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Pics of J-rock stars outside the fame

Aww Shou is fantastic with or without makeup. Tsukasa from bis is heaven sent haha I think he was created just for me to enjoy!

I have a few pics of Gazette without makeup. I have over 350 pictures of them, so tonight after work I will go through and post them momo.
Gara from Merry

I've noticed you can never see Kozi's eyes in no-makeup pics, though. It's a shame because he has beautiful eyes - you can even tell that through the makeup. 😊
I think a lot of JRockers best features sometimes get lost behind the layers of spackle they put on every day. Kozi's eyes being one of them.

Oh and even though it was awhile ago, I'd still like to put in mt two cents about Gackt : Gackt = pop. So poppy he bleeds soda.
Ah, so glad you have taken joy in my belated attempts at JRock humor.


And may I say I find it highly amusing that there's a huge red arrow on the graney photo of young Kozi? It looks lie it belongs from some sort of P.I. noir film. like : HERE there be Kozi! The lil' bars over the other kids faces don't help either.

Ah Kozi...you were such a punk.
Thank you Norm! 🙏
(hey, I don't use that smilie often, y'know! XDD)

Hide my heart... you are right! :LOL:
About the photos or my secret plans to kidnap gackt and hook him uo to a milking device inorder to start a soda "pop" empire?

Mmm, I think that last lil meat bun I used looks the tastiest of all.
Ah, so the ugly truth comes ot at last! There is a need of 10 characters or more! How I am shamed...

Hope you'll buy the product when it comes out!

I suppose this is all related to some off brand child hood trauma I had growing up. One day one of the kids in my class noticed my real name was a key ingrediant in several sodas.......

We shall not speak of it......
... OMG -_- hahahahh i thought u posted up a pix of an cafe out of makeup... (im sorry... was stupid and didnt read the rest of wat u rote) and i was like.. WHOS THAT BLONDE GUY?! BETTER NOT BE BOU caz then MAKEUP DOES A LOT for him -_- thank goodness i found out it was yura.. hahah
yea... i was about to die... then i had to make sure and read it again =D thank goodness... i dont think i could have afford another hospital emergency bill =P
HAHAHHA my god.. he kinda looks like this nerd i knew back in elementary school... i think he still kinda looks like himself tho... but the makeup one is of course... MUST sexier =D
Oh my... Make-up does wonders, doesn't it? :p Nah, most of them look good. :) It's just kind of funny when you get used to seeing pictures of them in make-up, then seeing them without it and going, "Oh my! Just a regular man whom I most surely would pass in the street!" :LOL:
A lot of them do look very attractive, even when not made up. 😊
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