg, all of you thank u very much.

Sorry, now I need a moment to stop drowling :LOL:

[EDIT] A few days later ~!
I made a Siwon Wallpaper...
Oh, And Also my avatar and my signature were made by me :p
Anyway here it is for the once who like it :)

Im not an expert so... I hope you can give some tips?☝
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Heyyy everyone!! I've not been contributing for so long!! Sorry abt that xP Here's my huge Vidoll obsession icons! Enjoy ^^

@Suzuki_Akira: Thank you :3
Those are actually really good 😎 *can't make wallpapers to save her life* I like the way they're all kinda creepy xD;

@Arlet: You did a good job on the light effects :), I wish I could give you some tips but I'm useless at making wallpapers >.<

@RukaNightmare: oooh~ o.o they're all gorgeous~! ...xDD; the third one 😍

Here's some more from moi~ (not many though because I'm so busy lately >.<) :


if used outside JREF please credit me as Odaku @ Livejournal​
Thank you 🙂

Woah, nice avatars...
I really like them :D
@Suzuki_Akira: thank you, I really appreciate it 😊

I'm going to start taking requests for icons and signature banners, sorry but only Gazette and alice nine. because they're the only bands I really collect pictures of.

-So if you have a request, please let me know who you want on the icon and if you want any text put onto the icon (and what you want that text to be) in a PM; you can provide a specific picture too if you wish.
-You can request up to 3 graphics at one time.
-I'll do other bands IF you provide the picture.
-completed icons and signature banners will be posted here.
Why is this thread so deserted? o_O;;

I made more (as usual credit [email protected] if used) :






I made these the GazettE logo wallpapers last night, they're available in various sizes on my livejournal: Error
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I got creative again and made a new Saga wally for all my Saga loving buddies out there. enjoy!

the words are hard to read until you set it to your desktop. then they become clear!
whoah as usual there are some great things in here ç__ç

i feel kinda ashamed to post what i did here, but i reckon you can't make progress if there is no criticism right? ^^

so, here are my latest i'm not too ashamed of :

two SID siggie-gifs :

and finally, i tried a few wallpapers :

please tell me what you think about them
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