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New to J-Music! What are your recommendations?

Id say:

Gazette - lots of their songs are awesome, they are very famous
Hyde - hes cool, and has a great voice
L'arc en ciel - hyde used to sing for them, they have good songs
D'espairs ray - i really only like one of their songs and thats squall, its good
SID - theyre awesome, funny sometimes. i like their music a lot

last but not least,
D - they're my favorite band of all. amazing singing, guitarists everything. it might take a while to get used to his singing though. i love their music so much!
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Wow Nice Music.. You have very good singers and a good future in music industry.. Because I'm from asia and love to learn things about japan, A music, Way of living, Food etc.. Anyone tell me about rock music in japan?
Miyavi: Fun inspiring music, great vocals, excellent guitar playing
Utada Hikaru: WONDERFUL VOICE! Catchy music, great lyrics and good image over all
Tamaki Nami: Fun music to dance to, great lyrics
Dir en grey: Awesome guitars, music full of emotion, great vocals
Ayumi Hamasaki: Good for the hip-hop lover
Namie Amuro: Fair range of music mostly fun hip-hop
High and Mighty color: Fun rock music
Gazette: Good guitars, lyrics and vocals
~L'arc en ciel~: Good vocals, also fun rock music
Can somebody please recomend some fairly heavy rock? I'll check out the bands listed so far as rock, but can somebody tell me some heavy stuff? Thanks. 👍

I didn't notice this topic before, so I m answering now... whatever.

My rather short list of heavy stuff consists of these bands... well, unfortunately.
I don't LOVE all of them (note, capitals), but I do listen to them sometimes, ofc there are a few bands I really like.

Atomic Tornado
Blood Stain Child (screw Mozaiq, its a failure. I wants less trance and more death lolex!)
Serpent (Definitely amazing, its melodeath, but God, those quazi-scream growls humiliate most vocalists in the industry, its really like... howling)
It all depends on what sort of music you're into. I'll name a few bands and artists that I like, and I'll list them here from lightest (more dance/mellow-like) to heaviest (metal-like) (in my humble, personal opinion)

Ayumi Hamasaki
T.M. Revolution
Orange Range
Abingdon Boys School (lead singer T.M. Revolution, but much different sound)
Maximum the Hormone
Exist Trace

That's all I can think of at the moment and can't be bothered to look at my collection. That should be enough to get people started. Just Depends what you like.

-hint- My personal favourite of those is UVERworld.
BUCK-TICK is my recomandation: no need for description-allways the greatest...more than 20 years of activity and Atsushi Sakurai is the best vocalist ever
GACKT : singer,composer,actor,he also play many instruments,model; great voice,beautiful songs
I recommend to listen Old groups first
like X Japan, Luna sea and other older then 10 years~
You jus have to know from where J-rock grown~
I like JROCK alot, both soft and heavy one, but for newbies, i will recommend something softer/ gentle. Find out what kind of genre/ rhythm you like first then go for heavier one. JROCK is always full with surprise.

1) Kagrra,
Lot's of Japanese traditional elements or "wa"(和) in the melody along with Isshi (vocal) gentle but powerful voice, recommend their song "Irodori No Sanka" & "Sai" from their latest album.

2) Plastic Tree
Ryutaro Arimura (vocal) has a very very gentle & soft voice that sounds a bit sad. Try to look for the translation of the lyric (if you don't understand Japanese), most of it wrote by Ryutaro and the way he wrote the lyric is so so beautiful...Recommend "Yuki Hotaru" & "Spica"

3) Glay
Their melodies are great and easy to be accepted by most of the newbies in JROCK, and Teru voice is special! Abit rough but steady. Recommend "Minamigochi" & "Goodbye Bye Sunday"

4) The Gazette
Check out on "Guren", it's cool and you will know why you will like them.

5) Tourbillon
Formed by Luna sea vocal Ryuichi and Rhythm Guitarist Inoran together with Hayama. Great vocal and great melody/ rhythm arragement. Recommend "Heaven" & "Ageha"

6)244 Endlicheri
Tsuyoshi from Kinki kids, a talented guy that always shows improvement in his music. Recommend "Sora ga Naku kara", "Help me,help me" & "haru kurikaesu"

If you don't like JROck but something more gentle
1) Mr. Children
Recommend "Kurumi", touching.....

2) Kobukuro
check out on "Tsubomi" & "Sakura"
The genre is something similar to Mr.Children style but bit more blue.

