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New to J-Music! What are your recommendations?

Miyavi: He Has an AMAZING voice and he uses it like he means it^^
Malice Mizer:*sigh* such pritty music
Dir en grey:there a little scremey but there still really! cool
Gackt:Hes lyrics are Amazing!! And So is Hes voice :D
Hyde: againe awsome lyrics and voice
Gazette:they have really cool songs
An Cafe : There really awsome. ^^
:) Here are my recommendations...

Dir en Grey- I have to put them...they were my first J-rock band. I love Kyo's voice....it's so diverse

Malice Mizer-I love how their music sounds...it's so pretty

Hide-Im just getting into listening to his music, but what i've heard is really good

Kozi- his style of music is undescriable, but i love it so much! it's really unique in it's own way
Pop/Slow ~

Younha - 19 years old singer born in Korea, but sings perfectly Japanese. Her best song in my oppinion is Houki Boshi, which has also been used as ending theme for the anime series Bleach. Some other good songs are My Lover, Te wo tsunaide, Touch, Motto Futari de and Time to rock.

Yui - also very young singer. I can recommend Rolling Star and Goodbye days.

Yuna Ito - Dont confuse her with the 2 ones above (it seems like all good japanese female singers have something with the sounding of Yu). I can recommend Losin, Precious and Stuck on you.

Ayumi Hamasaki - I think she is quite populair to all J-pop fans. Startin, Blue bird and especially Evolution are good songs.

AAA - This band has 2 top class songs in my opinion. Samurai Heart and Blood on Fire.

Chemistry - This group consists of 2 male singers in perfect harmony. I strongly recommend It takes two and Now or never. Some other good songs are Two as one and point of no return.

Mr. Children - They already have a good reputation for quite some years. You should listen to ニ男ニ歎ニ竪ニ智ニ狸ニ歎ニ竪, ニ停?ーニ停?ーニ停?ー and ナ誰窶堋ェツ好窶堋ォ (kimi ga suki).

ニ湛ニ痴ニ鍛ニ団 (Spitz) - like Mr. Children, they already had succes during the 90s. Mahou no Kotoba is my favourite song of them. I also like ニ蛋ニ巽ニ椎?ツー, ニ陳哉池ニ停?愴箪ニ停?彈/I] and 窶ケテウ窶堙?窶敕イ窶堙冷?堙ゥ窶堙坂?堋ク.

Rock ~

Ellegarden - You could compare them with Sum 41 (Soft rock). Jitterbug is a great song. I should do more research on them..

Asian Kung-fu generation - Comparable to Ellegarden. Haruka Kanata is a song you cant miss. Again I should do a LOT more research on them..
Utada Hikaru
Ayu (I particularly like her trance remixes)
Mika Nakashima
T.M Revolution

Dir en grey (Who saw that coming? =P.)
Antique Cafe/Antic Cafe/AnCafe
The Pillows
The GazettE
Abington Boys School

Aural Vampire
Schwarz Stein/HORA
Velvet Eden
Another Cell
Can somebody please reccomend some fairly heavy rock? I'll check out the bands listed so far as rock, but can somebody tell me some heavy stuff? Thanks. 👍
An cafe:
There music is fun to listen to. Everytime i hear there songs i'm really happy. It's full of energy and Miku's voice is great. His screaming is very good too.👍 My favorite song by them is Super rabbit.

I really like his music. He has lots of energy (in his music, PVs and in his lives shows) and his guitar skills are amazing. I think his best album is Galyuu and the song Ashita, Tenki Ni Naare is my favo.

Vidoll is one of the best bands I know. Jui is on vocal and he has one of the best voices i ever heard. I don't know how to discribe there music style though. They put allot of bass parts in there music. This in combination with Jui's beautiful voice gives the music something that only this band can offer.

Alice nine:
I like the music of alice nine because they make rockish and poppy songs. They have a great style and Shou has a beautiful strong voice. His voice is different than the rest and it gives the music something special to listen to.

I love the songs on his new album Faith the most. I think its the best album that he have maked in his solo. I can't totally find myself in the lyrics and his voice is just so amazing. I found `made in heaven` is the best song of the album.

BON'Z: They are a rock band and i totally like there music. I think you can compare there music to Asian Kung-fu generation. And there totally fun to listen too. Arigatou is a really good song. This song is also used as end theme in the anime kyo kara maou.

the GazettE
My favourite band and one of the most amazing band I've ever seen/heard. Ruki's voice skills are really good, he can scream but he can also sing very soft. Their sound changed a little bit, in earlier days they made "heavier" music, but their music is still great. Also the songtexts are touching and really good.

