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Pics of J-rock stars outside the fame

Normphobic said:

Hey Norphobic! My friend took this photo!^^(I wonder do you get this from LD50 site?) Oh and btw my other friend translated to them!^^
And this was taken in HUNGARY!😌
Doll.................................. I do really envy your friend, you know that? :cautious: 😊 :( :LOL:
God, I'm too silly... :sorry:
Anyway, one day I'll go to an Eve of Destiny live, too! 😎 I know they like playing in Europe... :) (if only they can get another label... :cry: )
wow we need more pics of the boys from alice nine...and Gackt-sama and Miyavi *and the list goes on and on* without make-up though....i have yet to see a picture of Gackt with no make-up, he always has some sort of eyeliner on no matter what
I love j-rocker all natural. Before I couldn't stand the fact that the stage outfits are so often just costumes, but now I often like the natural pictures better.
Uhm, but most of the pictures here are actually with make-up though. You have to consider that thy're not without make-up just cause there's no eye shadow. Don't forget about the foundation! XD
Haha I was craking up about what Kaine said about how Tora looks like a nerd from elementary. Personally he looks like a cat I had once but e's much better all grown up...I agree tho more Alice Nine. :D
Hyde_is_my_anti-drug said:
I do listen to hard rock, thank you! Rock and hard rock aren't the same. I listen to Rammstein for crying out loud! Do I think Gackt is Rammstein? F**KING HELL NO. He's just NOT POP!!!

man! who ******' cares.
gackt is gackt, pop or not.
get over it.
Can you please please please please please post the picture of Mana without his makeup again, because the link won't let me see it *sobs loudly* I'm a desperate fangirl here!
Aw, man I would so not recognize Kozi if I saw him on the street. I can just never get a grip on his face.
I'd say Gackt is pop now, but what's wrong with listening to pop? I don't listen to Gackt, but I listen to a lot of other pop. Anyways, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! *runs away with arms over head*
Yeah, compared to what gackt used to be, he is now 'pop' in my opinion.
pop = popular
gackt = popular
gackt = pop

I have some from Nightmare



Hitsugi and Yomi

Nightmare plays Rock, scissor, paper

^I think Yomi lost
xD those Nightmare pics are really cute ^_^

Here you have more of Kyo without make-up:




I don't know if someone has already posted those pics in here, but, anyways..
The second picture is beautiful Ch_Niimura. Kyo looks like he's thinking about someone/something. Love it.
I found you randomly on myspace.
and I was like..
"I wonder if that's the same Kinsao from jref."
I guess it is! XD


Hizumi looks like such a tard. <3

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