If anyone need more recommendation, let me know :D
I love DEVO and POLYSICSツ!The new wave band is pretty goodツ!
Does everyone know?
It is really a circle when hearing itツ!
These is my bands list ... One by one great bands.

║ ( o )║ Music ♥.
- Versailles (ニ停?敞巽ニ停?ケニ探ニ辰ニ停??)
- Malice Mizer (ニ筑ニ椎?ニ湛ツ・ニ蓄ニ端ニ停?ケ)
- Nightmare (ニ段ニ辰ニ暖ニ陳?但)
- Moi Dix Mois (ニ停?堡陳照断ニ達ニ湛ニ停?堡陳?
- Gazette (ニ狸ニ端ニ鍛ニ暖)
- Alice Nine (ニ但ニ椎?ニ湛窶ケテ」テ・j.)
- Miyavi (窶堙昶?堙「ニ停?敞達)
- Gackt (ツ神ヒ? ナ?y窶徑)
- Közi (窶堋ア窶堋、窶堋カ)
- Klaha (ニ畜ツーニ谷ニ停?ケ)
- Girugämesh (ニ樽ニ停?ケニ狸ニ陳?鍛ニ歎ニ停?ヲ)
- Schwarz Stein (窶堙ー窶「テ陳集窶吮??)
- Nobuo Uematsu (ツ植ツ渉シ ツ伸窶「v)
- Shiina Ringo (窶凖??督シ窶氾打津ァ)
- SHAKA LABBITS (ニ歎ニ槌槌谷ニ停?ーニ池ニ鍛ニ団)
- POLYSICS (ニ竹ニ椎?ニ歎ニ鍛ニ誰ニ湛)
- Plastic Tree (ニ致ニ停?ーニ湛ニ弾ニ達ニ鍛ニ誰 ニ暖ニ奪ニ椎?ツー)
- Pierrot (ニ痴ニ竪ニ陳?
- LAREINEツ(ニ停?ーニ椎陳ーニ談ツ)
- Phantasmagoria (ニ稚ニ叩ニ停?愴耽ニ湛ニ筑ニ担ニ椎?ニ但)
- Otsuka Ai (窶佚・窶凖 ヒ?、)
- Oblivion Dust (ニ棚ニ置ニ椎?ニ停?敞達ニ棚ニ停?慊・ニ胆ニ湛ニ暖)
- Noir Fleurir
- 窶ーテォ-Miyavi-
- Luna Sea (ニ停?ケニ段ニ歎ツー)
- LAST ALLIANCE (ニ停?ーニ湛ニ暖 ニ但ニ停?ーニ辰ニ但ニ停?愴湛)
- L'Arc〜en〜Ciel ツ(ニ停?ーニ停?ケニ誰 ニ但ニ停? ニ歎ニ竪ニ停?ケツ)
- Kuroyume (ツ坂?「窶督イ)
- Kagrra, (ニ谷ニ丹ニ停?ー)
- Kagerou (テ・ナ?テ・ツ?)
- Hyde (ニ地ニ辰ニ檀ツ、)
- Hideto Matsumoto (Hide) (ツ渉シ窶怒 ツ秀ツ人)
- Glay (ニ丹ニ椎槌辰)
- Existツ?オtrace
- Eve of Destiny
- Do As Infinity (ニ檀ニ奪ツ・ニ但ニ炭ツ・ニ辰ニ停?愴稚ニ達ニ男ニ弾ニ達- )
- Dir en grey (ニ断ニ達ニ停?ケツ・ニ但ニ停?慊・ニ丹ニ椎槌辰)
- D'espairsRay (ニ断ニ達ニ湛ニ恥ツーニ炭ニ椎槌辰)
- Deathgaze (ニ断ニ湛ニ嘆ニ辰ニ炭)
- COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS (ニ坦ツーニ停?ケニ耽ツーツ・ニ棚ニ置ツ・ニ旦ツ・ニ断ニ達- ツーニ恥ツーニ炭ツ)
- Blood
- Baroque (ニ弛ニ陳哉鍛ニ誰)
- Asian Kung-Fu Generation (ニ但ニ淡ニ但ニ停?慊・ニ谷ニ停?愴稚ツーツ・ニ淡ニ巽ニ値- ニ椎陳ーニ歎ニ停?。ニ停??
- ARASHI (ニ淡ニ槌槌男ツーニ炭)
- Aural Vampire (ニ棚ツーニ停?ーニ停?ケニ停?敞叩ニ停?愴恥ニ辰ニ但)
- Antique Cafe (ニ但ニ停?愴弾ニ達ニ鍛ニ誰-テ?テ崚?ティ窶弭-) [LOVE]
- Animetal (ニ但ニ男ニ陳?耽ニ停?ケ)
- Angeloツ(ニ但ニ停?愴淡ニ巽ニ陳債)
My current top 5 is:
1. Kaya
2. Dir en grey
3. D'espairs Ray
4. An Cafe
5. NoGoD

That's a quite colorful mix I guess..^^
To me, ZARD for ever.