Alice Nine
Shou's voice is different than from many other vocalists and makes the sound of Alice Nine to something special. Their music is full of energy and you can hear how much fun they have making music. They sounded "heavier" in earlier days too, but you can hear that they improved a lot speaking of their skills in song-writing.

Dir en Grey
An amazing band. Their look changed from visual kei to "normal" rock, but their music is still full of emotions. Kyo screams a lot, but even then you can hear his adorable voice. Their songs touch the heart, mainly by the screaming but also by calm guitar/bass solos. Their texts show a lot of their personality and of their fragility.

Antique Cafe
The happy music!!xDD Their music makes you smile and Miku has a very pleasant voice. Especially when he's imitating Donald Duck you can not but smile.

I think I'll list the others just so, cause otherwise this post will become too long^^...mainly I adore the following bands/artists because or their ability to show so much emotions through their music, wheter through songtexts, style of singing or melody. They are all great artists with fantastic skills:
Hyde /L'arc~en~ciel
X Japan
(I hope I didn't forget anyone^^)
Ai Otsuka (Jpop)
AnCafe (Jrock band-visual)
Ayaka (Jpop)
Bonnie Pink (Jpop)
Kat-tun (Jpop boyband)
Miyavi (Jrock-visual)
NewS (Jpop boyband)
One ok Rock (Jrock)
Tegomasu (Jpop duet)
the GazettE (Jrock band-visual)
Utada Hikaru (Jpop)
WaT (Jpop/Jrock duet)
jpop artists

here's my list:
hitomi shimatani
mai kuraki
Tackey & Tsubasa
Utada Hikaru
Yuna Ito
Namie Amuro
Ayumi Hamasaki
ken hirai
I want to recommend some bands which are not that well known:
Aural Vampire
Schwarz Stein
Calmando Qual
Plastic Tree

And of course some of the classics
Dir en grey
D'espairs Ray
My recommandations are:
Aural Vampire -> Their style is really unique and there is a song for everyone which they will enjoy
Schwarz Stein -> is disbanded ;___; But really awesome music!
Girugämesh -> Amazing voice and great music skills (Fukai No Yami is my fav)
Dir en Grey -> Liek most people already know. Kyo has an amazingly strong voice filled with emotion (although I have to say that Marrow of a Bone was less good in my oppinion)
Miyavi -> Amazing voice, damn funny guy who is really cute too. After being a guitarist in Dué le Quartz, he shows what he can do on his own, giving an amazing result ^__^
Ayabie -> Didn't liek em that much at first because Aoi's voice wasn't that appealing to me, but after seeing them live, I adore em (Aoi's voice live sounds -so- much better)
D'espairsRay -> Really loud/rough music yet Hizumi's voice can change the whole feeling to a song. His voice can change from an angel to the devil himself in just a second which gives an amazing sound
lynch. -> Bit more in the same heavy street of Deathgaze. If you are a bit in the heavy style, you will adore this band
Deathgaze -> Same as lynch.
Nightmare -> These guys have an amazing individual sound. You should really check this one ^__^

*looks at teh amount she has written* I... guess I'll stop now XD
Buck-tick of course can't do without them.
Gackt has some great songs to.
D,Ghost,Sugar,Rentrer en soi, moi dix moix,deadman,malice mizer for the gothic fans.
Gazette, Alice nine, nightmare,d'espairsray,Wizard, nightmare for the rockfans.
Wow, I'm amazed that most of you have all posted the same bands!
J-pop, J-rock. Why can't you all label properly? We already know all of these artists are from Japan. So no need to use the constant "J"s.
I have much Japanese music I listen to, but I really only have one recommendation.
And that is L'Arc~en~Ciel. I hear they are very, very, huge in Japan, and now I know why. Never in my life have I ever heard such beautiful and creative music. It is simply IMPOSSIBLE to get bored while listening to this band.
I would consider them alternative or hard rock, with a steady flow of pop-rock elements. The vocalist Hyde's voice is so incredible, and the music is just so well arranged.
That is my only recommendation at the moment, because I feel that many people that like different kinds of music could enjoy this band.
Because their music focuses alot on the melody and also the bass parts and the vocalist can sing from really low notes to high ones (even opera-like ones) So it's worth listening to. x)

Each of the members haf really special personalities and their style of music is really huge in range. They haf ballads which really touches the heart with their wonderful lyrics and their rock music will make u rock with them xD

Alice Nine
The vocalist has a powerful voice and one can see that he's improving more and more in their recent music. Their music can be pop/rock and is easy to listen to xD

