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Who is the prettiest J-rock guy?


12 Oct 2003
Okay! Question time!😄

Who, in your opinion, is the prettiest J-Rock guy?

In my opinion, it's Yoshiki.😌

Your turn!:)
Jesus Tap Dancing Christ. That's it. This forum has reached bottom. Ok, go ahead and name your favourite transvestites...
How can you say one is the most beautiful? I can't -_- I have to say.........Gackt and Mana. There are many more but I narrowed it down to two( sorry Izam)
@ Old School: at least it isn't "Which j-rock guy do you want to sleep with?" Otherwise I'd be worrying... stupid obsessive-type fangirls with their "I WUNNA HAVE KYO'S KIDS LOLOLOL!!!1" make me puke.
None Can Come Close to......

Boy George; makes all J-stars look UGLY !!!


P.S. Weird Al is kinda cute too !!!

Re: None Can Come Close to......

Originally posted by Frank D. White
Boy George; makes all J-stars look UGLY !!!


P.S. Weird Al is kinda cute too !!!



Frank, you're the best!

By the way, shrinkwrap, they did a special on Yoshiki on TV Japan a couple of weeks ago. At first, I was kind of like "gosh, he's girly :D ", but then I started listening to him play the piano and telling the story about his father, and I kind of eased up on him. They showed him at his home in California, in the studio, etc. It was pretty neat.
considering the last few days, i'd like to say toshiya. but really, there are many others who look so pretty.. (already named yoshiki and gackt, for example ;) )
Aww I agree Toshiya is beautiful.

Thanks.. I am drowning in agony without having great Kyo pics ^_^;;;

Kyo is awesome.. I am just like him other than I am a girl >.>
Yeah, I know how hard it is not having pics! :p I went like that for so long...too long...:( (And Kyo is awesome! *thumbs up*)

Okay, here you go! These are my favourite (and in my opinion, the best) sites! Have fun! :)

Lemoned- http://ca.geocities.com/lemoned_jrock/

Cage- http://macabrecage.net/cage/dirulay.htm

Doku no Baiser- http://www.geocities.com/egniryscimredopyh_aninjection/dokunobaiser.html

Deceptive Gauze- http://deceptivegaze.cjb.net/ (for right now only has Shinya and Toshiya galleries)

Cinnamon Kyosk- http://www.geocities.com/cinnamon_kyosk/

Painkiller- Coming Soon

Tattered Cloth- Tattered Cloth: A Dir en grey Shrine (FILTH version)

Mizerable Yokan- http://www.geocities.com/totchi_no_miko/main.html

(Oh, and can you do me a favour when you go onto Doku no Baiser? There is a song playing in the background, and I know it's by them, but I don't know the title! Could you please find out what it is for me, it would be much appreciated!)
Mmm....Yes, I know....*hugs Kyo*

And, it is no problem! Anytime! (I love to spread the greatness of Kyo!) ;)


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