By the way,

Has anybody ever listened to "Escaflowne's soundtrack" by Yoko Kanno?
I just recomend it.
That's an example what I call a masterpiece from Japan.
My advice:go with the classical artists who know how to do real ballads. Check out Shunichi Miyamoto. He's not only good-sounding, but good-looking, for all who it counts for.
heh, everyone recommends their favorite bands and artists and many of them repeats. :} but oh well. I also can recommend several popular j-rock/visual kei bands, because I think some of them really deserves at least some attention from someone,who wants to get acquainted with j-rock. but I don't see any purpose to do so. so I would rather recommend....
for electronical music fans I can offer a dreamy music maker - Akira Kosemura. very similar artist - Haruka Nakamura. also gentle woman vocal in band of two people - Matryoshka. aaaaand one more in this place - Kashiwa Daisuke. these are my favorites mostly ambient makers.
Wagdug Futuristic Unity - digital hardcore. anime lovers probably know this project - his song "Systematic People" was used in Kurozuka's opening.
Nujabes - awesome hip-hop and trip-hop music producer, he also contributed music to the soundtrack of anime "Samurai Champloo".
great funk music from Kei Kobayashi.
nobodyknows+ - hehe, j-rap band i guess, their sound is a mix of funk, jazz, dance, and especially hip-hop.

well, there still are many bands and artists that I can possibly recommend, but for now it's enough, i think.~
LM.C Really energetic and catchy music. :) JaME info
Kitaro Composes really beautiful pieces. I recommend Mizu ni Inori te album. Info
Lucy Rock. They absolutely rock! Hisashi's vocals are just so great. JaME info
AMADEUS Classical, visual kei. Beethoven and Mozart influenced. JaME info
Janne Da Arc Rock, pop-ish, heavy rock. JaME info
DJ OZMA Pop. xD So good, and his videos. x) Spiderman cracked me up (watch it!) JaME info
globe Various, pop, dance. JaME info
The Pillows Rock. They have also made music for the anime FLCL. JaME info
KAT-TUN Pop, rock, rap. Great vocals and upbeat songs. JaME info
Kotani Kinya Pop. Has made music for Gravitation anime. JaME info
w-inds Pop. Haven't listened them much but their song Super Lover is really catchy. :)) JaME info
DJ OZMA lol yeah he's a trip.

I sort of started out with d'espairsray
Then I toddled over to Nightmare. I found them on my own. After that I found Girugamesh.
The 3 bands I mentioned, in my opinion, are similar sound type of music I prefer. Kind of heavy and dark.

Then I looked over An Cafe becuase someone recommend that I listen to them, then Gazette and Alice Nine.
They're pretty catchy bands, and mostly upbeat in comparison. (Also just my opinion)
The GazettE
Dir en Grey
L'Arc en Ciel
9Goats Black Out
Luna Sea
X Japan
Frantic EMIRY
Malice Mizer
Plastic Tree
Duel Jewel
Shoujo Lolita 23Q
Acid Black Cherry
Janne Da Arc
Rentrer en Soi
Alice Nine
Mika Nakashima
Mr. Children
Skoop on Somebody

They're all the Japanese artists/bands I listen to =)
I' m also a newbie in Jmusic,
but I know some japanese acts.

Ars Nova, a keyboard orientated prog- rock band with female vocals.
Lite a very unknown japanese post-rock band (instrumental)
and of course the Art-Pop legend Ryuichi Sakamoto.
Road to Chopin

For those who appreciate jazz as much as classical music, Makoto Ozone's album, Road to Chopin, is immensely enjoyable. Here's a sample.

Btw, Makoto speaks fluent English and has a jazz program on a radio station.
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hi, i am a new, i am a fan of Japanese music from Vietnam. Hope i have a lot of friends here and have more information about japanese music
@camellia89 :D im also new here. theres loads of intresting stuff being talked about, if you have time to read it all.

Malice Mizer
D - the best ever band :)
An Cafe
Alice Nine
X - japan
Dir En Grey
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