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Pics of J-rock stars outside the fame

It is...
It's true he sometimes looks very different from one photo to another. And that one is pretty old. 😆
I dunno. (lmao, I'm not quite that much of a Kozi geek! :D )
He left home at 16, and I'm fairly sure met with Mana about 6 - 12 months after he'd been in Tokyo; I can't remember exactly when Matenrou was formed (I guess I could look it up if I could be bothered, XD) or how long it was going before it mutated into Malice... about a year, I think. And that pic was taken in the early days of Malice. I think he's about 19 - 21 in that pic but for God's sake don't believe me. :D
I don't know - why don't you believe me? :? :unsure: :(
Yeah, anyway, Malice was formed in 1992, when Kozi was 20. So... well, yeah, at least 20, in that case! But specifics, are hazy. Not too far distant from this time, I'm thinking. 😌
Yuuwaku said:
Yay! ^o^/



(sorry, this is uruha - got mixed up there ^^; )



:) Thanks for putting up the picture Yuuwaku. XD
Ruki looks very very different with makeup even know he was wearing makeup in the last picture, I still think Uruha and Kai look cute with and wihtouit makeup and Reita is really cute without makeup! 😍:D
So I was looking up the band "D" and I found a site with a whole bunch of candid shots of the members but it didn't specify who was in each pic.
I found this one and I know the one on the right is Ruiza (he's so friggin adorable 😍)...but is that really Asagi on the left?
Or someone else? Because that would really be amazing if I found the one and only picture that reveals the other side of his face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Either way, he's really kawaii without makeup :)
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