An Cafe
This band is really unique. They haf songs that makes ur unhappiness goes away. The pvs are very cheerful and optimistic and seeing them acting silly at times kinda make u smile all day xD

Well, i dunno much abt pop but it seems like Ayumi Hamasaki is a fave of quite some people. Her ballads like Dearest and Voyage are really addictive and beautiful.
Gazette- Burial Applicante, Cassis, Filth in the Beauty
Abingdon Boys School - Nervous Breakdown
Alice Nine - Jewel, White Prayer,
12012 - Over, Cyclone
Vidoll - Cloud, Sister
ummm...I'll recommend random songs from a few artists, I'll try and make it vary in sound...

the GazettE: Hyena, Ruder, $ocial Riot Machine$, Filth in the Beauty
Kagrra,: Satsuki, Utakata, Shizuku, Koi, Sou, Jajauma Hime
alice nine.: Yami ni Chiru Sakura, WHITE PRAYER, Tsubasa, Ruri no ame, Jewel
12012: Vomit, Gallows, Ice -Cold city-, Cheeky Doll, Aren't you dead yet
Miyavi: Selfish Love, Are you ready to ROCK?, Jibun Kakumei -2003-, Kimi ni Funky Monky Vibration ~Dokusou~
Gackt: Redemption, Mizerables, White Eyes, Birdcage, orenji no taiyou, Speed Master, Returner ~闇の終焉~
An Cafe: Kakusei Heroism, Maple Gunman, 桃色ピュア的溺愛ザクラ, Tekesuta Kousen, Snow Scene, Smile Ichiban Ii onna, Ryuusei Rocket
abingdon boys school: HOWLING, NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, Nephillim, Fre@k $HoW, Innocent Sorrow
LM.C: Sentimental PIGgy Romance, OH MY JULIET, marble-s, Haunted House make a Secret
Acid Black Cherry: Black Cherry, SPELL MAGIC
ACID: Prayer, 0:00am, Place of Love, Renewal my Soul,

will add more later
Buck-Tick ~ they are the masters! Dark mysterious vocals and lyrics, some crazy guitar playing, and music that ranges from naughty to epic. They are awesome.
My greatest have to possibly be -

  • -Snowkel
  • - UVERworld
  • -NEWS ( New but still alright.)
  • -Bump of Chicken
  • -YUI
  • -Bowl
J-Pop is what I listen to most of the time, because their songs are so catchy. Like Kat-Tun's Yorokobi no Uta, I can put it on repeat for hours. 🕺
Kiyoharu & Kuroyume/SADS:)
Kiyoharu has influenced many of today's younger Jrockers with his bands. Though Kuroyume and SADS are both disbanded the songs they created are still just as powerful and amazing. SADS had a punk rock feel to it's music. Kuroyume started as a Visual Kei band. I think he has the most unique voice in the world. You cannot reproduce him.
Songs- "Sherry" "What Can I Do" "Masquerade" "Boukyaku no Sora" "Sandy" "Porno Star"

His music is so dynamic. Some songs are upbeat and catchy, the ones you cannot help but to sing and dance to. Other songs are powerful and moving, they bring you to tears. :( His voice is amazing.
Rie Fu is the First one that comes to mind,
I like the relaxed somewhat low tone of her
voice and her choice of words.

Mai Kuraki- she sounds very poetic,
she has a mother-type voice that seems to merge
with the instrumental like a lullaby.

Mai Yamane- very dramatic, interesting choice of words.

Hitomi Takahashi- young and expressive sound,
soft voice and fast-paced, interesting combination.

I'll list others at another time, I hope people like my input.
hmmmm :unsure: i would say utada hikaru is good for those who r new with j-music :)
for those who like rock more than that GAZETTE!! 😍
My recommendation will be KinKi Kids!!!

Hello,everybody~I am a big fan of KinKi Kids who come from Malaysia.I personally highly recommed eveyone to listen to KinKi Kids music because their music are very easy listening,very fabulous,very fantastic & very excellent.They have been at J-POP music industry for over 10 years already.Their music are very cool since their first album.Right now they become more mature & every album they released will have changes & improvement,will bring surprises to us.This is why i like their music so much & of course their characters,their personalities,their professionals are very great.Because of all these,they become my No.1 idols ,no one can repalace them in bottom of my heart~:)
Arashi - the boys are so cute plus their jpop music is catchy ( their variety shows are v funny!)
The GazettE - nice variety of music from ballad to heavy rock to alternative rock, nice lyrics( Kai is hot)
W-inds - once again nice catchy jpop tunes and fantastic dancers ( watch the pv)
Utada Hikaru - Great singer , some ballads can really move you - check " flavour of life" or "Planetarium"
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